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You will never win if you never begin(Nick Vujicic: Life Without Limbs).wmv

by 89chatty • 647,657 views

The man originally born to win life.

This gentleman right here is visiting one of our school sites today. He is touching on subjects that affect many kids today. Bullying, Depression, Suicidal thoughts, and acceptance of others to name a few. He is truly excellent and I feel lucky to have witnessed this mans work in person.
He is amazing. Everyone should watch this video
Very inspirational!
lokeswar kishor Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Hu know this guy?
che ramos Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Ajith John Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Must watch......
Matt B Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
if this doesn't change your outlook of life - I don't know what else via +Danita Willis - thanks for sharing :)
Belajar Berterima Kasih dan Pantang Menyerah
Richelieu Williams Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Reshared so I can watch in the morning.... #nevergiveup [via +Apaar Sharma ]
Edward Fidel Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Apaar Sharma Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Spend six and a half minutes with this video. Trust me, it's worth to WATCH and it might change your LIFE!!! #nickvujicic   #nevergiveup   #truestory   #happysunday   #motivation   #inspiration  
Spend six and a half minutes with this video. Trust me, it's worth to WATCH and it might change your LIFE!!! Happy sunday folks :).
Exactly +Debbie Coultis  focus on weaknesses will just increase yourself to a mediocre, focus on your strength will make you the top person.
I agree:) and also to never give up
Danita Willis Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
You really should watch this - You won't regret it
Mai Arafa Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
God works in a mysterious way!
Fendy Winardi Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Spend six and a half minutes with this video. Trust me, it's worth to WATCH and it might change your LIFE!!! #nickvujicic   #nevergiveup   #truestory   #happysunday   #motivation   #inspiration  
nothing is to impossible for god
Glad you have the same thought with me +Apaar Sharma . Many people should see this stuff and start to thankful for what they have. +Elizabeth Dean since God always has a purpose for you and your life.
@MarkSKristensen You really need to keep an open mind. I'm stuggling very hard not to throw harsh words at you. You talk of being in a christain boarding school yet you speak that there is no God? Obviously you were forced to go into that school and I'm sorry that someone is "forcing" you to do something. But instead of completely having a closed mind why don't you try and think, well what if there is a God. Just like your thinking what if there isn't. A closed mind is a terrible thing.
I was at one of his shows... pretty inspirational guy..
So very inspired by U Nick. Thank God that U exist to bring so much encouragement and strength for us to be brave and go on in life
looks like to me we got a human angle lol. He is a blessing to us because God-JESUS has made him perfect the way he is to bring us his life story. Thanks this real life story gives me strength because we all need a big brother more like a real man with great sense of thinking to give us a helping sure this is a man of faith because he is right the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. i see you as a normal human being created for GOD purpose and you seem to be living it.god blessing
@c4nucksens8tion 1. I´m not a child 2. I may be young but i´m not that young that i still believe in fairytale s and santa claus 3. I though one of the 10 laws god made said that you should be to others like you wish them to be to you. So you wish to anger dwindles down in life? you are wasting your life begging to a fairytale character Have a good life lol
Nick you're amazing. I want to hug you so much
Does he drag his ass accross the ground to wipe his ass are does god wipe it?
@marketmanable And I am. Firstly, he is not a retard there´s no reason to call him a retard when he is clearly not. He does not have arms nor legs but again that does not make him a retard He is a really inspirational person who shows that even as a person without arms nor legs he can be really happy You on the other hand is really negative and call other people retards when they´re not it does not make any sense so either you are really stupid or a retard and I go with retard..
my life has been going through harsh times, and i couldn't find the inspiration to do what i really want to do. Yes, i know that there are people out there that have it harder than i do, but this guy right here. He does everything that we can do. If you cant find this amazing person inspiring, then shame on you.
oh my God, I cant stop crying. You are so beautiful. I've been so angry at whats happened in my life, but I feel so encouraged that God has something for me. I still have a life and its valuable. thank you.
man, you inspired me and a lots of people here in the Philippines....... Thank you so much!!!!
where in the bible does it state that god is a child molester and that he forces 12yr old girls to have kids. huh answer me that
Hi, Nick, this is Diana, I just want to tell you which you know already that Everyone Loves You, including ME! Thank you for all the Wonderful Videos and all the High Spirit Talks you give US! Have a Great Day. Love You, I am so Happy you are Married and soon you will have your Beautiful Baby.
Where is your god located and is it the same god that forced his bastard jesus into the 12 yr old virgin mary? You know the child molester of the bible.
I have heard this guy speak, i was in the front row, the aura of power emanating frm this guy is awesome, it empowers u to even just to be in his prescence
NICK YOU ARE A TRUE give more than hope but life to all of us. I will do my best to be like your strong will of determination. Thank you for inspiring me to keep on going. Thank you God for making Nick as the instrument of hope.
A truly inspiring video ..... A MAN WITH STRONG HEART......
Who put this bowl of onions in front of me?!?
I thank God for you Nick, your stories are helping me a lot. God bless you.
I think that people should learn how to spell/type before they post Youtube comments... Yeah, that sounds about right.
nick, i cried first watching ths video, bt when it was finished, i was full of passion, confidence and thnks to god, whatever they hve given to us... is enough,... u r my idol, and whenever i will feel depressed, i wud remember u and its gonna make me boost up....
12 people press the wrong button! don't youtube should have disabled the dislike bar.
@rayjamesss Man, maybe he got problem in reading and clicking... maybe that one who dislike is liking it and got a mistake clicking the unlike button..
Actually, you are. Your grammar, spelling and syntax are those of an uneducated fool. But no one needs to deduce this from your writing. You prove it with your opinions.
i'll try to be better every day, you sure have found your strength to inspire people.
Somebody with two legs, two arms, demagage brain and no heart
South Park got to make a episode with this guy!
5:10 does anybody know the song?? thanks in advance!
So what does Nick do when the "Life Circumstances get out of control?" We are all human and they do get out of control. How do you get out of that situation?
you my inspiration... thanks.. we love you
I feel the same way you feel, when I am feeling down, Nick gives me the strength to know that I am going to be o.k. He truly is Amazing. I am Happy he also gives you the Boost you need. Wishing You the Best.
@MarkSKristensen I'm honestly not going to bother posting again especially to argue with a child. Take care of yourself young one. I hope your anger dwindles down in life.
So touching this totaly made me try instead of giving up
Wow, you're probably the most ignorant douche I've ever had the misfortune of encountering.
oj you were giving yourself as an example, yeah i guess that is correct you are a pathetic excuse for a human being...quit being a dick and have a heart asshole
Where is this god located? and he cut nicks limbs off to prove a point. what point?
Wow...just the inspiration I needed. Thanks for sharing!
12 People Cant Get Up While He Fall Down
You truly are the the epitome of ignorance. The image of mankind is not determined purely by our physique. Equally important, the human spirit; considered to be the immaterial intelligence or sentient part of a person, is what makes us human. His strength of spirit is admirable & his speeches have touched and empowered thousands of lives... and he's making a movie. I hope for your sake and those around you that you learn to control your shit before it consumes you, especially the jealousy
This is very good way of express life in every deraction!!!!!
So, he has no arms and no legs. What's YOUR excuse?
heas a living legend.............
This guy is an angle sent to earth, to wake people up, and put them back on track.. Wow and i also complain about things. This made me feel soooo guilty
Nick u changed my life ,..Thanks man ,,We love u
Thanks I learn lot of thing form you
Search Motivation combination , a video that includes all inspiring speeches by great people including vujicic
Well the bible calls that god a child molester. im only going by your book..Why i dont believe in any of the thousands of gods thats came down the pike. is theres not one shred of evidence to back it up.which god do you believe in? and do you believe in a firey hell?
If you're gonna dislike everyone that doesn't agree with you, I'me afraid you lost the point of this video ...
If God really loved him he would have all of his limbs.
indeed theres ability in disability...
Your so inspirational nick thank you soo much
Thank you for sharing! You are AMAZING Man, Nick! I love you for sharing Hope and Faith. THANK YOU!!!!
much respect for Nick, because he can be happy and can make others happy
Nick you are an absolute inspiration to the world. God bless you in the work you are doing. xxx Would love to meet you in person.
Possibly the most moving video I've ever seen
they disliked it ...jst bcoz they are jealous and lousy guyzz...nothing else..u r right they should be dead on their shyness...
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