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Minecraft - Part 21: Ceiling Construction Interrupted

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 2,724,444 views

Simon and Lewis get to work pimping out the yogcastle but are again distracted by rude interruptions to their construction efforts. ● Yogscast Gear: ● Facebook:...

I know they're stalling so he can escape when they go in wrong directions and stuff and get distracted, I get that, but honestly! If your pursuing someone and you have a bow, shoot them! Even if you're acting
i mean in be twen ep 20 - 21 
They said themselves that this series nwas scripted from the start.
3:42 batman creeper in front of the moon
ooh ah ooh ah ooh ooh ah ooh ah ohw. - Lewis Brindley 2010
i seriously miss this series
I did nazi that coming...
Israphel= Slenderman mindblown
+Mᴀsᴋᴡᴏʀᴛʜ Haha, I am aware of that. It just seems that by his appearance he has a very strong resemblance to Slenderman.
OOHHH MMYYY-Eggh... No not really
1:46 Simon references "The Room" XD
Daisy..... noooooo.... ;-; No one noticed how ironic that was? ._.
Hmmm you have a lot of buckets there wonder how it got flooded
Oh my gosh he's quoting The Room! I'm so glad I'm re-watching these or I would never have got that joke!
Honeydew Inc Tower Alpha
I just realised that Simon is referencing The Room When he says "I did not do this, I did not" "Oh hi Lewis!" Only took me 4 bloody years to figure ti out!
"I just dumped a load' -Simon Lane, 2010
Your picture goes well with your comment
I feel like crying when I watch these
me too there make minecraft so nice
Hahhahaha lmao there video is 21
When I saw the upside down stairs on the bridge I immediately thought of Sjin.
This is the last we would see of the original yogcave, man these were the golden ages of the yogscast.
"ah did not do zis, ah did naht, oh hai Lewis" classic Simon
8:27, there's mister Israphel old buddy! :D Damn, I've watched this series loads, even as they were making them and I still didn't notice that :I
Holy shit that The Room reference at 1:45... fantastic
omg pause at 8:27! you can see Israpheals nameplate!!!
7:52 Lewis it gets me every time and this is my 4th time watching this series xD
someone should make a remix of this series and use this 7:50
7:51 Lewis' version of a beatbox
When did you guys buy Minecraft? I got mine in 2011 when xp was introduced but before enchanting tables. I forget what version that was
7:50 Lewis make a song xD
The bridge is obviously sjins work
There's a creeper in the tree, lalalalala! Lewis technicly made that, and he hates the song!
Finally Israphel is getting out more..! I've been watching Lewis and Simon for quit a while (Jaffa Factory was coming too its end), but I never saw the story of Israphel. Glad I'm seeing it now. Clears quit some things up. ;)
+James Allen Oh thnks for the warning XD ;)
What's the seed to generate this world? i'd like to look at it for myself...
Who's controlling israphels acount?
Israphel, the original slender-man
The slowest chase in Minecraft History....
around 11:40 onward you can sort of hear voices in the background
the good ol' days :'(
8:26 look closely to who's downstairs!
israphel went into the cave on the side of the road at 11.29
8:27 israphel's nameplate
Ok notice that there's a waterfall at there front door and they have buckets in their inventory they didn't have buckets last recording session
The have had buckets this whole time...
the room reference!!!
Just getting comfortable in bed, open up the laptop, and start watching priceless episodes of YogsCast.
I have a feeling it was Duncan that set the trap. I also think he was the one who did the changes this time as well. It seems like something he would do.
Oh Ah Oh Ah Oh Oh Oh Ohh OH Jesus 7:49
Ah... the YogCave, with the original YogTower. XD
this is still my favorite series
11:05 it describes slenderman perfectly
Lol random waterfalls at the door
I love the old vids cos simon and lewis are such noobs here XD
I just love those moments when Simon just says, "aaaaah". HILARIOUS
israphels skin is him in lewis clothes 
There's a creeper over there... Lalalalala
The intro music is still the same, but they don't talk during the intro and I just hear it much clearer and it sounds like I haven't heard it since I saw this last
Plot Twist : What if daisy thats get captured by Israphael is just the spirit of the cow daisy that Lewis pushed over the cliff. And the cows spirit is mad at them for killing her so she sets them on a never ending journey to save her ...
Just noticed the' The Room' reference. Oh hai Simon. x
Oh and also that chicken is so a player... I mean look at how it acts it's a player using a mod to be a chicken
I don't think that you can install mods at that time
+matt queri there was, and that chicken is a player
was that herobrine did he actually exist!
+CABRALFAN27 SoI was always a written Role Play by Lewis.
which episode had the trap in it?
The Murder of Bessie ??? WHO DID IT
i love re-watching this! 
back when a 20 block long bridge was a work of art... humble beginnings
nice song you did there Lewis. -MissEcho11
What is the world seed?
Pale and a black suit? I think it is actually SlenderPheal!
Good to know simon has watch the room
i love watching the old yogscast videos
same i like rewatching old vids and remembering all the stuff that happened back then.
I love how this episode is the transition of lewis having more knowledge than simon. LOL advancement of lewis
Wow that bridge was amazing!
I know where israphel went
I remember when i wat bed these video
When gun powder used to be called sulphur...
i'm kind of embarrassed about this but i just realized the israphel is trying to get the guys to follow him.
Ahhhhhh....these are the good old days. :) :)
and so the best minecraft series begins
they should have continued this series :(
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