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by Philip DeFranco • 1,209,787 views


Anybody knows what brand his glasses from?
@Thornleyfan4ever i find it funny ur protecting canada by blaming other people -.-
Legalize pot and prostitution and let the taxes pay off our debt, also fuck the rich and their tax cuts!
Taxing something like prostitution is almost as corrupt as making it illegal in either case the statement "the government has rights over what you do with your body behind closed doors" is true.
@AsianDamnation Not really, i'm stating facts ive seen documentarys on this, Canada is a country, you cant blame it as a whole its only corporations that club the seals. Blaming Canada for the seal clubbers is like blaming all of U.S for poor economy or blaming the UK for the BP oil spills, just because greedy companys do bad things does not mean at all that people should blame their country. Thats plain ignorance.
legalize prostitution and marijuana
@Thornleyfan4ever so what has canada done for the world?
A sugar baby is actually an extremely delicious variety of watermelon. Thought you ought to know.
Hey does anyone know why your fullscreen just stops its just black, i can hear but i cant see :(
Just stop beating around the fucking bush and raise the taxes
woman always have cold feet lmao
I know for a fact its the set of the moon landing... the had to get rid of it so they threw it in the ocean. Just like when throw the bodys of "problems" into the ocean.
Whats the brand of his glasses? True religion?
theres 802 aliens that dont want to be found
Prostitution? You make a point sir and it does make sense...BUT, I don't think people will go for it because it's demeaning to women and such and if it's demeaning to women then oh no we can't do it because women are sooo special. poop....-__-"
I remember this vid was called sugar babies go to college bfor
legalize marijuana. tax the ever living fuck out of it. debt siolved
Remember how you said James Cameron should search the ocean? Looks like he accepted your challenge.
Sorry Phil youre wrong. The equation unicorn X sandwich / 700 Bees=42 which is the meaning of life. Just ask the Overlord Google....not to mention Douglas Adams. The Baggy was rea tho, it was ultra-top secret alien space coke.
I love me some Phil! I look forward to every new episode!
I was really trying to pay attention to the video... But the featured video of Rihanna bending over in a skimpy bikini was making it really, really hard.
It would be awesome if it would be "alien" technology, but its most likely something totally boring... or "secret" stuff that is obviously never, ever going to be explained... IF, and that is a BIG IF, this retarded story about finding a "white substance" and he decided to snort it is beyond retarded as anyone that watched Pulp Fiction knows full well is that "accidentally" snorting heroin instead of cocaine is sure to KILL YOU! ;)
I clickity clacked that "Like" button just for you
well it is posible to find a floter. i know an old woman that found a floter. she did 7 years for it her hubby to.
@tkeromeo3000 yeah totally man, what makes us white straight people the standard, here's my rant, I'm WHITE, i'm STRAIGHT, but everybody's pretty much used to it XD
@tomjw7 And you have no knowledge of correct spelling, do you?
On the finding a package full of white powder in the ocean thing, just because the odds against it are high doesn't mean that it didn't happen.
If a bucher is 5'7, what does he weight.
me clicky-ly clacked tha t like buttom
that is crazy stupid stuff of the brothers, lmao, people and the shit they do! is there viagra involved guys and their brains between their legs crap!!!!!!!!!!
I gotta say as a 18 year old going to college i am literally freaking out about the money. It is crazy how much it cost i coud never sell my body but keep in mind these girls arn't crack addicts looking for their next score their smart woman who are desperate an its really sad that its this bad.
wait... the superadvance helicopter exsisted before the attact on 9/11?
@RyanStash So what have the general group of modern day blacks, Puerto Ricans, Caribbean's, or gays, done, as a group that entitles them to a parade??? And yes, you pompous prick, whites and strait people are constantly being put down. But strait white people know how to get up back up and keep on trucking. You must have just got out of college; because you write like you took a social studies class and now feel for the people.
Well, if a gov't agency goes after that "ship" people will definitely have a reason to be suspicious...
I think that debt ceiling can go burn, just like the money it's using.
women finding the easy way to pay off debts as usual...
we in holland have legl prostitution and it is very tax profitable :)
Why would they cut the education system?
My parents want mr to go to college, but I'm already in a technical school for cosmetology, so to go to college just to come out with no breath taking job. . Doesn't seem realistic to me.
Education cost is pretty high..... Like those two brothers when they snorted that random bag of white powder
Wrong wrong wrong information as usual. Facts! The discovery 2011-07-19 Baltic Sea the object's size, 180 feet in diameter bottom trace is over 1800 feet. And he who is in the picture are not Peter Lindberg, it's Dennis Åsberg from Ocean Explorer. Thanks, Dennis Ox
Prostituuuution legalization....woooo
it sucks being 15 and hearig about what kind of crap is gonna happen in your future education :(
super secret show? not on youtube then were is it? i know my noob is showing...
@loyalarmy98 oh come on, they kill the seals with a spike to the brain. That is a very fast death. Look at slaughterhouses! Pigs, cows and chickens are treated horribly and then killed. You should be more concerned about global warming currently melting their sea ice habitat earlier each year.
Love ur show, the way u say things is very entertaining!!
@AsianDamnation You misunderstood me. I blamed asian and American corporations, not their population nor their government unlike the guy above. I was just reinforcing the fact that though the event occurs in Canada its not at all Canada's fault. Sorry if my non-claritys had offended you.
I've seen that girl on a web site before lol... very funny site tbh
@griffjag2020 i mean for not knowing anything about Canada. but it doesnt matter, i dont wanna argue over stupid things. im sorry
I'd love the iPod love your show bro
Chuck Norris threw his hot plate into the ocean.
Ok if those girls have time to be on there computers searching for sugar daddies then they have time to get a job. So what if you have to work at Wendy's or the mall?? That's honest hard work. But no. They want to prositute themselves out. Watcha could have done is join the military, do your 4 years then there's your education! And you can even get paid to go to school!
For instance, in 2001 a U.S. Navy submarine had some visitors on board, and the Captain thought it might be fun for them if the boat preformed an emergency surfacing maneuver. Now the odds against the sub striking a Japanese fishing boat full of school children, sinking it, and killing everyone on board must have been astronomical, but it did happen.
@loyalarmy98 fuck you you dumb faggot thats companies and inuit hunters not all canadians idiot
Your 40 year old rant cracked me up. :)
What's up Phil type people? Sigety send me an iPod touch
@prattlesnake42 What. In Dutch we have drugs, sex and rock and roll. We still exist. So what's the deal? You know US porn market is probably the biggest in the world. Why not pay a girl to bone you? It happens any way. Difference is that you admit it happens and you can protect people from being abused and only the pimp getting lots of kudos.
Why was your voice deeper in the stage?
unicorn times sandwich divided by 7... hundred bees. xD
I think it actually is the millenium falcon
unicorn X sandwich / 700 bees im using that on my next math test
The helicopter was a chinook, nothing secret, the one that went down was destroyed to keep the tech on board out of terrorist hands. As far as I know, anyhow.
@griffjag2020 nope, not at all. at least i admit it, whats ur excuse?
I know the substance! Hint. it is fluid that comes out of a straight dick.
@SweatyRombus I would have to disagree and i believe your prejudices come from misguided and/or mis-informed prior knowlege of Canada leading me to blelieve your a complete idiot who often jumps to conclusions and when you are backed into a corner like i have made you. You resort to an idiotic remark or some terrible attempt at an insult towards me. Nice try though.
Find a random bag in the sea, it must contain seamen!
The "leader" of lolsec looks exactly as i (and i assume everyone else) had pictured him. A scrawny, white, suburban kid.
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