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Chuck Norris Roundhouses The President?!

by SourceFed • 219,663 views

Chuck Norris Accuses Obama of Creating Pro-Gay Boy Scouts of America Order your SourceFed Posters here: Our Sources: Go to for our...

A big component of Boy Scouts is faith, a belief in something more than yourself. whether that be the Abrahamic God (Christian, Jewish, Islamic), Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.  Reverence is the 12th point of the Scout Law and it's there as an exclamation point to the laws (not because it is least important).  I disagree with the BSA's stance on homosexuality (if someone wants to volunteer their time then we shouldn't be turning them away), and I expect there to be even more changes (scouts are now allowed to be openly gay, but once they "age-out" (turn 18) they cannot serve as leaders) over the next few years, but I am in full agreement with the BSA's stance on faith. It has been a tenant since Lord Baden Powell first founded the organization and that should never change. It has evolved over the years to incorporate religions that don't worship the Abrahamic God which was a positive change because members of those faiths are equally reverent to their beliefs. 
Technically yes, a private enterprise does technically have the right to choose who does and doesn't join, HOWEVER if their stance is not pro-universal rights it shouldn't be receiving any government funding. 
Wait a second...WAS CHUCK NORRIS WHITE? I died while laughing to that.
"a large group of people" gays make up 2% of the population and are losing ground soooo, up you gays
According to US Law we are all equal and that being said, gays have every right to be part of said organization if they so choose to. We are supposed to be a nation of tolerance, not intolerance..
Chuck Norris? I believe you mean Carlos Ray Norris
That doesnt make any sense at all. For one their are badges for all religions even for Unitarians. And also I have jewish friends who made eagle. Now eithier you are lying or you have a messed up troop
Lol. I can't believe you didn't get my sarcasm haha. People with morals are good, and i'm not using my morals to judge others, I agree with you compleetly that my morals are no heavier or lighter than anyone elses.
Thanks for the reply. Have a good day yourself!
ya because fighting discrimination with discrimination will teach people moral and values
As a scout I have no problem with gays. I how ever it is in the code of a scout to "do your duty to god and country" we dont dictate which god (I've did hindu readings there as a christian) but to start letting atheists in would destroy 90% of our codes and laws. Making our oaths pointless. Oaths that I try to live by.
Oh look, another fucking uneducated fuck who throws around the word "homophobe" like a moron.
NO ONE fucks with chuck norris.... obama's goin down by the fist of bearded fury!!!
totally true, its really not a rule that is upheld, dont make a big deal of it and nobody will do anything
So your claiming to be a christian who follows a god who loves everyone, yet you don't condone tolerance. Hypocrisy at its finest
fuck chuck norris, I REPEAT fuck chuck norris and his overated over used self... He's not a HAS BEEN (if he ever was)
boy scouts of america fear their "lifestyle" will ruin and destroy their cherished christian values, so yes they are homophobes and no i am not an uneducated fuck throwing around words i don't know their meaning. it seems you are the ignorant one throwing the f bomb whenever you feel like.
Schools dont teach you atheism they teach science and while the two are very much linked they are not the same,science simply gives you facts,pure and unbiased facts and maybe some of those facts interfere with religion by proving that there are inconsistencies within it and then turning whoever realizes those facts into an atheist,but science itself is not atheism.
Yeah, I'm a life scout, I would be fine with having a gay leader. "To be a person of strong character, your relationships with others should be honest and open. You should respect and defend the rights of all people. Be clean in your speech and actions, and remain faithful in your religious beliefs. The values you practice as a Scout will help you shape a life of virtue and self-reliance." That is what it means (usscout[dot]org)
I think heroes should fight for what they believe in and if this is what Chuck Norris believes in, then let him do what he wants to do. Everybody is allowed to have their own opinion, even Chuck Norris. Love the show... and Elliot :D
Also if the way that I have expressed my opinion has been offensive to anyone I apologize. My intent was to sound calm and collect in the post, so when your read I wouldn't sound like that bigoted Christian, Homo-phob I meant no disrespect to anyone’s opinion.
Boy scouts are a bunch of bible thumping homophobic conservatives
I wrote homo...because I don't like using words like: faggot .poofta buttboy,sod...etc... er no thanks...I don't want your AIDS!
There are many pedos who claim to be straight but do indeed like little boys, so I agree with Elliott that they should do background checks on all people. Their sexual preference is irrelevant.
hahah that red play-er t-shirt is awesome.
I think you should cover how awesome the Girl Scouts is. Also, because it was their 100th anniversary
You're gonna be smacked upside by Chuck Norris for that!
HEY CHUCK GUESS WHAT YOU SUCK at least the girl scouts accept all people I'm not gay but i do support gay writes
Just to mix you up a bit. Leviticus 20:13 may actually be referring to heterosexual men who have gay sex because it would bring good crops, according to pagan belief. Also, in this text, abomination=unchristian. And what is more unchristian than pagan belief? It may not be referring to homosexuality at all. This is the kinda thing that ppl of that time (aka in context) would know, but ppl today don't understand. Many parts of the bible are like this.
I don't get it. Why our we teaching to our children that it is okay that hate some people because they might be differnt than us. Are we not try to teach them just the opposite? I thought that we were trying to teach then that America was founded on the idea that everyone should be aloud there own thoughts and religoins. Why are we telling our children that it is okay to hate people or exclude them because of there sexual or relious ideas?? We need to tech our children it's okay to be different.
You are the idiot! Your not going to convenes people by telling them they are stupid. You have to have an argument like "people deserve to have an opinion"
So... Why can't they have alternative Scouts of America club?
Wow that's an awesome observation I hadn't thought of it that way.... Yet, scriptures says if you lie with mankind as he lieth with a woman whether your homosexual or because of pagan tradition is was still considered sin. Still that's pretty good to see it that way...something to think about.
another reason why this chuck norris crap is retarded
so bad people have Morals and fight to keep what they believe is right?
what people believe is what they think is right otherwise they wouldn't believe it.
I roundhoused kicked my like button. BTW can i get money for a new laptop?
The Boy Scouts do, do back ground checks on straight adult leaders and also you have to have a Youth Protection Training. Which says there must be at least 2 adults and they have to sleep a certain distance from the boys and can't be alone with a boy and things like that.
So it's fine to discriminate against religion and you're the bad guy and a homophobe if you disagree with homosexuality and think it's wrong? Wow, i don't wanna live on this planet anymore.
Are inbreed's a race? they aren't human last time I checked.
a scout is reverent hence a scout having to be involved in some sort religion
pedophilia is not the same as homosexuality. If a man is gay, doesn't mean he has nonconsensual sex or wants to have sex with young boys, etc. People can take precautions on camping trips - scout masters should never be in the same cabin/tent as the boys. Plus, there are more than one leader that goes on the trips - fathers of the boys come on the trips if necessary
How can my point be irrelevant to the video when the video is what I'm talking about? The Scouts openly discriminate against LGBT, Atheist, and agnostics as stated in the video. As long as you say you belong to a religion and are heterosexual you're in, pervert or not. Maybe Scouts are now doing background checks, but I doubt it. And you might like to know that all Scout court cases have gag orders on the plaintiff after the case has been settled. The Scouts don't want their dirty laundry aired.
As a boy scout myself I really don't care who they ban or who they let in but I'm not saying it wouldn't be creepy to be camping with a gay scout or scout leader and it's kinda ironic how in the scout law it says that a scout is kind
I think throwing around words like "fucking fuck" and "moron" suggest a lack of education more than the word "homophobe."
"There are many pedos who claim to be straight" Isn't "boy scouts" enough of a give away ?
last word in scout law? I'm sorry but it makes perfect sense to me
Leave Chuck Norris alone!! He's playing COD Black Ops 2 right now! He don't need this crap!
Nice coral shirt you've got there Elliot, you fashionista.
"You shall not lie with a male as with a is an abomination." "Then the Lord rained on Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven"
LOL being a guy is not sexual immorality... but I know what you meant. According to the Bible Leviticus 20 verse 13 says "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination" If you don't believe in the Bible then I couldn't convince you anyways therefore I won't try. Also my opinion is based on scripture, so that's how I've formed my opinion and again It's my opinion just like Chuck's. God Bless you.
look its not that i hate gays i support this idea and i think it would kinda of ackward if i slept in a tent with a gay boy scout......
'MERICA YOU SAID IT BROTHER IM A REAL AMERICAN JUST LIKE YOU! I FUCKED MY COUSIN JUST LIKE YOU, I'M AN INBRED REDNECK BACKWOODS, BACKWARDS, REBUPLICAN JUST LIKE YOU, AND I BELEIVE THAT THE US SHOULD BELONG TO WHITE NOT GAY MEN AND NOT THEM " NATIVE AMERICANS " EVEN THOUGH THEY WHERE HERE FIRST! ( btw I'm actually a Mexican/ brazilian guy who is pretending to be like him, the best part is that he's going to say he can beleive whatever he wants and dosent care even though he responded im out of ch
1:42 you can see Joe's water bottle at the bottom of the screen :D
I don't really see the hypocrisy, being tolerant means inclined or disposed to tolerate; showing tolerance; forbearing. If people tolerated me before I got saved, I would have never of realized that what I was doing was sin. I was brought into the Church, realized I needed a savior and repented. If I went to Church and everyone told me I was good then I would have thought I was good. Also I may have used the word tolerance too loosely, so what I meant was being tolerant to sin.
Im an Atheistic boy scout, i hate having to lie to be in :-/
doesn't make them a bad person if you fight against stuff you don't believe in
I know many boy scouts that are atheist
Um, he is explicitly expressing fear of being in a tent with a gay kid. Phobic. Fear. There is no more appropriate word for the situation. And congratulations on having no other thought in your brain than "Dumbfucks say homophobe too much," and your inability to process any other words on a screen in front of you. Your mother must be so proud.
What if a private company kills people?
if chuck norrris had a sex tape it would be showed in the movie theater.
You also said that Christianity is about love and I agree with you, to an extent. Here is an example you have a friend who you love dearly yet your friend will lie to you non-stop and based on your statement I'm to tolerate this friend’s lies? I will love that person unconditionally but I won’t put up with that friends lie, hence my tolerance to lying (the sin) and not the person. With that being said I don’t condone the tolerance to sexual immorality which is the root of being gay.
what? no... a good hero fights for what they know is right, not what they believe.
same!! only i have a bi girlfriend, other athiest scouts, openly debate about lgbt rights on campouts, debate with my scoutmaster in religion, SPL, and im still not kicked out!!
Disagreement and discrimination are two separate things. You need to exercise some sort of power over the other to discriminate against them, like denying them a place to sit or a job or membership to your boy's club. Also, look up the word "homophobe"--pretty sure that's an accurate description of people who see homosexuals as a threat. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's discrimination.
I'm gay and an atheist. So glad I never had any desire whatsoever to join them.
And yet, some people are predisposed to it. More importantly, why do you care about the personal choices of others? I thought this was a free country.
Homophobe is a made up bullshit word. Otherwise homosexuals are inflicted with normaphobia - fear of what is normal.
you never answered the question i said would you rather have a gay leader or pedophile not about kindness i want kindness oh but when the boy scouts were made gays were not around in force like now that is where the morally straight has come from... if you were a "eagle scout" you would know this sooo.....
A right doesn't make an action right. AMEN, ELLIOTT.
Doesn't change the fact that you're a moron, dumbfuck.
Woah woah woah... They ban Atheists? I'm an Eagle scout... and I've been an Atheist since i joined...
Chuck NORRIS VS OBAMA!! /watch?v=DdLapLNomAo
they are gay not pedophiles what the hell
lol this was the perfect video for you to post that. anywhere else, you'd piss the internet off.
Hold on a sec...Chuck Norris is 72!?! He was just in the expendables 2.
ok, so you wont mind if i bring my life partner to scout events and stuff, with our adopted child?
Elliot's wearing the same shirt...
If Boy Scouts are a private organization .... They don't have to let atheists or gays in..........
BSA needs to figure out where they actually stand: as a private organization (ie. able to choose who they allow in) or a public organization (and continue to receive tax-free money from the government, public land usage, military help for Jamborees etc). JMO: the National Organization is a little mixed up (because of Mormons), the individual groups on the other hand are usually pretty good about dealing with kids from different circumstances. There's hope.
Muscle men and public speaking goes rarely together. For example; never understood how Schwarzenegger got into politics. lol It must be the voters being under educated to elect morons over themselves. lol
Yes, to become an *Eagle* scout you have to make a promise to serve God. And Unitarian Universalism is a religion- yet it was banned along with homosexuals. Unitarians, if you don't already know, accept everyone regardless of sexuality. The BSA don't play that game...
why are people with morals bad? and who said what is right? your using YOUR morals to judge someone else s. your thoughts and opinions carry no more weight then mine or anyone elses
Your not getting it though. The government has the right to install every right of their laws to any organization on their soil. Your not allowing a certain group of people enter your organization only because of their sexuality. That's homophobia, and it's not permitted, it's a hate crime.
Thing about religion that is different from the stuff religion is intolerant to is, you can control what religion you are, anyone can choose to not be religious, but the stuff religion descriminates against such as sex, or sexuality, is uncontrolable, I supose for sexuality one can argue that a different enviroment might have changed things, but ultimately, a homosexual can't choose whether or not to be homosexual, a religious person can choose religion though.
Learn your memes, dipshit. The internet makes fun of Chuck Norris. Were you born without a sense of humor? You think the Germans knocked down the Berlin Wall? Chuck Norris went to an end of the wall, punched it and made a crack that ran down the entire length of the wall. As he was walking away, he turned back and blew a breath at it. The whole damn thing fell right then and there. True story.
Chuck Norris makes no difference in my life. His opinion means just as much. I would not call him a hero for his "acting". bleh.
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