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Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon - YouTube Presents

by kidrauhl • 3,308,030 views

Relive Justin Bieber answering your questions at YouTube New York, hosted by Late Night host Jimmy Fallon!

27:20, and now two years down the line he's bleached it blonde lol
Justin Bieber is se..cute! He is secute, secute, se..secute! he is secute!.. :3 <3
WOW! Thank you all for the 20+ likes?! It realy means a lot to me! Thank you guys! Keep likeing! :D <3
My fav justin interview
literally watched this for the 10000th time i love u justin
OH MY GOD justin bieber is the cutest guy in my life since 2005 or since I was 5 yrs old so i know justin bieber than anyone else so back of beliebers justin bieber is mine 💑💑💏💏💑 #officialmrsbieber1
JF: my little pony? JB: i LOVE my little p- no I'm just kidding hands down the best moment in the interview
so charismatic <3
Notice the Handkerchief? It is part of the Handkerchief code, it is always worn in the backpocket of pants just like bieber wears it in this clip.  Red= that your into fisting lol :")
Im litteraly half of the views
one of the best interviews Justin's ever done.
Best interview ever <3 <3
And I wish you the biggest luck on your singing and you deserve the best and I'm your biggest fan love you bye ! Hope you read this ! ❤️❤️💋💋🎤🎶
Well I just came here for Jimmy.. Wasn't disappointed! 
A strand of Justin's hair is sticking up
l Love Justin Bieber Jimmyy
I miss Avalanna💜💜
What happened to my question
I've got the same feeling about sharks:,D #lol
Are u really that cute everyday
I love Justin SOOO much!! ❤
Justin laugh is secute
Anyone noticed the girl behind justin at 1:47?
Everyone please follow me on twitter mrsbieber2606 thanks plus love u justin <3
I miss when u were younger :(
I'm sorry, I usually don't do this, but I really have the urge to share my opinion on this whole Justin Bieber drama. Neither am I a fan, nor a so called "hater" (or whatever..). I don't know him personally and neither do any of you so I don't even think I have the right to judge him in any way. He might be the nicest guy ever, but he's in trouble. The media only shows what gets the most attention, be aware of that. Shocking stories sell way better than nice ones. Yet, people saying "Justin you're doing stupid things but f*ck the haters!" is pretty much the worst thing possible. You just make everything worse by spreading even more negativity. If you really care about him because you like his work, say that you support his talent, but also show him that you're not okay with the sh*t he does. If you are okay with it, well, that's probably a bad thing. Thanks, bye. 
well some of them are lies, and some are really exaggerated. And also most of his fans are really young, theyll grow up and get that its not ok. 
still not getting over se'cute -
I love you Justin but your girlfriend I don't like at all
It's justinbieber get it right
+Markeva Davis u dont even no her to not like her n its justin bieber but thats cool that u dont like her because im pretty sure she dont like you either but then again she doesnt even no u are alive so it doesnt matter 
O.M.G Justin i love you so much <3
they're really funny when they're together <3
Jimmy Fallon is corny in a funny way
 sweetest thing in world JUST IMAGINE .................................................BELIEBERS strongest than ever ever
Hi Justin my name is Payten im 12 years old and i have been bullied for 7 years they have have hurt me so much were i didnt go to school or eat or even get out of bed because they hurt me so much but you have kept me going you are my idol i dont care how many times you get in trouble everybody makes mistakes you are my idol and i love you and wont stop my dream since i was 5 was too meet you i love you so much 
#8YearsOfKidrauhl Justin is so cute!! 😄😄😄💜💜💜💜💜
When he took out his phone u could hear the clicking of the phone because his microphone so he has a password lol I'm suck a stalker
Don't mind me. Just reminiscing...
Someone please deport this fag from the country
Omgg it's justin bieber he's so hot !!!! Omg I want to meet him I'm his really biggest fan !!!! ✌️✌️
I almost died choking 😂😂😂 This is to funny
whats the name of that video app he said he uses? like how do u spell it? did he mean vine?
7:30 just was about to say sexy she's just se-cute
I just love justin and his jokes
Omg did anyone notice how he kept studdering❤️❤️
Justin Bieber I love you with all my heart thanks for everything love ya bye
funniest interview
I've never been to a single concert in my entire life
I lov you Justin!!! <3 <3 <3 +kidrauhl 
i love you justin <3 stay strong!
não sou igual as outra brasilheira s juntin biber eu me dou valor não bebo não fumo e nem saiu dando pra qualquer 
I want my first concert to be one of yours
I just love how much you care for your fans and I love your laugh
his little cute laugh at the end >>>>>>>>>>>> 
Фак,не чего не поняла. Надо учить английский😂😎
Omg love you soooo much
I Love this interview!! 3
Best Interview EVER !! Love u Justin ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Hahaha awww when justin says, Secute Secute Secute aww 😍😘
help me achieve my dream by signing here   #MakeJhrijanaOLLG PLS SIGN !!
omg he yawns I yawn to  it was meant to be!!!!
+Ben Dover screw off please, obviously your a five year old.
Ooo baby, he thinks im loyal. YES IM A BELIEBER!
My eyes were just on Jimmy the whole time 😍
I love this interview so much!! ️Justin is secute ❤️❤️❤️and I loved the part where he wiggles his eyebrows
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