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Sting Rays Genetically Grown for Shoes!?!

by SourceFed • 258,828 views

Order your SourceFed Posters here: Description: A new company lets you genetically design a pair of she's made of stingray leather for $1800. Joe & Elliott think its...

It's not like I support this, but how is it any different to say killing cows for leather?
there's a difference between raising cows to kill for FOOD and breeding stingrays to kill for shoes. Not even using the leftovers from animals to make leather, but literally handpicking the animals to have them bred for the sole purpose of you killing them to get nice shoes. That, my friend, is sickening. And how do you know they wear leather?
i bought bubble wrap. it was stupid but... worth it.
RayFish FOOTWEAR should be PETA Trashed.
i bought a pair of shoes that say "HA HA HA" all over them with Batman on one side and Joker on the other. I practically sleep in them :)
completely insane, but then again animals are, animals and ppl make clothing/accessories out if them ALL the time so, maybe we shouldn't be shitting ourselves, as much over this thing.
That actually sounds like a great idea. I would totally rock some Hayden's! (:
Joe: stupidest is not a word.
I spent money on MK........ shouldn't have done that!
Anyone who really knows anything would know what a theory really is. Theory is treated as fact in the scientific world.. We have been using Einsteins Theory of Relativity for nearly 100 years. Without it we wouldn't even have electrical appliances which are based off his idea that particles can act as both waves and particles. Theories have also never been proven wrong thus far, or we would have stopped using it like Isaacs theory of Mechanics. Oh, and only high-schools have that debate.
It's called cell theory..........seriously, do you know nothing?
I would buy some Haydens if I had $500 and they were real.
Soooooooo where do I get my Haidens?
Most of the dumb things I own were gifts, or stuff I asked for as a kid... I'm pretty disenchanted with consumerism now that i'm a bit older, I hardly ever buy much of anything.
I spent money on an Mindless Self Indulgence album. These shoes pale in comparison to that.
What if your shoes are made from faux leather and you're a vegetarian?
Why is Eliot's Adams Apple so fucking big??
...Arent sting rays endangerd or somthing...
except the fact that we have to eat, not have STING RAY SHOES. Sure the cows are killed but it's not like we kill the cows for only leather. It's natures way to eat meat (for almost every single animal) but it's not natures way to kill them for decoration and fun.
can i have some haydens? ps, hayden is a beautiful name :)
My stupidest purchase, Veet Velveet, epillator.. it hurts, and it sucks balls. Don't buy it.. it doesn't come with a comfort cap..
I really want to make my own stingray and have him as a pet, i would call him Squishy.
I once bought a sword from Chinatown.....It broke three and a half minutes later. : /
I want a DCU patterned stung ray!
I actually think Haydens is a really cool name for shoes! haha
They got this idea from Denis Leary in Suicide Kings ('97). He had sting ray boots that everyone made fun of. Watch it, great movie!!!!
The genes for color are really easy to find in organisms, it's the same with humans. Thousands of genes have been discovered that effect behavior in organisms, and it takes time to isolate each one and study it's affects. The human brain is the most complex structure known to man aside from the universe, we still have a lot to learn. The same stimuli cause different reactions in different people, and there aren't always common links between people with the same reactions. It's just to complex.
Actually that was right, viruses are not organisms, as they do not fall under plant, animal, fungi, or bacteria kingdoms, so they are completely separate from all other living things.
Elliot sounds like professor oak at 1:38
Most leather products are made from animals already raised for another purpose. The whole point of this is its just silly, normal leathers can be died in any which way fashion a person cares for. Its the idea that novelty can be taken to erroneous new heights in the world of tomorrow!
Sorcefed, you should have done an article about what really happened with these shoes. I won't spoil anything, so go google it. It's amazing!
there's a reason it's called Cell THEORY. And yes, it is debated. Try googleing it. You seem fond of that. I'm not going to do your research for you. Google "Are viruses alive"
price is stupid but idk mayb id get a pair
I think its a really ingenious idea and really cool. wether im down with the "harvesting"? I dont know. and I really dont see whos gonna pay the price, but its still kinda awesome. im torn on this one
Genetic Engineering also opens up the possibility of modifying genes without knowing their full effect. Many genes can affect multiple things. We are changing things without a full knowledge of their effects on the environment. We have in doing so, got rid of natural selection. The same gene that causes corn to produce natural insecticide could also cause a blight and wipe out fields of crops if not studied properly. We need to be careful in the future, take out time and study the effects.
You're right, I am the troll. good point. You can shut up now.
Ew, who the fuck want their shoes made out of stingray?
Can I get A pair of Hayden's in 9.5 Wide mens and size 5 womens?
i would love some haydens + the fruitsnacks
Using Sting-ray leather is no different than using cow leather. Genetic engineering is the future. Imagine chicken genetically engineered to have a brain that only controls body functions, such as the heart, and metabolism, yet it doesn't have a full brain so it cant feel fear, it can't feel pain, and it isn't self aware. This chicken would effectively be a chicken plant and would therefore be completely humane. Genetic engineering isn't scary, it's science.
I want a pair of Haydens, because you colour my world! :)
the most stupid thing i ever bought... call of duty modern warfare 3
I would help support and buy some hadens if I could...
I don't know if to call it stupid but I bought a $20 (before tax) lip gloss from a Jessica Simpson makeup collection. It's the only purchase that I still feel funny about today. Other "Name brands" don't cost that much but it was a one time thing years ago. Never again. Any extra $20 goes straight to gas money
I would buy a pair of Haydens. Get on it Joe.
You keep saying that, yet you can't prove it? I am proving my point quite easily with easy to check facts. You however can only say I am wrong, without any proof. It is like saying God talks to you every night, and have no proof. Common, try harder
i spent $100 on a hamster that had rabies
i really want some Haydens seriously...
trololol: shoes that color your world? Neato..
so we are finally getting revenge for the death of steve irwin?
Elliot sounds just like professor oak halfway through his description. Someone has been playing pokemon snap..
Lifetime membership at a gym that closed after a year.
the stupidest thing I ever bought was an odd pair of socks one was lime green and the other was red.
I wasn't trolling to begin with, you just dont know when to stop talking. So in this case, you would be the troll. I ended this conversation a while ago.
The whole thing was faked to see what the public reaction would be.
Stupidest thing i ever bought was black ops prestige edition
1:20 Elliott kinda sounded like Professor Oak when he was reading the article...
Was just looking at their website they posted a video about how they made the thing fake to see how people would react with a product between the gap of pet and livestock.
Yeah! I want Joe's idea better than killing sting rays for shoes.
the stupidest thing i ever bought=FUSHIGI
i consider myself an animal lover but this sounds really cool :(
What the HELL Humans need to back the hockey sticks up and leave nature alone shoes are completely temporary. Max is 2 to 3 years out of a good pair of shoes. I agree, this is bogus shit.
Shoot, I'll take some Hadens.. Do you think you can gear her towards yellow??
I spent a couple of grands on pens, 5k on one laptop, and a couple of grands on over ear headphones.
i was watching this episode seriously, but when they talked about the different stages of stingrays, then Joe said, "and these are my shoes." I burst out laughing and had to rewind to see what I missed.
Public forum? When did you get so scmancy, Joe?
You should sell Haydens (Color your world) on ForHumanPeoples/dftba
I don't know where you picked that up but that is some BS definition right there. I don't feel like arguing with an idiot anymore. Have a nice day :)
If that was your intention you wouldn't have ended your response with you can shut up now. No your intention was to troll, and I am sorry you are failing. Either that or you are so arrogant that you believe I actually needed you to tell me I was right....when obviously I knew that already. And then you went on to ascertain yourself as not a complete failure by trying to get the last word. I prefer to think of you as just a troll, not the second thing, though it is possible.
You must care what I think or else you would have stopped talking to me a long time ago...or are you just trolling. hmmmm I wonder.
I bought a 130 dollar fish once.... it killed itself three days later
somebody just majorly vandalized raffish footwear and released most f there rays into the ocean which cold either kill them all or allow them to breed with wild stingrays
I have no problem with the shoes and honestly wouldn't unless they were endangered! It's just like cow leather or beef. I'm broke-ass though, because my parents wouldn't buy me the shoes and I see no problem with that logic.
joe is so sexy wen he talks about his daughter. its so adorable <3
My point was that they're raised with the intent to be slaughtered, just like the stingrays to benefit humans, just like these stingrays.
I wouldn't mind having shoes made by Joe daughter but made of sting rays? F*** you rayfish
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