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by Philip DeFranco • 852,267 views

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those kuds need an ass whipping by the rock with a college hazing paddle!
"Actually, that is not true; cocksuckers? You are awesome, keep doing what you are doing'" Another grand show, Phillip! I know you posted this a year ago but I occasionally go on DeFranco binges and here finally are my opinions!
If I was there..... I would of been in a phyco logical facility. My brain doesn't think right, right now my brain would of snapped there and blood would of been spilled.
hey philip defranco nation can you guys please check out my music covers please !! thank you so much and omg that dr oz is crazy
This is the best channel ever better than pewdiepie
Little fuckers. Throw them off the bus
People who are saying deathrow are crazy.and a whooping can be enough if the person doing it knows what there doin!
That does not excuse that kind of inappropriate behavior! I wasn't a douchebag during middle school because I have great parents that knew when to put me in my place when I needed it. I was always respectful towards everyone. I'm a better person because of my parents. Hopefully these parents feel embarrassed enough to improve! Why should that poor old lady suffer? The whole kids are kids saying is BS. I wish people would stop saying it.
Those kids need to get their ass kicked. -____- I gladly volunteer.
haha if the worst thing i had to deal with on my bus music people sing on the bus btw went to an arts school
So those bawls..... make an insanely huge target....
i agree wit u on the bus thing phil it is prison
I'm in middle school and I'm not like kids but there are a lot of them and it dose SUCK
Uh yea, but the fact is that they feel shitty BECAUSE of the shit theyre getting as a result of the vid. They obvioulsy didnt give a damn about the lady in the bus, the video is proof of that.
Death shall find them, adventually.
It is their lack of involvement in the kids affairs, i guess, that DOES make some parents better than these kids'. If the parent isnt teaching these kids how to behave properly in society, they are failing one of their top priorities, whether you agree or not. Period
Im Married please no more happy fun time, your gonna get me cut off for a week....
I do the same thing on the bus not the asshole thing but Phil's thing
no acualy im not i just dont have a crappy vocabulary.
The Robert guy who spanked the 18 yr old died apparently..
The way you say that your parents were better then theirs annoys me they were being kids their parents had nothing to do with it
I think the Philip DeFranco Show is too mature for kids under 15.
Adam Sandler said that on his twitter... Nice try though.
I feel so sorry for Karen. Seriously in my school system if you so much as swear on a bus you get reported by the bus driver and your high school gives you a warning. How the hell could it of got to the stage where she was openly being bullied.......? Those kids should do volunteer work for elderly people for at least a year cause what they did was just plain horrible.
Hope The Kids Get Suspended For A Month, Cuz What They Did Was Aweful... I May Be A Bit Of A Bully Verbally But Not As Much As That... I Bully Back Which Is Bad Too.. Nonetheless, Those Kids Should Pay...
And about the airport security, I've been traveling every summer for the past 10 years via airplane, I'm seriously frustrated and embarrassed with the security. I'm honestly upset about how much of an invasion of privacy the scanners are and the way they pat people down and manually search a person and/or their baggage.
I ride the school bus. The bus is the worst type of transportation. I hope that they got at least two months of suspension
if the asshole tax was real my school would get rid of the national dept
Just the image of little phil slaming the kids head in to the glass lmao!
A generation will ruined the population
i think someone should get five years and a hammer to see how fat the kids get without knee caps. personal opinion
These children should be put in juvenile correctional facilities. Anyone who can take joy from such cruelty is a sociopath! They said horrible things to her and laughed about it! First amendment my ass, they should be friggin arrested!
Those kids should be put in Juvy for one month get yelled at and beaten by the bus lady
YouTube recommended this video to me but it was uploaded in June, Phil do you know any effective ways to punch YouTube in the face?
Balls so hard sxephil wanna fineee me
ahh school buses... such wonderful memories... (i was 12 at the time) especially that one time that 15 ass hole was making fun of my little sister that i was sitting next to for having a slightly larger bust then normal 4 some1 her age. i literally dragged that devil over the seat and sat on him as i slaped the shit out of him. good times, good times....
if she is the bus monitor why didn't SHE discipline them, because most likely their parents aren't going to do anything since this behavior is tolerated, it's a testament to their home lives. Hopefully the school with give them suspension but the school system doesn't really have much punishment power
dude hes acting perfect putting periods i bet when he normally freeking tipes lyke dis
that awkward moment where your 12 and Philip calls people your age the devils xD
That guy with the balls is stupid shows you people will get put through anythong for money me I would get the surgery . Good work phil
Those children should be shot (not literally but figuratively), and the parents should be shot (again figuratively). That behaviour is unacceptable, that video basically reduced be to tears. I don't know that poor woman, but I feel so bad for her. She deserves better than that! I would love nothing more than to donate, but unless I come across some money, I am unable to. I'm sorry I couldn't help and best wishes to you Karen.
As bullied as a ginger i think these kids should get exspelled
OH MY GOD i felt soo bad for the old lady after seeing that video i want to punch them kids in the face 😥
Talk about getting pulled over by the weight of your own balls...
after Wesley gets surgery his balls should be fed to those 4 kids :)
im in that age group. i was goin to disagree with his statement of us being devils, but most of the guys in my class were complete d*uches and most of the girls were biatches. ( i dont like swearing on the internet. to many little kids tend to see it :( )
omg i just saw that karen video...I am so mad at the human race right now...I whould fucking kill those assholes...
Awesome PDS once again!! P.S. News Room, best show of the summer. Awesome recommend!!
it would be funny if they die : D or someone "cum on their mouth , i'd love to see those kid paying xDD
this kids should get rapped by 69 years old gay guys...
it makes me kind of mad on some idiot comes out and says that you can not spank a kid ( and I don't mean beat em up) even when he deserve it because it myght traumatise them. I was spanked when I was a kid I don't have any problems with it because I know I deserved it any person that says that they are traumatised because there parents spanked them is a pussy or full of shit
While I agree that those kids were terrible, I find it interesting what does and doesn't get on the news. in my town, a middle school 6th grader was raped by three 8th graders on the bus and no one did anything to stop it. only got on the local paper.
Cont...The newer scanners can see under your clothing which makes me very uncomfortable. Also, when the officers pat you down, they don't always do it in the most appropriate ways. And when they search your baggage, they mess it up and they've lost my things before.
I learn crazy things about Phil every episode.
Yeah... I'm 11, and he's TOTALLY right. I didn't punch people, but I may have tortured them a little... not really. But they deserved that sort of treatment.
Pay someone their own age to beat their asses up... Only way to get around those rules.
I got packed down like that two years ago in Amsterdam when i was 14
Imagine me, reading your comment before watching the video. Needless to say: Very confusing. ^^
Those kids should be spanked by that girl's dad! :L
I'm in middle school and 99% of the kids on my bus are pretty cool people. So this is not an accurate representation of us.
Middle school kids aren't that bad. These kids might be jerks but not all middle school kids are like that. And I go to a public school.
No, a whooping is not enough for those kids. They need a good down home ass kicking.
Asshole Tax. Why can't that be real? There would be so many less assholes in the world...
Don't feel so bad Phil, when I was 7 a kid annoyed me enough to hit his head against a window, I know I was a "bad" child, but trust me if you meet this kid you would have killed him.
asshole tax- the best idea since the sandwich
You need to make Asshole Tax a poster or a t-shirt. I would buy.
But for Karen, I would never wish that upon ANYBODY. I saw the video, it was harsh. I know the feeling. I would give money, but I don't have any.
I am in middle school and take the bus.
People really need to learn to parent. At the risk of not being my kids friend I will make sure that they do not grow up to be horrible fucking people. That makes me sick. I hope that those kids got more than a slap on the wrist for that bullshit.
rites to the story? Ummm my balls swoll up and i was too stupid to have it fixed for free. The End.
These kids need to be forced to work their asses off and donate the money to her vacation fund.
Some sixth grader on the first day of school was on the bus (when I got in) shouting and cursing out my fellow seventh graders. once I say down, he started to curse at me, so what I did was loose control and almost beat the living shiza out of him. Now he sits in the front and is afraid of me. XD
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