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HBO Boxing: July 2012 Preview

by HBOBoxing • 23,907 views

Don't miss Nonito Donaire vs. Jeffrey Mathebula & Kelly Pavlik vs. Will Rosinsky on July 7th at 10PM. For more information on HBO Boxing, visit Watch HBO Sports series and...

Great fights!!!!
Donaire almost lost Khan got knocked out and Broner is gonna have a tough time against Escobedo so your predictions are shit.
Even then u have to favour Khan quite heavily IMO
Donaire, garcia and broner are gonna win
Great month for boxing !! You all should look up moonmanwalker to see great knock outs and fights
@tijuanacerca So if the mafia controls boxing then why did victor Ortiz lose ... He is the better known fighter like you said
Looking forward to it, i got Khan by late tko or decision.
@BoxingRealTalk Yeah, I'm going with Khan too, hasn't ducked no one, has showed a lot of heart and has that hunger to be a pound for pound fighter
what about david haye and chisora? july 14
broner is the future mayweather. promise, im mostly looking forward to that prospect
but you said youre a looser you fuckin faggot its wrong its loser !"
30/300 punches which is like 10 percent of that punch he threw 1/1 punches which is 100 percent of the punches he threw who would you give it too obviously the guy who landed more not with the higher percentages of punches I know this is professional boxing but if the judges scored it on who landed more Nonito wouldve lost but Nonito landed the more accurate and the more harder blows which is pretty good but alot of people expected Nonito to knock him out.
Check the punch count status Mathemula landed alot more punches if this was amatuer boxing Donaire wouldve lost.
then there is losers like you that correct peoples spelling. then there is dicks like me that comment on stuff like this. then there is the next guy saying whats it got to do with me.then everyone sees you tube is a place for loosers lol.
Donaire, Khan and Broner are going to win
khan garcia is going to be good
Comme on dude! Broner vs. Alvarez september 15
broner is a wna be of mayweather he thinks hes good because he ko bunch of shit boxes he should vs one of the top 20 p4p and ko them then hes good. if he beats even ami khan then hes a good fight but atm hes a wna be
Check out my highlights .... Just a boxing fan :)
Maidana has to be in main fight mother fuckers!
khan will win its the better know fighter !!! sorry but thats the way boxing mafia guides the sport now !
looser means not tight, loser means someone who loses as in not winning. lmao you're one illiterate chimp lmao
donaire,khan,broner, and thurman will all win
They dont have broadcasting rights to the Klitshko's, they allways fight in Germany and its European TV channels usually
Haha thats just funny. Garcia will be outclassed!
maybe that fight won't be on HBO, I don't know but that's one really worth to watch
Lol looser is a person that can't spell loser properly.
Donaire fighting another dude nobody has heard of but he keeps giving reasons why he shouldn't fight Rigondeaux.
LOLOLOLOLOLOL DONAIRE ALMOST LOST? His opponent only got 1 round win on both 3 score cards.
Those two should meet up each other and kick ass each other.
This is PROFESSIONAL boxing. Punch stats - 30% Power punching - 50% Agressive/Defensive - 20% Score cards were all for Donaire 119-108, 117-110, 118-109
Amir got knocked da fukk out (Christ Tucker voice) hahahaha
they we're only highlighting the Title Fights...Pavlik isn't fighting for a title, hence he doesn't get a promo...besides he hasn't been "Kelly" in a long need for a Promo
you are beyond stupid. It means 'looser' as in they trousers are loose, its all pronunciation, you mongrel looser.
how are they not gonna mention Klitschko vs. Thompson II
hahaha looser means less tight you faggot loser is the right spelling for it you dumbfuck !
sum1 was on purpose. looser was an embarrassing accident.
i dont need to use google to learn how to spell loser
"Looser" lol funny how people get worked up on summ 1 else misspelling Haha... wait is some one going to correct "summ 1" n e 1? Lol
Escobedo is the biggest super featherweight and hits with bad intentions don't count him out
This is going to be unpredictable!
Khan vs Garcia is the only real fight
i ddnt know who matabula is.. i hope donaire will win
...and then theres losers, like yourself, who cant spell loser.
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