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Taken 2 - International Trailer (2012) Liam Neeson [HD]

by FilmTrailerZone • 15,243,981 views

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The trailer for Taken 3 has been released! Watch it here --
taken 1 - his daughter gets taken taken 2 - his wife taken 3 - his dog taken 4 - his car taken 5 - his house taken 6 - ?? 
My reaction after watching Taken 2 : " If this country is Turkey, where i am living?" Yes, there are places like this in İstanbul but it's just a little part of İstanbul. There are not old police cars like in the movie in İstanbul. Also there are not so many black dressed women. Yes, Taken 2 was a good movie but it shows the Turkey bad, so bad. 
So pissed off the nee taken is 12A so that means it loses its touch from 18's it lost the raw violence...... Probobly i hant seen it yet
Ben de aynısını düşünmüştüm. :l
"Hi Liam Neeson, can I date your daughter ?" "No, she is taken" "Can I date your other daughter?" "No she is taken 2."
RUSSIAN !! ALBANIAN !! ,,,, whats next ??!! what do you expect ...,, ??!! FACE THE Truth PEOPLE. !!!! ALL of the CRIMES are WIDESPREAD in EUROPE..,, Most Especially in PROSTITUTION, ANY ASPECT REGARDING SEX !!!! and Worst !!!!??? They MAde Prostitution as a LEGAL form of BUSINESS. !!!! What AN Earth !!!! Burn them In HELL !!!!! ALL MOTHER FUCKER . !!!!  .   
stfu you are dead you are not supposed to speak voldemort killed ya bitch
taken 1 is epic taken 2 is epic and so is 3 this guy is one of the best actors i'v ever seen
hahahahh They got a Serbian actor to play an Albanian mafia boss.! Albanians don't even have actors just another proof of why they are the poorest country in Europe.
+Djoda Macurovic o ma nemoj gdje to piše, odi na wikipediju pročitaj malo
In Taken 3, Im gonna guess that Liam is the one of gets taken.
Taken 9, Ben Gates takes the Declaration of Independence. 
+Fallen Rain Taken 9 part 2, they take "THE BEES AAAAGH!!!!"
fuck you all making jokes about the taken series. Liam is one of the best actors & is very talented perfect for the roles I can't wait for taken 4!
it's a good trilogy trust me, the reason why he does these movies is to get over his wife's death, hence most of he's roles are based on family or friend orientated
Me watching this trailer: Before: How is it even possible to make a sequal when the first film ended so well with no consequenses? Now: Yeah right, he brutaly killed like 30 people in his way ...
OMG! Finally i found out someone who has the same think as mine.,, LOL
I would have liked this series more if only It wasnt racist... But you know how hollywood is: Americans are only white Mexicans are drug dealears Black are thieves And the list goes on -_-
I hate that there's some scenes that women wears black dress. I'm Turkish and live in Turkey and yeah there are some women that wears black dress but not all, Majority of women don't dress like that. Also maybe I'm injustice about this movie because I didn't watch it yet, I'm just see a trailer (I'm not sure it's really trailer but...) BTW the "trailer" that I'm talking about is watch?v=_aoJdQ3F01g
United  Albania we go in the front  line for  our revange !
Now all you bitches talk shit about Albanians, you pretend mafia to be good? Nobody's proud of mafia, just stop insulting Albanians in general. Every country in the world has their own. Stop the propaganda.
@hakan Kumru- do really think Hollywood, now an international term for movie making, ever really tells the truth? Blacks in inner city America all carry tech 9s and gang bang, all muslims blow themselves up, all gays flap their arms around and lisp, all asians bow and talk in chopped speech, and all the GOOD GUYs are white middle class men with secret badass skills- dont waste your time, money or thought trying to fix stupidity
man, i can't take this franchise seriously
If they gonna make a sequel atleast make it an original story. they fucked up the same way as Machete, coming with more star power, unrealistic feats.; and all the garbage that realism loving people do NOT appreciate. I'm glad there's comments and stuff so i don't actually watch shit movies and waste time on em. Thanks for the headsup.
+Silent Death A start would be not repeating the same damn story. Or acting like his spoiled daughter who's been sucking yuppy dick at pool parties her whole life, magically developped aimlock and shoots ppl like a marine, or drives cars like Schumacher. when in the beginning of the movie she couldn't even obtain a driving license.. Are you f*cking kidding me.. this movie is full of logical fails and loopholes.. that's why the plot is written for two-digit IQs. no wonder you're loving it.
Taken 1 was great, Taken 2 was yeah whatever Taken 3's gonna be nonsense
You're probably right but after just seeing the first Taken I'm still tempted to watch the other two. I really don't get who's supposed to be taken in Taken 3.
Well I watched the 2nd expecting it to be great but things were far fetched than beyond impossible (you'll see what part I'm talking about) In the 3rd none is taken, just his wife is killed and he has to prevent his daughter from being taken and killed
Taken 2 was OK. Hoping Taken 3 is better. Disappointed to see Taken 2 director Olivier Megaton return as his direction was the worst thing about the film. No doubt some of the shittiest work I have ever seen when it comes to action scenes and editing. Not to mention the awful, bleak color palette. They should have given Pierre Morel whatever he wanted to come back. That being said, I will be there on opening night!
When I watched this movie, I thought it was good, but now, I don't think it is anymore, because when I've heard the review about this movie, I heard that this movie was bad and disappointing. The first Taken was better and good, I'm hoping Taken 3 is great
+Mike McLean Well written but it's rude that you called that guy "an idiot".
ahahahahaha even the movies say that Albanians are fucking scum
@UltimatePotato.Dude Just look at the typical Greek in my profile picture. He is from Athens, and he has one the biggest and curviest Pinocchio noses ever. His name is Giannis Maniatis Greek footballer who plays for Olympiacos and the Greek national team.
ahaha yep go believe the movies lol ahaha
I'ts funny cuz Liam said 'It really makes me think about becoming a Muslim': Liam Neeson considers converting to Islam following trip to Istanbul / Rade Šerbedžija je hrvatski filmski, televizijski i pozorišni glumac, pjesnik i muzičar. (GOOGLE IT) Read more: 
lol you all are so pathetic am from Albania  am not a killer am not bad person i will be only if they made me i dont love my country i dont love any county cause there are no countries people made countries  bulshit stupid thinks if there was no countries there would never be war in earth if there was no god  (for the people who believe) there would not be a war also  human was fighting to capture the (enemy country) and the (other believe god)  or whatever  craps
BTW cool movie and is just a movie dont forget u stupid people ;)
How is this still going on.
Lemme guess, taken 100, the Albanians finally give up, and stop TAKING HIS DAUGHTER!!!!
Taken 3 Murad's brother is pissed and wants revenge....
isn't that the story of furious 7?
hah, like is that easy to take on alboz ya'll got it wrong in an old "serbian" poem it says one Albanian fights 100 soldiers but Skanderbeg fights 1000 and for those that spit shit about albanians like they're thief's , traitors , uncivilized etc. i say it's all europes fault they did this to us they robbed us they took our lands & everything we barely got rid of the turks after them the sllavs and all of sudden treaty of london rips us off  now that's what i call theft , corruption & CRIME  thank's a lot all for blaming us for everything 
Wow... reading these comments and I thought Serbs were the only ones that really hate Albanians. Guess not...  (I'm a serb and I personally don't hate on the albanians....)
if you get messed up with those types of albanian people you will get for sure fucked up you mother fucker, i am albanian and i know that if albanians say that you are dead you are for sure a dead man that walks, and you a single person cant do nothing before albanians, and one thing turks and albanians ate brothers and you cant do a shit, fuck you Olivier Megaton & Liam Neeson mother fuckers
That's why when someone tells you ''where are you from'' and your awnser is''I am from Albania''  He just doesn't speak to you.Do you know why?because of this bullshit that you just wrote. "if albanians say that you are dead you are for sure a dead man" That's why in every single movie when someone is from Albania is 100 percent criminal or a killer or something else.
yes all mother fuckers make albanians criminals, but that's not true, you can not point with finger a nation because a person, whai i ment was that albanians what thay say they do, if thay say that you are under their protection they will give their life for you, and so on, but not the guys in the movie because liam nelson and and oliver megaton made them like that, im not saying that  there arr not bad people, bad people are everywhere in the world, but the fault is of these fucking mother fuckers like liam nelson and oliver megaton that make albans bad people through the movies
who will be taken on the 3rd squel ? liam neeson ?
I am Albanian and i love this movie
In real life if you have a problem like this probably u won't survive with albanians 
Liam has chosen Looser status. Dissing Americans because some of us own guns.
taken 1 - his daughter gets taken taken 2 - revenge to bryan taken 3 - his ex wife dead taken 4 - kim daughter in danger
I LOVE TAKEN 1 2 3! :D
Albanians in the movie have Serbian names. Wow.
In Taken they bad guys were Albanians, in Taken 2 you made them Muslims !!! those guys were dealing with girls, that not what Muslims do. Screw you Olivier Megaton & Liam Neeson.
+svwtsvfcb you nee for education urgently
+Mango albanian muslim ?????wtf ????hahah i am catholic from tropoja ....older albanian catholic
fuck of soiniste tournage
Jack Bauer vs Liam Nesson (Bryan Mills) who wins in a fight?
Just don't mess with his family okay?! I dont want to see his grandma taken please!
Hollywood got sick of using evil Russian in their movies now it's time for Albanians, who's next?
+MARRO1190 Could you imagine international terrorist Crips? Lmao
FACE THE Truth PEOPLE. !!!! ALL of the CRIMES are WIDESPREAD in EUROPE..,, Most Especially in PROSTITUTION, ANY ASPECT REGARDING SEX !!!! and Worst !!!!??? Then MAde Prostitution as a LEGAL form of BUSINESS. !!!! What AN Earth !!!! Burn them In HELL !!!!! ALL MOTHER FUCKER . !!!!  .   
should be taken 3 about mexico 
love...Galatasaray love...Istanbul..İzmir...Bursa...Antalya...Cappadocia...Mardin...Şanlıurfa... love...Kebap...Döner...Baklava...Rakı...Kahve...Yoğurt...Ayran... love...Ottoman culture...Turkish Language...
I hate guns and so I use them in my movies. What a fucken hypocrite!
I'm half albanian (kosovo) and half serb.Lets stop the hate :)
hahhahahah FAKE, at the place where the film is playing Tropoja, no one is Muslim. 
"I will find you and I will kill you". AGAIN!
its İstanbul not South Arabia!They took the whole movie in old ottoman buildings then they show it like it was the real istanbul.Well its not.
1:29 Assasins creed Revelations
why the bad boy are albanian 
i dont see why this movie got such horrible reviews its a very good movie i mean it wasnt as good as the first one but its still a great movie i think at least ive seen movies way worse that somehow get good ratings idk all personal opinons i guess
wow so many muslim haters on youtube, and calling themselves peacemaker, huhhhhhh
try to be better than them and stop calling Muslims a (haters) and be a peacemaker love u Nina from Saudi Arabia. 
+Mark Owen thx, love you too my brother :)
dame it god surly blessed Hollywood 
I teard the 2and 3 of taken sucks!
Where is it ? Riyadh ? because,Istanbul is a modern city.
I never seen taken 2 can anyone tell me that does he get daughter and ex safe . Please say happy ending.
Watch the movie then.
in taken 3 liam kidnaps the  bad guys this time
In Taken 7, they go to a Chinese buffet and order TAKE OUT.
@proudGreekFag LMAO!!! .No one in Europe sees Irish as IRA Terrorists. In USA Irish immigrants were classified alongside Blacks and Hispanics, and it was even common to see public signs barring Irish animals from entering/
0:54 Don't think she's going to be saying that when she finds out she's dead in a few years time.
Right... he can't tell the difference between Turks and Albanians until it's too late. 
Yawn. Who. Gives. A. Damn
This was so boring and stupid movie !!
I'm doing my course work on taken 2 👍
Oh no! Not another documentary about Jewish organized crime. Dr David Duke: commentary includes the truth about so called red rafia human trafficking
"Taken 2" Aka "Killing Muslims" 
film je odlican kao i prvi deo dobro vec sam gledao prvi i drugi super su 
cant find the taken 2 here in youtube?you hae a link to watch the whole movie?
I'm doing a female Liam Neeson version of the movie. Its time for a female mom to kick some butt. Movie will be done summer of 2015. Brace yourselves! Beautiful people! Its called QUINN. Check out facebook page.
I'm surprised the bad people in the movie aren't Russians. I guess the Americans have a new target.. lol
ooooo shit something bad is happening y'all
You may care to also view  KIDNAP Montage of memes
Zzzzz. Yawn. So. Dull.
Dislikes is the proof that there is so many albanian..they are very cheap people..
Teng Chiang Lim Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
This guy is definitely related to Jason Bourne! 😜
It feels like in Taken 3. it will be Liam initiating the fight. From what the ending look like.
Hilda Flores Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Love it 👍 Taken 2 - International Trailer (2012) Liam Neeso…:
Liam. Neeson. What. Again. O. No.
Can't wait for part 3 !!!
albanians are the trash of this world.
+BeBlueMedia Of course not your media brainwashed your dumb brain...
I guess the name +Yuri Boyka didn't tip you off that he's slavic +BeBlueMedia. Ooops...
loling at those greasy sub human eastern eurotrash
Joao Jesus Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
A ver o filme...
Ha un bon film made in France ;)
+Anaaa12211 Yes but this is a french movie.....
+Mateus Deathbringer Yes but this is a french movie....
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