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My Boyfriend Does My Makeup! ♥ Makeup MAYhem Day 6

by Ingrid Nilsen • 3,106,933 views

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Kiarra Mallory Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
just stop lying to us and say he is your boyfriend
OMG he is the "peeta guy" from the parody of britney spears i wanna go the hunger games edition!! watch it! just type in i wanna go parody hunger games
So thats what Ingrid looks like as a chola. jk
WOW I think haloween is not here yet! <3
It's funny, because it wouldn't be half bad without the eyeliner.
Please check out my channel. I recently started singing here on YouTube and I'd LOVE it if you'd check me out! Thanks <3
I love the cat in the background.
I skipped to 4:05 and thought "oh my gosh..."
7:30 hahahaha I love Luke´s brush choice XD
omg I changed my mind my fav part is when he uses her mouth to apply mascara.... WTF
Your cat is so beautiful <3 11:01
I can understand why Ingrid's in love with this guy I was also laughing the whole time haha!!
2:14 is that a tatoo on lukes left arm???? under his sleeve?
ok it would be decent if he didntexgerate with the eyeliner...
almost exactly a year ago FAIL haha :p
So what happened did he get 750k votes? Did he win? What happened to the boyfriend tag?
lmao u guys r too cute love the cat! <3
OMG... I literally LOL'D when i saw your eyeliner Ingrid. LMAO
@missglamorazzi Where did you get your ragdoll cat? So pretty! <3
awww she actually looks pretty without eyeliner on, like just with mascara!
"Luke will do my make up today!" Luke : "Yaay" [fake , what he was mean, "I wanna dieeee"] xD
i swear my friend tessa is your doppelgänger ingrid. you are SO beautiful!!
awhjjj omfg thats a cute as fluffy citty kat omg i want it omg
probably the worst outcome I've seen of the "My boyfriend does my makeup" videos, but deferentially the most entertaining :D
whoaa.... the cat has such beautiful clear blue eyes O.O
hey it looks good , if u close one eye, & then maybe close the other eye , hey what u know it looks good c=
2:34 Im sorry....but that cat was being such an attention seeker...I kinda zoned out...
hhhhhahahahaah this is soo funny but in a good way not bad way
awwwww there sooooo adorbs together!!!!!!!!
at least luke did better than last time! (:
Haha! Omg the cats eyes are so.... Pretty!
THE CATS FACE WHEN LUKE WAS CLAPPING HIS PAWS HAHAHA. He looked paralyzed, my stomach hurts from laughing
What the fuck, I watched the video when she did his make up and she was looking cute af. Soon as I saw her w/o makeup i was scared, but I mean its natural so hey...
look at how fat that cat is >_<
omg i have a ragdoll cat!! thats so true you can do anything to them, wow very pretty cat! nice makeup too!
I like how you originally said calling someone a "bitch" was rude, but then here you are… and I may be annoying, but I do believe I'm right.
Ingrid is prettier without makup! She's gorgeous either way though!
OMG,I couldn't stop laughing through the whole video :'D
if i squint, ingrids makeup is exactly how girls look in school o.o
you look so different without tons of make up... you're beautiful either way :)
Ohmygod, that cat is so fluffy! :D
they look kinda like a young blair and sawyer
At 1:49 - 1:50 is it just me or did you see the cat run for dear Mersey
my favorite part is when Luke chooses the defining eye brush for the blusher!
Omg I kept laughing! LOL especially when you brought your cat in!
That cat is just the cutest little thing in the world!
You're in the comment section, don't expect anyone to "stay out of it."
i donated money in my church for this cause.. very happy you guya are donating money to them
ingrid is freaking dieing of laughter
so, um, that's how you take the cap off! OMG I NEVER KNEW YOU COULD DO THAT!
That is one of the cutest cats I have ever seen. I must have it.
cute bf not hitting on him though just saying hes cute
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