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Ask Justin: YouTube Presents Interview

by kidrauhl • 1,280,113 views

I will be answering your questions live during an exclusive YouTube Presents interview with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday June 21st at 7:15pm ET. Submit your question now through my BELIEVE album...

+Loubnaa Ba Fuck your pussy bitch!!!! you MOTHERFUCKER
Look to all of you guys being rude to Justin Bieber back off!!!! Just because he’s made mistakes doesn’t mean that nobody else hasn’t he is a human being and he deserves to be treated with respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes he does make mistakes but guess what he is 19 years old he’s still a teenager!!!!!!! And look at what is happening now he is quitting his career and just because of all you freaking bullys!!!!!! NOW LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!! Because if you guys don’t and if you guys keep bullying him then we will end up losing an amazing young man who has come so far!!!!!!!! And when or if that does happen then how do you think us believers will feel!!!!! If you guys don’t believe me then keep it up and when we lose the best person And singer ever then how will you feel!!!!!!! Keep your head up Justin we all got your back!!!!!😉😉😉😉 and keep in mind I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!😍😘😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😳😘😘😘😘😘😘
his testicles are still inside his ribs and are descending at about 0.00000000000001 mm / year
Why the haters of Justin Bieber were watching any kind of video's Justin Bieber upload???
OMG June 21 is my bday!!! Lol Ik I'm super late..
+GraveDigger35 Shut the fuck up!! You always see these bad things about him even that's none of your fucking busnies!!!
+Meryem Üzüm Fuck your pussy you motherfucker BITCH!!!!!!!! fuck your mother pussy asshole
Omb Justin you're so cute!!!!!
how high were you when you made this comment???
justin why are you so gay? and ps. I hate you
Where do you know that he is a GAY???!!!!!
the girl that's below me... he's 20
is it just me or only girls like justin bieber
justin bieber? more like justine bieber
Justin you are so so cute <3 I love u so much :*
awwww i love u justin follw me on twitter @samidiniz1
Mi mi I love Justin Bieber
shhhhhhhhhhhhhh! not right here not right now it's not the time shakes head........ lol
I love you justin i'm so proud of you
Justin though 😂❤️ funny and cute awe ☺️❤️
cute!!!! ♥♥♥♥  I LOVE YOU!!
The ending tho! Lol
Hi Justin I have a few personal questions for you please kik: Cruiser_K
He just sniffed his pits before he started talking
I love those two especially they are so funny together to Justin that's my girl doug
Justin you suck i vomet when i hear your songs so kill yourself you suck
no way you're the guy  I spoke to on my accoount
The last bit was good xD
Do you wanna marry me ? XD
omg I love you <3 and your laugh at the end is so cute xoxo <3
hahaha Justin you make me smile  :D thanks
Why did the x factor tell you that you were good at singing?
you are so adorable ps. im the daughter
omb Justin your so adorable :)
fuck all the haters babe i love u and all the real beliebers would stay with u 
go to f************* H****
i love seeing justin and jimmy together. :) they're very funny.
Why are you so sexy
Justin: Shhhhh not right here not right now it's not right now it's not the time Shakes Head Me: starts laughing oh Justin I love you
How did you get discover
Scooter broun discovered him when he was adding his singing videos on yt then he was making a song with usher and all that happende,now scootewr is his best friend and manager
lol that vid cracks me up especially the end ;P
if this is funny then de nero should commit suicide
I know, I know it's passed this interview, but if I had to ask something, it'd be something important. What do you feel.... In your heart.... During concerts, and meet and greets. What are you thinking about? <3
1.from now on   I  believe in god because this was the greatest present to be given by HIM to humanity.THANKYOU LORD FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS 2.To retire from music you have to make some.
No he is not he is mine
That kid is such a total faggot
+kittykattyler it means he is really jealous :D
Hey Justin, when are you doing that porno with Miley Cyrus? I thought I might bring a few beers and some weed over and we could, you know, have a three way... But what's this you say? You're already set for a date with Ricky Martin and Michael Buble? 3's a party, 4's a crowd you say, Justin Beiber? I see how it is. Fuck you too, bitch.
Justin, have you ever had any sex while wearing clothes?
Jasmine jessy Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Ask Justin: YouTube Presents Interview
LOL !!! I love you justin !!! :)
I love you sososososoososososoosososoosososoosososososoosososso MUCH!!!!!!
When is the last time you read your Bible or went to church? I remember when you used to thank God for where you were at in every interview. Now, all you can say is blessed. I still love your songs and think you are a wonderful person, but you can reach a lot more people than a girl like me in Arkansas can. All the other famous people, remember friends are influencers. People want to be like you. Why not make that useful? I would love to talk more about this
I want to ask you when you come back to israel
Look at Justin's hand kinda scary
He needs to do a new interview with Jimmy
Do you want to write me a message at Twitter? @TeresaSesterhe1
ich liebe dich ich denke beim masturbieren an dich <3
Justin who's your crush #askjustin
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