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L.A. Noire - Part 1

by TobyGames • 638,089 views

PLAYLISTS: Amnesia: The Dark Decent: Amnesia: Justine: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood:

In the first scene my car won't move.I uninstalled and installed the game but nothing.Ps3.Does anybody knows how to fix this problem?
I have never sneezed during one of his video's.........Not Once
Toby is the cure to all allergies. Conspiracy started.
Man I can't believe how much I missed watching Toby's play-throughs.
His old playthroughs are way better.
Although there are no differences
I beat that game already. It's very fun! :)
This is by far one of my favorite play throughs of Toby's ever. I love it so much :)
When I get older I'll play this game.
Actoully toby peoples faces in this game WERE actors
OMG our icons are so similar! we must have got them from the same person on Tumblr hahah
You should play mafia 2
Finished this last year because of Toby! One of the best games I've ever played and one of my favorites. Even after you finish it, there's so much more you can do! I highly recommend it! (It's available on OnLive, a legal gaming website company thing for Macs and PC, alike (and so many more devices))
I flipping love Toby.  Still my favorite series of his just ahead of The Walking Dead and most of his Happy Wheels stuff.
Ia  it just me or do the cutscene's look much better compared to the game itself? It reminds me of the first Godfather..
What kind of game is this
I downloaded this game from the PSN but howcome it's not finished after the Traffic report? Why do they want me to dl other contents? 15GB and I still need to dl more stuff?
If you get a bad ending cole will die
I want to be Chee Kin Chan
I like this game, but i don't think this is the best game for you :P
Hello I have a question I got this game and will play it soon But I want to ask how do you know what to press e.g truth lie doubt. How do you know which to click?  THAnks
You have to look at their facial expressions and make sure to check your evidence.
It would be cool if you could swing your sword... The diamond one not the crappy wooden one
I miss red dead too, hope their making a sequel.
Red Dead Redemption was a sequel got Red Dead Revolver. Nobody knows about it because it was a massive pile of steaming shit.
im gonna look for a lets play that allows me to follow the dialogue
The graphic engine looks like Sims.....
YOU PLAYED L.A Noire! I love that game beat it in 3 days
Toby...playing a game that requires logic? This doesnt bode well...
He can't, if he records for too long his computer starts to overheat and shuts down
Nah, It's KIFFLOM. R* Religion Parody. Been part of most R* Games.
Im watching this in 2013 (duno when dis came out, stupid ipod) but toby hasent changed!
I wish Toby didn't take over cutscenes
no illuminati spelled backwards is the security code for the government :D
Oh no he said the a word LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Well your a detective.....You are not suppoused to be like WOAH IM LOOKING FOR STUFF WOOOOAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Jaden
Sux pewds never played this, SO U DONT HAV 2 WATCH A CENSORED PLAYTHROUGH!
I do know that, its just his content i don't like.
he said cool last name. it's ok though i heard the first time through XD
Threw his pe- Oh, his peace. O.O
The main characters wife is his wife in real life.
You should play Red Dead Redemption. The best game ever!
anybody see that creepy face threw the window from a distance inside 7:45 0.0
does la noire scary game or fun game?
You said you are sick every time you say reading but then when you told us that, you said reading again and you weren't sick again. Why would you lie to us?
Pewdie, smosh, and toby are my top three so all of you shut the hell up
This is my birthday. Happy birthday to me!!!
the OLD toby swore no way NO WAY THATS AWESOME
I love this game for the story and the era. I commend Rockstar for putting so much time into their games. They always produce games that I play over and over.
pewdiepie screams and puts no effort in his content and gains $ from it
Well, he screams annoying offensive jokes everytime hes fighting something, thats why i don't watch him.
Haha wow It's been 2 months and he is my favorite YouTuber ^_^
Toby should play Grand Theft Auto IV
Toby stop talking too much!!!
im jeff dunham i like to fondell puppets
Aw, this was what first got me interested in Tobygames/Tobuscus! I wish he could finish this game! Stupid computer crash!
Why can't people just respect that I don't like a game? It's not the end of the world.
there is an option to put the whole game in black and white
The good old days of TobyGames :)
"We don't even need actors anymore" if only the character's faces and actions were created from actors. So sad.
haha got prints all over that gun
"The appropriate n-word" No, Tobes, just no...
did anyone notice toby said I need a coolass name in the beginning
I hope to God you're kidding... What're you, 10? That was a dumb fucking response... Get help.
Yeah toby is cool but here are some others i suggest Smosh Pewdiepie
This game, Amnesia, and Portal 2 are my favorite TobyGames playthroughs! Time for a L.A. Noire rewatch!
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