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HOW TO MAKE BOMBS TO EXPLODE BARRELS! - Amnesia: Custom Story - Gary Dark Secrets - Part 8

by PewDiePie • 748,617 views

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captions = BEST XD!!!
noooooooo why why did you throw stepano!!!!!!!!
I wonder what the story behind the golden statue, whom Pewdie calls Stephano, really is. I mean, why did the creator of the game put the statue in the game? Does he mean something special? Does he have some kind of role? Or is he just for fashion? :3
In the main story you can find the golden statue in some kind of trophy room, along with many other trophies. The golden statue probably has something to do with Daniel's expedition to Algeria along with Herbert. The statue looks a bit like Herberts friend, Faraj. Maybe those things was found along with the orb in the tomb? Just a theory.  
+diskmaskin8888888888 Could be... ''Mystery of Stephano'' Nice title for a book:P ...NO! NOT MORE STORIES NOW, RUBYWING!!! I have enough stories already!! I have too many story ideas for me to handle-_- 
I only see the same people comment
Yeah and your one of those people.
The noises pewdie makes at 5:34 xD
That 3 minute conversation he had with the barrel...
mr. chair and the bull are the best
I was playing this and stephano actually killed me D:
Really??!!! Maybe you're must chat with him like pewdie do in this game...maybe its help :D
haha thx xD ill try lolbuti do talk to tohim and do pewdie voices xD
|    |   |   |    | |    |   |   |    | |__|__|__|__|           \___| Bro fist!
lol in the beggining pewdie said: how's it going bros my name i PEEEWDIEPIIIE, and welcome back to Gary fuck!
Lol 01:24 I ate so many f**** Hotpockets lol
Pewds how to make a custom Story
5:35 funniest pewdiepie scared face ever!!
I love the face he makes when he plays scp and the thing turns the corner and its like 3...2...1... sexy face xDD
5:10 This sounds like a GREAT time to go chairmode c:
1:51 use spike trap for monster
3:23 Stephano's been taking morphine shots XD
14:10 He's lying Pewds, don't believe him, BARRELS are evil creatures they are not on your side bro.
Marzia is soooo hooot! No that was a joke
is the bull some sort of dubbed out grill?
What game was he playing with Cry in the end credits?
No More Room In Hell :)
That's what happens when you carry around barrels pewds
That was closer than a closet XD
"No-oh you pussy.. opener.." -I died. xD
5:28-5:40 can anyone translate?
why have tinderbox and oil if you dont have a lateren to use it with?..
You left stephano :P Now...STEPHANO IS DEAD :(((
pewdiepie literally just said the very thing i say as i try to get i to my jeans "i'm to fat for this any way GOD DAMMIT"
This was a really fun LP to watch. Great job pewdie :)
There would also be a whistle in the bulls nose.
I am so fat I ate so many hot pockets lol
I'm starting to see barrels as people.... I can never look at a barrel the same way again
I love it when pewds laughs at himself
Explode! BOOM! No barrels! Me gusta
Oh sweet child of mine *turns and sees the bro* NO NO NO XD
Aawww mine turtle..-hugs it, accidently presses button, explodes-
yeah but think of the first episode with stephano, pewdie put him in acid with a sex toy so I think stephano will get over it.
9:10 stephano:go left pewdi *gose right* me: wtf :-P
1:26 I love those torture thingies. Is that creepy? :3
HA! look at the top comment, and the second place comment.... 4 weeks = one month... wtf?
he does such a cute voice for bunny!!!!
Why do you always abandon Staphano
"I ate so many fucking hot pockets" hahahahaha 'dead' XD
This custom story is too hard and the map is also too huge. XD
I promised myself that I wouldn't shit my pants anymore when Pewdie yells out barrels... I keep failing over and over again.
Hey Pewds! Im pretty sure you wont see this, but I was just wondering if you have seen a decrease in the spam on your channel since your video that addressed it. It seems to me that there has not been as much on your page since then. Anyways! BROFIST!
@Jamiesim he actually has a episode on it ! Search it up
Ummmm is it bad that i stayed up at 2 am watching pewdi.....naaaaaaa
bro..bro...bro just calm down that comment was uploaded 1 month ago
It is a very interesting thing to look into. It's crazy what ancient civilizations did in the past.
Wait wait why did he never finsh this pewdiepie finsh this please
Pewdie, you know that golden bull is a torture device right?
"Barrel: you will die in here pewdie Pewdie: whatever barrel"
Yes Pewdie, we do care about sound quality. We want to hear your screams in high definition.
wtf do you have against barrells? no idea, but its funny! wish i knew :P
cool means constipated overwaited overdated loser LOL
"that`s odd right when he said hot pockets i was actually eating some :o"
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