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Olympic Lady Gender Testing?

by SourceFed • 228,038 views

Get yo! Tumblr Updates Here: Description: Since their were upload issues yesterday we wanted to make sure you got your maximum dosage of stories! Gender Testing at the...

If she's not aloud to compete as a female would she be aloud to compete as a male or is she just in the middle this is fucked up
It never fails to amaze me how most people say oppression is wrong but people try their d****est to make up new forms of it. The body is so unique in so many ways and it is these uncommon genetic mutations that help people to succeed. Some people are abnormally  tall with long hand and feet. Some were born with bodies made for weightlifting. Some have hormonal differences such as a faster metabolism that aid them even slightly in having more potential. This does not mean they should be banned. It is simply  nature's way of creating superstars
Still this (situation in particular) comes down to our definitions of Male and female. Is it the genitalia that determines our sex? or is it the gametes that you produce or both. What about gender? too pin any action by a human on one variable is stupid. Ignorant even. 
A women should not compete in the Olympics if she is too good. I agree.
@DRDHARRKING. I think it was natural...
It sounds unfair to you but they can't do anything about it, they are born this way, and i don't see why should we discriminate them because of a condition they have, they are still women. Everybody should do what they are good at, should we say that people with eidedic memory can't compete on shows like 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' etc?
She had balls inside her ? Or did he mean intestines....
This gender test was just made because people are mad that a "girl" won. This is ridiculous and why should it matter if you are a girl and win or a guy and win
Though, I agree with many of the points made, what you are asking for is for fairness. In order for that to occur, all athletes competing in the same races would be required to have extremely similar biological builds as a control. Though, this may be scientifically fair, it is not socially fair. This would not only suck for those who are naturally blessed with advantages, but also for really hard working people who do not meet the standards. Nothing is black&white. *sigh* I hate the grey area
As long as she has lady bits and chromosomes, what's it matter? I mean, it has to be embarrassing to essentially have the world know "Yeah, hi, my body produces more man hormones than girl ones." I mean, I have a condition that produces a little more male hormones than are regular in women, and I'm completely embarrassed by it, so I can't imagine having to tell everyone in the world that. LET THE LADIES COMPETE!
Also, gender isn't like...a biological THING.
If it have a vagina, its a fucking girl
Intentionally ignoring all the scientific progress weve made involving understanding people on a cellular level just shows how truly uneducated you are. Anyone with a basic understanding knows that aside from gametes every cell in a person's body contains their full genetic code. Anyone with XY is by definition genetically male despite whatever their outward appearance may be. This guy may have had a genetic abnormality causing him to grow a vagina but even the cells on the vagina are male (XY).
Simple. Whens the last time somebody who wasn't African American win the 100m dash in the Olympics? I mean they could be put in it, but most likely any race besides African American who came out and ran a sub 9.3 in it would be very suspicious. That's kinda the point I'm trying to get across. Also I'm not sayin a African American just get the right to be knocked off the list, I'm just sayin it would be more common to see a African American desent man break the record each time. Follow me?
Well honestly, men are simply built to be stronger than women. Its not saying a woman can't be stronger than a man, but men would have an unfair advantage.
I don't care about girl's competing in sports, because in most cases, girls don't compete against or with guys
When does the idiocy end? Let the ladies run, jesus. Why make it more complicated than it needs to be? This is such a pointless thing to get all worked up over.
ya know what if women sports didn't exist there would be no problem its not like they do anything better than men anyway.
I sadly have to agree that she did have an advantage because of the fact that testosterone does increase muscle mass and gives an advantage in sports. But its still wrong for them to have to evaluate her because she is different. Maybe just give those who do have more testosterone some Estrogen supplements to even out the playing field but honestly they should have done this in the first place with a blood test at least
I call bullshit on this gender testing no steroids than leave the athlete alone.
If your almost super human or are capable of performing better than other athletes of your gender and you know why, then why would you enter a sport? It just seems illogical. Why not go do something productive like Free Running or parkour, or just not compete at all, go for runs, try to outbest yourself?
Lol you don't even give a source before deleting your comment. "Female" is sex, "woman" is gender. Vague definitions of "woman" by Collins Dictionary, American Heritage Dictionary: "feminine nature", "female or feminine", "having feminine quality or aspect". Even "female" by Webster says "having SOME QUALITY associated with the female sex" which is vague for even sex terminology. -"Woman" being "distinctively feminine nature". Transgender women cant produce sperm after just months of hormones!
Wtf! That is so's her so what, she's different but still a woman. That is beyond wrong
no the separation makes sense. Look at all the records for men and women for sports in the same division and you'll see why it's separate. The majority of the time the men's fastest and the women's fastest,etc. etc. is very different. The women would almost never win and their accomplishments treated as a "yay a chick managed to beat a guy" instead of all the best of the gender being rewarded for their efforts. Body structure makes a difference here. Accept it.
No she, her condition was natural to her - what Lee was saying was in order to "please" the crazy fucks who want to run people out with this shitty proposal, she would have to undergo surgery just to decreased/offset what her body is already naturally producing.
Yes, don't trust Dead Pool. Even though he is a fucking badass.
Golf, of course but how about Football, American Football, Rugby, Hockey etc.... Women are completely unfit for these sports
I think it's cause men and women are more different physically than a woman is to other women.
Is Lee wearing a dandruff shirt?!? This is pretty confusing!
we decided to actually be inclusive of gender variant people instead (oh wait, that definitely hasn't happened yet)
its sexist! nah but just look at the times, women would have no chance
I love when stupid people try to educate me haha. You clearly don't understand the definition of the term woman. I get that you think that its all about you feel about yourself or whatever other crap you like to think but the truth is that the whole competition is unfair to the other women who have to compete against this man. Yeah and in case your were wondering...
Wow a stupid, incorrect, and offensive comment. Way to go.
I think there should be an olympics for people on steorids ONLY. - i would love to watch that... people running 100 km/h, jumping 3m up in the air. Awesome right? Right?
Not really, unless all women had XX chromosomes. Do you not know what testosterone does, well besides growing man parts.
Why even separate the men's and women's events?
I grant you, is a stupid and offensive, but incorrect.... not so much... ;-) If you don't know what a hermaphrodite is, look it up.
Yes its called natural selection.. The better one wins
People should learn to be comfortable with their own body and should know that they will never be able to have the same body as they once had if they modify it. That's why I think that there should be a waiting period to have a gender re-alignment surgery. Give them six months to be ready mentally. I do believe that it should say the original gender on their ID card though since they're still male or female according to their DNA.
Doesn't that guy they flashed at the end of the video look like Joe or is that just me??
Have you seen a photo of her? She has wide shoulders, defined muscles, a lack of curves in the hips and other masculine features that aren't typically associated with females. Google "caser semenya" and click "images" and you'll see the features I'm talking about. Females who want a sex change take testosterone in order to get these features.
It's quite simple really, giving people the time to wait will allow them to decide whether or not they will ever want a child. You can't have a child if you have a sex change. As for the ID, that's specifically because in their DNA they are still male or female and should be labeled as such for medical reasons. Just because someone has a sex change doesn't mean that they really become something different than what they were born as.
She had testes put into her, which produced high levels testosterone. I understand that she did for medical reasons, but Is it fair if someone augments their body to be come faster and stronger. Where would you draw the line? P.S. Love the show, you are guys my big source of news through out the day :)
did you know that a man getting a sex chainge into a woman can't get pregnate. it's impossible.
'Hey everyone lets run a competition to see who's the best- and then try and make it so everyone is at the same level.' Why can't these people USE the natural physical assets that they have to their advantage?
Every definition you used for woman includes some derivation of female. It's as if you're being intentionally dense. The source I used was the google dictionary but you can use any of yours too they all still make my point. Any semi-intelligent person can understand that while some genetic anomalies can give men some femine characteristics they are still men. People haven't been using outward characteristics to define people since the 1900s.
thank you? for what? I was just saying something interesting I learned o-o
There is a reason we separate men and women's events. It evens the playing field. No one thinks it to be sexist that we have separate men and women's events. Or maybe they do. In that case, go ahead and throw them all into the same competition and see how that goes. If a penis versus vagina was the only differentiating trait of being male or female then im pretty sure there wouldnt be separate events at all. a scrotum versus vagina doesn't affect your physiology. Its all about hormones.
I believe that any contestant that just smashes a record out of the blue, male or female, should be tested, but not every contestant... say if some white guy came out a ran 9.1 100m dash, he should definitely get tested. (Also for you trolls I am not being racist, just a good example, you can put any race in that category except African-American.)
It won't make you a man, but having more testosterone, thanks to the woman "testicales" sounds like an unfair advantage to me.
1980 was the last time a white man won the Olympics 100m dash with a 10.25.
Not to be mean it would be very hard to make all of that up on the spot
look guys i see where you're coming from on this but i don't exactly think it would be fair if a man got gender change and competed with women, this particular case didn't come out that way but would it truly be fair if a man with a gender change (and im talking a mild change not like a full hormonal change) went off and stole the medals from then women who work with their less powerful muscles and structure, im not saying women who weren't born women should be banned from competing.
That is BS. Venus and Serena Williams have been competing fer years. And dominated with power on the courts. Honestly, I like my tennis girls like Kournikova, but life is so unfair.
What the scientist are say Women are still HARD to understand
So if their is no gender testing that means a man can get a sex change and compete as a woman... wouldn't that be unfair? Well if their is no test to confirm a persons gender they can just have feminine features and a pair of tits and run as a woman. I think the testing is needed to atleast make sure they're all women, or those poor girls might be competing against a tranny lol
How can you think getting a sex change is conforming to social pressures? Social pressures generally command ignorant hatred of sex changes. Some people feel like a certain gender trapped in the wrong body. They feel that the gender they become is who they really are. It's the exact opposite of conforming.
Oh my god, I cannot believe they banned her. Its like banning guys/girls who have unnaturally big legs because of their genes, for example, black people are slightly (in general) more physically built than white men. Its the same thing, dont ban her, come on
would just having a genetic test be enough I mean yea there are some that have both x and y but most people that have that are not the best athletes. Hormone levels fluctuate to much to say what gender you are
This is obviously a controversial issue, but you cannot have your only argument against this decision be that the only thing separating a man from women is a penis. You just cant. If you think otherwise, well....take a few science classes and educate yourself. Then come back to the topic.
I agree. Possibly someone is scared of their country losing to hers. Hopefully this is stopped as it is extremely unfair.
If she has inner testes isnt she a dude?
Dude if "she" has a y chromosome she shouldn't be in the women division.genital Mutilation shouldn't determine your gender. what you were born as determines it.
lets face it she had a biologic athletic advantage when she was born black
five daily stories...there's only two...
OMG it was a hermaphrodite, call it for what it is.... not a man or a woman... is BOTH... or NONE... It cant get pregnant but it doesn't have a penis... WTF?? It is UNFAIR to those women who don't have testicles replacing her ovaries to compete with someone who does, it is an unfair advantage. That's like allowing a man to compete against a bunch of women whom by the way should be in the kitchen making me a sandwich ;)
-_- No, I'm saying that we all have are talents and some peple are more talented at running than others....just like some people are better at cooking than others. stop troooooollllllllllllllliiiinnnnng .
If a woman produces too much testosterone to be considered an eligible woman olympic athlete, does that mean she also produces enough to be considered an eligible male olympic athlete?
You are the only person showing a true ignorance on how genetics work. She isn't a guy and will never be a guy. "female" encompasses BOTH genotype and phenotype. A woman with CAIS has cells that don't respond to the androgens, thus the XY has no *actual* functionality. Chromosomes are not a "branding of sex", they are structures with a *function*. If they do not meet that function, there is no use for them, and the fetus will continue to develop as a female... HENCE "CAIS FEMALE". Get educated!
She's a man, testes are the male reproductive organ. Although I agree that its CRAZY TALK to say that there should be some kind of testosterone cap on what can qualify as a women, the simple truth is if it has balls, it doesn't matter if it has 10 inch breasts and a vagina, it is a man.The very definition of female is an organism that can produce eggs and/or carry offspring, and unfortunately at least in my opinion semenya is a man.
This is just stupid. So basically they're saying your GENES are illegal. Whut!
All this talk is fucking bullshit. How can one assume a woman can't assign as a woman just because of one substance among many others in the body. The body of a person as it is isn't always defined by it's hormones.
All women have XX chromosomes, and all XX individuals are women, that's how our sex is determined. I'm a biologist, I know what testosterone does, it certanly doesn't determine sex. All women have testosterone in their body, some happen to have it more, some less.. but it wont make you a man.
Good Job stating your opinions with facts to back it.
What he said wasn't bad at all. People should learn that they don't need to conform to social pressures in order to be loved by someone. That said, denying people the ability to conform at all would be very bad also.
@LexiLovem seeing all of your posts and your reply to my comment, I didn't even know she was a transgender, I had never heard of her before, but I did however know African people tend to have higher testosterone levels normally, so I figured that was the reasoning, but are you against her? You seem to be "educating" many people on this.
what is with the jamba juice? not the time joe! this is serious shit!
Um. Yes, people with gender anomalies should be able to compete in sports. There are over 9 uterine anomalies out there ranging from septate uteruses to the condition described above, and if someone has to be perfectly "male" or "female" to compete, that basically puts us into a position in which we are further defining the ideal for both male and female genders.
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