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Target & MAC Haul! (Springtime/V-day goodies)

by Bethany Mota • 1,048,814 views

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Half of the time when you make a video your tongue is always a different color😂👏💕 lol
I think she will drink a Starbucks drink before she films her videos
U should defiantly do more hauls their awesome to watch and do more diys ur really funny😋😉😉😉
This was uploaded on my bday :)
You uploaded this on my friend's birthday!!
awesome vid i really enjoyed it <3
I'm watching in 2015 haha 😂
Can I order things from target from the uk or not?
I think so. You can go to their website and see where they ship to. I would assume Target (of all stores) would ship to the UK. Good luck! 😊
You were not tomboy u are girly
Watch her 'draw my life' video
Can somebody give me link from target online shopping? And Beth,I love your videoo (:
Oooh, I want a Bouncy Blush! I always see them at Target, but I never actually get one because I'm really cheap and don't want to spend that much on blush...but I'll save up. :)
do you have an email? (in an NON-CREEPY STALKER WAY) i swear lol
omg u should buy the mint candy apple color Essie nail polish I love it !
If you actually watched her videos you would know it is one of her fave nail polishes and she already bought it.
You have such good style you inspire me
You Are my inspiration 💖
I tried a nerd rope and sorry but it's not that good.
Can you make a hair care routine
I have used the impress mail and they do last for a week if u pot your hand in water and if u don't then it will for 2 weeks :) love u
The impress nails for me last like two weeks they are really good
The book sounds like the movie the last song
Beth ive been trying to talk to you cause i really want to make videos like yours. Can u help me!?
Target is life. I love nerd ropes. And I think it's hilarious because I worked at target for two years and that bird shirt was on clearance for the longest time because everyone hated it 😂😂😂
I have those press on nails
Along for the Ride is my fav Sarah Dessen book!!!!!!
I love nered rope u get me girl
I have the same shampoo!! Sooooooo good xx
I wanted the bird shirt.... my mum said no;-;
You rock Bethany I think you are really pretty
This was uploaded a day after my bday
Along for the ride is my favorite Sarah dessen book!
I have that shampoo!!
You are ameicing! ♡♥☆★:-D
The Brazilian stuff is amazing!
hi you probably get thousands more comments than me but if you could just take two seconds out of your time to reply to me I would really appreciate it thank you so much I watch your videos all the time I love you so much and if you reply to me you would make me smile the rest of my life thank you xoxox
Y'll should totally check out my Ev Invades series of videos where I go into my friends closets every season and choose five or more outfits I feel are perfect for that season ! My goal is for you guys to get ideas on what in YOUR closet fits best and keeps it cute for the season ! xoxo
Omg I love you so much omg I love all the makeup I'm so addicted to your vids
your Fiji water bottle in the back. i have the same omg. ik weird thing to freak out about but yeah. i also have bouncy blushes in plum wine :)
That blush is more of a pink
Omg I love you so much omg I'm so addicted to you
my favorite candies are mike and ikes
So this was ur 1st vidio U r so beautiful I wish I could meet u
Haha this is not her first video
Am I the only one who noticed that the book at the start of this video is kind of like The Last Song. Miley cyrus is in it.
weeeeee lol lov ya  you rock beth!
I have trophy wife too! I love it! It is soooo pretty!!!
Is this a voice over ???
That book is a rip off of the last song
where did you get that bed spread ive been really wanting it !!!!!! :)
Trophy wife is really pretty
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The book sounds just like the movie 'The Last Song' with Miley Cyrus and Liam Helmsworth
fav mac products pls!!!!! of all time..i wanna buy some but need help:)
could you please make a visit to pakistan please please please
CAn u show a like rainy day make over
hey i lovvvvvve ur videos and i look up to u sooo much please can u do losing wieght videos and i really need help so of u could please help i would lovvvvve even more stay beautifuln <3 shelby
Hi Beth! Can you go and checkout our channel? Thanks!
I have those impress press nails they are so cute
I should get the Mac tender tones now lol haha!
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Omg u r so pretty and u have the best personality
bethany ur awesome and i watch ur videos all the time
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