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Kanye West - I Don't Like ft. Pusha T, Chief Keef, Jadakiss & Big Sean (Explicit)

by GMGMTA • 36,771,637 views

Kanye West - I Don't Like ft. Pusha T, Chief Keef, Jadakiss & Big Sean Kanye West - I Don't Like Kanye West - I Don't Like Kanye West - I Don't Like Kanye West - I Don't Like Kanye West - I Don't...

The Seahawks throwing the ball on the 1 yard line that's that Shit I don't like.
25 seconds you can hear hail illuminati
+Glo TV lol i do the same shit a lot. write a comment find out the answer in 2 sec later
Who else thinks the original where Chief Keef and Lil Reese Did this was way better than this one.
Me this is to slow xD
Pewdiepie , thats the shit I dont like.
I nigga really nigga enjoy nigga this nigga song. Nigga.
+Levi Ackerman I'm glad, Heichou. Does that mean, I won't get beaten up?
Youtube ads ruining my life, that's that shit I dont like.
Hope Jarvis Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Folks be sleepin' on Jada Kiss
kanye's verse is corny as fuck.. "girls kissing girls, cuz its hot right, but unless they use a strap-on then they not dykes" hes spitting random facts lmfao
Lol he also talks about d rose bein nice it dat nigga ways hurt r
Does anybody hear the "We Are Illuminati" at 0:24?
lou my naughty comfy frimed
Naruto fillers thats that sh*t I don't like !
Mom: Did you smoke weed? Me : 3:55
Kanye made the beat worse tbh
+michael fernandez nah the original is better, lyrics are better aswell
This version of the song is shit I don't like, Go listen to JME version, it's origional and better Kanye just copied it
+Bob Hatchfeild Hate to say it, but Chief Keef is the original, JME, skepta, jammer and snakeyman just jumped on the hype of the beat, and skepta actually remixed Kanyes lyric. All versions are good though, + bigging up UK Grime on US rap videos is a waste of time bro, in general Americans don't know of the underground music outside of their country.
I dont mean to be completely random but I just released my 2nd music video and i really need some support!! I dont rap about guns, hoes, money, or drug, i am a fast rapper. I promise not to waste your time!
Yo mang I'm a rapper 2 I'm jus tryna make it in dis biusnez. Yo shit fire doe
Illuminati that's that shit I don't like.
Put some Memphis artists on this beat and watch them kill it
Racist fuckers thats that shit I dont like.
Big Sean dropped a decent verse? Well I'm shocked. 
About 3 years ago insert Hot Nigga beat
Chief Keef's annoying-ass voice that's the shit I don't like.
Leap year that's that shhhh I don't like. (No offense) it takes longer to get to my birthday. 💙 March 1 🌟
Had to come for kanye verse after the Rose injury smh
this is the lyrics Fraud niggas, y’all niggas, that’s that shit I don’t like Your shit, make believe, rapping ‘bout my own life That’s rare nigga, Ric Flair nigga The power’s in my hair nigga, I get it, beat the chair nigga SoHo, or Tribeca, three hoes, trifecta Dope money, coke money, Hublot, my watch better My pen’s better, you don’t write, trendsetter, you clone-like Pay homage or K’s vomit, ungrateful niggas, I don’t like [Hook: Chief Keef] A fuck nigga, that’s that shit I don’t like A snitch nigga, that’s that shit I don’t like A bitch nigga, that’s that shit I don’t like Sneak disser, that’s that shit I don’t like [Verse 2: Kanye West] They smile in my face is what I don’t like They steal your whole sound that’s a soundbite The media crucify me like they did Christ They want to find me not breathin’ like they found Mike A girl’ll run her mouth only out of spite But I never hit a woman never in my life I was in too deep like Mekhi Phifer In that pussy so deep I could have drowned twice Rose gold Jesus piece with the brown ice Eatin’ good, vegetarian with the brown rice Girls kissin’ girls, cause it’s hot right? But unless they use a strap-on then they not dykes They ain’t about that life, they ain’t about that life We hangin’ out that window it’s about to be a Suge night Free Bump J, real nigga for life Shoutout to Derrick Rose, man that nigga nice Shout out to L-E-P, J Boogie right? Chief Keef, King Louis, this is Chi, right? [Hook: Chief Keef] A fuck nigga, that’s that shit I don’t like A snitch nigga, that’s that shit I don’t like A bitch nigga, that’s that shit I don’t like Sneak disser, that’s that shit I don’t like Don’t like, like, don’t like, like A snitch nigga, that’s that shit I don’t like [Verse 3: Chief Keef] Fake Gucci, that’s that shit I don’t like Smokin’ on this dope, higher than a kite This bitch gon’ love me now, she gon’ let me pipe Screaming Sosa, that’s that nigga that I like I don’t want relations, I just want one night Cause a thirsty bitch, that’s the shit that I don’t like I got tats up on my arm, cause this shit is life And I spend on a bunch of clothes, cause I’m livin’ life I come up on the scene, and I’m stealin’ light bitch I’m high off life, got me feelin’ right bitch I’m Chief Keef, fuck who don’t like And bitch we GBE, we just gon’ cite [Hook] [Verse 4: Big Sean] We are not one and the same, nigga I’m fuckin’ insane, fuck is you sayin’? Yo ass been doin’ the same, shit, not doin’ what you sayin’ Dang, I told yo old bitch she was fuckin’ a lame, turn one ho to a train Blow, blang, my niggas holdin’ that pain, I just hope you been praying Bang bang, ridin’ for my niggas and that’s for life High class I’m just surrounded by these low-lifes And I run this bitch like it’s no lights Goin’ hard the whole night cause I ain’t goin’ back to my old life, I promise [Hook] [Verse 5: Jadakiss] I done sold purple, I done sold white Running outta work, that’s that shit I don’t like She never let me hit it, she gave me dome twice She blowin’ up my phone, that’s that bitch I don’t like Nah, jean jacket with the sleeves cut Put the pressure on ‘em just when they think that I eased up Thirty for the Cuban, ‘nother 30 for the Jesus Believe in ourselves when nobody else believed us, suckas
‘Soho, Tibeca. Three hoes, trifecta.’
They took chief keef original version off which had 32 million down to act like the remix made the songs
Netflix uploading shows once the season is over that's the shit I don't like.
omfg I can't stop listen this shit
Internet tough guys that's that shit I don't like!!
Came here for big sean only
sorry but chief keefs verse killed the song for me
Youtube ads that's,that shit I don't like
I can safely say this song stays I my head 24/7
lol me too 😂😂😂
Kanye West Thats The Shit I Don't Like
last two rappers of this song thats the shit i dont like
This is at least 100 times better than the original, good job Kanye
the media crucify me like they did christ
this jam is So Hard, its been on repeat all night, as i am at the library finishing my final research paper lol i bet no one else in this university listens to this $hiz
Is this on iTunes I can't find it
Try searching up the remix
Am I the only one that likes the Chief Keef version more than this one?
fairys in PKMN video games, that's the shit I don't like why do they have to be a rooster in my rari?
School bullies that's shit i don't like
Eren Jaeger, that's that shit I don't like. 
Me and my friend in middle school loved this shit, actin like we can take on anyone lmao. Funny shit
No bars.... that's that shit I don't like!!!! Beat riders.... That's that shit I don't like. Kiss the only one who bars nice!!!!!
A bitch hoe, that's that shit I don't like.
In dat pussy so deep I coulda drowned twice
Shout out to Derrick Rose!
Niggas throwing soap at my cell that's the shit I don't like
These dumb shit  comments, that`s the shit that I don't like 
get me 50 subscribers xD ?  i work hard on my beats and it would be great if there are people who will come to stop by and listen  ignore this if you think its spam 
Why does Jadakiss sound like Tyler, The Creator?
This is pitched down a little bit.
in too deep like mekhi phif? I think kanye got him confused with omar epps lmao mekhi phifer is 100% not in that movie
shit i dont like is that shit i dont like
Does anyone else feel really badass listening to the beginning?
"they wanna find me not breathing like they found mike" i'm disappointed in kanye, i thought he was a more intelligent and rational person, supporting that worthless trash like michael brown is pathetic, it's been proven that he was a criminal
Chief kief claim BDN Thats that shit i don't like.
A fart nigga that's that shit I don't like!
Extremely popular and well know retired WWF-WWE wrestler, dont know what hes doin now a days
This song should have just been produced for Big Sean.
still not married , that the sthit that i don' like  suscribe if you're agree
Ugly hoes that's the shit I don't like haha😂😂
Perfect song to listen to when exercising 💯💯
shoutout to derek rose that nigga nice  
Soho, Tibeca. Three hoes, trifecta
Chief Keef made this song? Not Kanye West
True we don't like any Stitch's that's the shit we don't like😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯
Change it to 1.5x're welcome
thug life compilation brought me here 
Chief Queef, Queen Louie that's that shit ion like.
No milk available that's tha shit i dont like
What the hell was that at 3.59? Lol
Big Sean has the best part
White snakes not allowed who is not on it
Red ring of death, that's the shit I don't like.
ice cream gangster
People who listen to this garbage need to go get some lotion and go to church👐
lol chill yall I was just trolling
Copied off of BBK
Chief keef did this better
School thats that shit I dont like
This the shit I fap to
Loved it but it would be a lot better with KENDRIC LAMAR
what's that supposed to mean?
Chris Brown nigga that that shit i don't like
Amanda tucker Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Kanye West - I Don't Like ft. Pusha T, Chief Keef, Jadakiss & Big Sean (...:
T R A P    B E A T S>:~~~~~~~~~~~ BEATs by AJ: : : : : :AJBeats Sound cloud: Trap beats 4 mixtapes/freestyle sessions check em out tell me how much they suck.LOL
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