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Ugliest On Ice Behaviour

by lightsout2010 • 1,939,428 views

Some of the longest suspensions and how they got them

I truly believe Bertuzzi's hit was an accident, I really think he regrets it unlike a lot of other goons like Claude Lemieux. Im a wings fan, and when I watched him he never hit anyone or tried to fight anyone. Probably the most quiet on the team. Im not saying he didn't deserve more punishment, but its easier to be sympathetic towards a criminal that regrets his decisions.
+steve hardman Stop being a smart ass.(In wrestling) I recently broke a kids arm, and I did nothing illegal. Technically I did it intentionally by your logic. I meant to use the move on him, I didn't mean for his arm to break. 
they should have a whole episode of this dedicated to lucic..
No one cares about them..? Then why won't you shit the fuck up huh?
Stop trying to call all the hockey players goons and saying that no one cares for skill anymore. I've never played hockey, i think i went to an ice rink 1 time when i was a kid, but i know not to judge a sport based on a video focused on showing the bad shit. 
Hockey is the worst - asshole palyers
An accurate comment by someone who knows NOTHING about hockey. 
Nobody gets gooned because they act like a saint. Just saying. 
Too much hypersensitivity in the media- especially from those who "unfairly" didnt get the NHL contract so they take it out on the NHL to make the sport look bad over 2 bad plays
1:54 Dale Hunter That exact same thing happened to me once! As I was celebrating a goal, get blindsided!
a guy tried to but I whooped his ass and no suspension nothing. but last game I played in 2014 I got 10 and a game cause there was a scrum and they are 5 vs 1 on my LW (I'm C/RW sometimes D) and I just went and grabbed my guy and tried to drag him out of the scrum. they tried to suckapunch him and stuff and I pulled him out but then he fell and a guy from the other team wanted to punch him so I pulled him out of my way to help my Teammate stand up and then pushed him out of the fight and the ref just points at me and says you're out. He is a bad ref. I mean he always calls something on me. Last season he gave me 2 for interference when I had the puck and  a guy tried to hit me and he fell
Nothing a band-aid couldn't fix.
bertuzzi talks about an uncalled for hit??? da faq is that??
the funniest thing is .. domi`s elbow was very dirty .. but the guy would fight any body and like it ... so how can you get clean revenge on that guy lol 
Fucking Chris Simon is the worst
Not tryna pull the "race card" but If black people did this it would be a monumental travesty; they'd be called "hooligans, and thugs"(thug is the new PC term for nigger in 2014). Richard sherman gives a spirited interview, not a fight or dirty play but just an interview and he's a monkey, nigger, and thug. NHL & MLB guys beat each other to a concussed bloody pulp and its all good? The racist dbl standards in America is HILARIOUS. IJS.
MLB?? don't bring those pussy's in here! Also NHL players don't talk like da way im talkin right about now. ok they don't talk like that, anyway hockey back then was intense. For real man
Moore dirty ass, glad he's out of the league
I have played football, baseball and hockey all the way through high school and beyond with hockey. You take more of a physical beating just through incidental contact in hockey than in any other sport. I have always believed that retaliation occurs most often when you are winded and trying to clear the zone so you can get off the ice for a fresh set of legs. Inevitably, that's when someone is whacking the back of your legs with their stick! You are quicker to anger when you are winded and more likely to lash out than when you are fresh. I know this from direct experience. This causes more cheap shots to occur and since you are winded half the time out there, you get what you get. Also, unique to hockey is a minor league system that not only condones fighting and cheap shots, but encourages it. This is where lower draft picks and walk-ons congregate and try to prove themselves. If you do not fight and retaliate, your toughness is in question and your playing days are numbered. The number of finesse players like a Sidney Crosby, or a Wayne Gretzky are few and far between. Guys whom in the minors suddenly realize they don't have the finesse to make it to the NHL, still have one path left to them to make it, and that is as an enforcer. The fighting is allowed and even encouraged in order to see the toughest rise to the top of the heap. The top ten goons will suddenly find themselves in demand by an NHL team and get that big contract they always dreamed of as a kid. Until that system in the minors is abolished, you will never get the fighting and cheap shots out of hockey. The goons don't care about suspensions. That is the entire reason they are on the team! They are there to insulate the finesse players from having to indulge in that kind of thing. Violence is so deeply ingrained in the sport that it would literally self-destruct without it. It may not be right, but it is probably why a lot of people love to watch hockey. It's like UFC on skates!
+IFUNYUNI GAMING Unfortunately for me, I was not one of the finesse players I mentioned in my last post. I played some in the minor leagues and took at least as much punishment as I was able to give out. I became disenfranchised with the whole violent mess and eventually gave up on my dream of ever making the big show. The price you have to pay is not worth the little bit of money you earn as a low tier pro player.            From bantams on up until I quit, I sustained six concussions that I can remember. I'm sure there were more that I played through and just kept my mouth shut. This was in the mid 80's through 1992, and very little was known about the long term effects of brain injuries. I now deal with depression and chronic headache pain and have been told by a neurologist that I more than likely suffer from CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. The only way to know for sure is post-mortem sectioning of the brain in search of blackish scar tissue.           My money says yes, that is my problem. I have to see a Pain Management Specialist every two weeks and their only solution to my problem is ever larger doses of narcotic pain medication or just suffering through the pain. After seven years of thinking I was going crazy, I finally found a physician that made the connection between my hockey days and my current pain issues. At least now, I know from whence this shit came.           Was it worth it? No, it was not. However, I wouldn't do it again any differently, because I had no idea the damage I was doing to myself. There are many out there like me suffering in silence. I don't do the self pity thing, because I loved 98% of my short career. I love hockey and will always look back fondly on those days.           I am living proof that hockey is every bit as brutal a sport as football. Whenever I hear someone that doesn't know what the hell they are talking about, I just laugh, because I lived it. It is brutal, violent, and I loved it more than life itself for a long time. It is a hell of a price to pay, but I try not to piss away my life regretting shit. It is what it is. Thank you for your input, sir. Have a good one!  
Brad, you make it out to be some savage sport, which is very far from the truth. I dont know what league you played in, but I never had to fight an enforcer, in fact, the tough guys would have looked stupid fighting a playmaker like myself. So dont speak about something you obviously do not know. The injuries are a different story. It is just as much to do with being lucky enough to stay healthy. I myself had 8 diagnosed concussions, 3 ankle surgeries, 3 wrist surgeries, lost teeth, many stitches, but I was able to play a game for a living. No, I did not make it to the show, but got pretty close. Was it worth it...Hell yes! There are less injuries from cheap shots when enforcers on on your team, take out fighting, all hell breaks loose.
   Thanks for sharing this, "lightsout" forced me to reevaluate my opinions about some folks I saw as just plain old dirt bags. Truthfully, hockey is a violent sport. In fact, when I briefly played it, I was knocked unconscious by a nasty hit...and I suspect it wasn't all that bad a hit? I will forever hope that todd bertuzzi has to pay for what he did to the kid from the Avalanche...but then again, what about dani heatley and his killing the young player in his car while speeding into the history books? Frankly, I am always bewildered how it is that talented people are somehow readily forgiven for destroying other folks' lives? I don't think I will ever let loose of my disgust with such "modern views" of life.    From the other side, I have read some stories about how really horrible events ruined the lives of both victim and offender-as with Billy Harris & Larry Cahan on the check that killed Ben Masterson or even with Jack Hamilton's pitch that both ended Tony Conigliaro's career and ultimately, his life. Hamilton was never the same after that pitch and his career ended shortly thereafter. And I remain completely quizzical over the wayne maki/teddie green thing with swinging sticks that nearly killed ted green? All these years later, and the memory of said event never left me. In fact, it still scares the living daylights out of me.    I should probably find a small amount of solace in respecting these guys in/for their passion to play a game and to succeed and be relevant in their fields and trying to make a difference in their worlds? Yet I know I will never forget the victims and how readily they were forgotten and how their own times were cut so short. Thanks again...rl
Should just be the Matt Cooke highlight reel
Tod Bertuzzi should have been banned for this cheap shot.
What about the time Steve Yzerman took a shit at center ice when the plop dropped?
Wow, that is some atrocious behavior. Fuck the suspensions they should be kicked out of the nhl permanently.
it's not hard to believe it's been ten years. It is hard to believe that after listening to steve moore's whiney voice that he doesnt take it up the ass in his free time.
there was so much more respect in the old days... nowhere near as many cheap shots... and if you did deliver a cheap shot, you eventually had to face the other team's enforcer, one on one, like a man.. then the moronic instigator rule came in, and the cheap shots have steadily increased ever since... that's what the NHL gets trying to appease the whiners who want fighting out of the game
Moore dirty ass, glad he's out of the league
I know this is old but didn't raffi Torres get a 25 game suspension?
I'm a major hockey nut but this is absolutely disgusting.
He had it coming to him. Just like Lemiuex knew McCarty was going to kick his ass for that dirty ass hit on Draper.
Marty mcsorely is a loser. That's why he played for so many teams bc he's a asshole and nobody wanted him
these are all great men.
Idiots. Start wearing glass.
I never understood the suspension to Dale Hunter..A cheap shot?..yes...But 21 games?..Ridiculous.
I am a Caps fan, but I feel what Hunter did was disgusting. There is no need for that kind of antic, even if the Caps were eliminated from the playoffs. Hunter clocked Turgeon, who never saw it coming, into the boards, probably with intent to hurt. Not only was it classless, since Turgeon's goal sealed the Caps' exit, it was dangerous and could have potentially ended Turgeon's career. I think that action warrants the 21 game suspension on our "captain".
Boston even played dirty back years ago
I think any player that injures another due to negligence on the offending player's part should be required to pay half of their salary to the injured player until that player is back to play.  Some argue they should be suspended, but at least this way their is continued income for the injured player, and also motivation for the aggressor to continue to make money for the injured player.
+Hommet Marain Both Moore's and Bertuzzi's actions are shameful but lets be honest here, what really injured more was the 4 guys dogpiling ontop of him not the sucker punch.
I understand that, the weird thing in there is how a professional athlete could drop down like a sac of potatoes (Bertuzzi), did he tought Moore wanted a piggy back ride ?
i got hit behind and hit face first in to the boards and i hit the kid 2 times in a row and i got a peanlty for 2 mins
half of them were from the avalanche lol, good thing marijuana is legal down there now!
FUCK THE NHL. If this shit was allowed in the NFL there'd be deaths all the time
It's not allowed, which is why they were suspended you fucking idiot.
Go troll somewhere else. NFL has nothing compared to hockey. If these incidents took place in the NFL, no one would be hurt because they play on grass, with larger helmets, and no weapons of any kind (like a stick). Fuck off with your high and mighty NFL bullshit.
this is all B.S i love hockey but wtf 
Dino Ciccarelli hitting the Leafs player in the helmet 2 times with his stick was unnesissary. 1 day in jail for doing that. I can understand the cause though.
This is the kinda stupid shit that will eventually lead to fights no longer being allowed in hockey.
like how bertuzzi talked about mcsorley and how nasty that was..
People call Cooke dirty. Look at all of these hits!
It's because he has leg checked every player in the NHL.
Its the fucking playoffs no shit it gets crazy everyone wants the cup but one gets it.
Don't Forget The Aaron Rome Bull Shit On Nathan Horton
BERTUZZI was pertacting his team
He wasn't defending his team Bertuzzi tried to start a fight with Moore and since he didn't want to fight Bertuzzi sucker punched, which ended Moore's career (not wanting to start an argument, just pointing out)
+DarkDragonz913 that being said, he should not go after star forwards. Moore has been known to do that, if he would have taken the bait he would still have played. Just a fight and then that would be it, but he did puss out in the end. It built up, sadly this happened.
Suspended, suspended and suspended. Stop suspending players for shit like this and give them life time bans from all leagues instead. Outside the rink they would've gotten months and even years in jail for doing the same thing. Talking about the players hitting others in the head with their sticks. Stupid.
when they get suspended they don't get paid got it
Why the hell are they cheap shooting each other? Put them in a fucking ring then you would find out the the person that gets knocked put in the videos will win against the other person who knocked them out as they are scared and thats why people do cheap shots.
Deliberate hit with a stick should be a lifetime ban. I don't understand any argument against this.
this is some funny shit XD
honestly, if you hit my team mate with bullshit like this.. i'm coming at you with whatever i'm holding
How about the Irony of Todd Bertuzzi criticizing McSorely for his cheapshot of Brashier. 
lol like Buttoozzi can speak in defense of Brashear's fall.  He is the ultimate cheap shot.
+Nathan Mantle I don't see it as meant to be simple shot, to me it looked a crazed man that lost his head and wanted to HURT somebody badly, yeah I doubt he wanted to almost kill the guy but fact is his actions caused Moore to be so severely injured that he couldn't ever play again and couldn't even resume a completely normal life since, plus Todd showed no remorse at the time and his apology came over forced and more of a " I feel sorry for myself" type of address, he should NOT be in the league today, it's ridiculous, Yeah Moore cheapshoted Naslund, that's no excuse for what Todd did to Moore and I think it's disgusting that most Canuck fans to this day say Moore deserved that and Todd was right and it was clean, fucking ridiculous, he get's to still live his dream and get paid while Steve Moore's dream is over.
+Winter Man I appreciate hearing that from someone other than myself.  I agree that Bertuzzi did not seem very honest or sincere in his "apology". Honestly, I have seen the hit on Naslund and I never understood why he got hurt.  It never looked that bad.  Still it should never have happened.  Two wrongs do not make a right. 
They should add Shawn Thornton in here
+bigbadbruins1 Yeah, OrPRICK...there's another piece of sh*t. A glass jaw and he always on coke or something...look at his f*ckin' eyes...scary!!!
Chelios's elbow to Brian Prop should be here. 
there is no need for thst
The irony in the last clip though
Some pretty sickening acts.  Be a man and drop the gloves.  Too bad most of those are from guys that normally would drop em with anyone.
2:30 yah it's disgusting but when you hit Steve moore
somebody should have sliced Bertuzzi's throat with a skate
Didnt you kno that nhl is show... troolololo
they didn't call Tie Domi "Tie Dummy" for nothing,the only thing he did dumber was getting caught by a photographer with another woman as he cheated on his wife.
I say all the players should just wear a tutu and go out dance, that way everyone wins.
Loved seeing Brashear go down like a sack of potatoes.
+Winter Man He was nothing but a fucking joke. His career was centered around diving and fighting those smaller and weaker than him as well as giving out cheap shots. He's a joke, just like your comment, so go fuck yourself you ugly motherfucker :).
+FaithlessCanadian13 Actually Brashear fought guys his own size too, and it isn't like he attacked small guys, those irritants like Barnaby and others would fuck with him and trash talk him and he'd fuck them up to put them in their place, nothings wrong with that, he also could dish in offensively here and their, since he did have 3 seasons with 25,28 and 32 points respectively so while he was an goon and fighter, he also could produce and do other things like get in on the forecheck and skate decent for his size, so that is why I think he was awesome, as a young flyers fan back in the day he was a good Flyers type 4th liner.
LOL what a shit sport.
the irony behind bertuzzi's last comment. what a prick.
Fucking hate this game... my team was super aggressive in hockey trainings and never passed to me. Assholes.
somebody will get killed. somebody's brother, father or son. and dead is forever.
there are some hockey deaths already
FUCK YOU Claude Lemieux. Fuckin faggoty pest
Bertuzzi's still dirty to this day.
it's not hockey unless ur on skates road hockey's nothing like actual hockey lol
Invented Hockey? Doubt it. Canada is a gay ass, cold as fuck place tho.
Im no expert but im pretty sure if u fucking swing someone in their face with there stick as hard as u can, totally on purpose its not fighting or dirty play its assault
my arms are the size of your body i love how you didnt reply to the actual message so i wouldnt get notified but instead posted my name in ur reply so i wouldnt seewhat u said...fight who jerk off his back was turned is that how u fight u sucker punch people in the back of the head n then they get up n beat ur little ass into the ground?
So ICE hockey was invented in Canada, if hockey is not played on ice, it is not ice hockey.
Whoever is dissing soccer, you're an idiot, I love both hockey and soccer. But to say soccer isnt a mans sport? That's ridiculous. Soccer need so much strength and thought into every single play and a pass and shot and touch on the ball. A keeper needs to know when to time his dive for a save, he needs to know when to come out and stop an opposing attacker and when not to
yea idk man, ppl are fucked lol, how could you not love hockey..? play 'til i die
Why the hell would that guy go to jail for wacking someone in the face twice??
Wow, ESPN used to cover hockey, eh?
Ray Allen scored 37 that night for the Super Sonics. Cool.
i highly doubt the incident from Bertuzzi was an actual purposeful situation. did he want to mess Moore up, yes, did he want to drill him face first into the ground and do the damage he did....i doubt it.
Fuckin tard you are jen 4451d .. Go watch your fuckin figure skating you fuckin dick head
Physical contact is a part of football, it's the ones that throws themselves to the ground and starts crying as soon as someone gives them a mean look that have ruined the game for me. Sure there are players who play fair but they are way too few, that's why I watch hockey. Hockey players won't start crying if someone looks mean at them, they will fight back.
It was invented in canada by british soldiers with too much time on their hands.
yeh tell that to jaap stam or roy keane you cunt.
cookes hit on savard was in 2010... this video was uploaded in 2006.. If the crew who compiled this tv spot had the ability to record events over 3 years in the future, im sure they would have included it.
What about the stars goalie in playoffs against devels
I find in interesting how everyone is connected .... illuminati?
Brendan,the refs, and all these bitchy old people saying that the game need more rules and there "0 tolerance" "laws" are completely ruining the game of hockey,there is no reason why the game should have changed after the lockout of 05,these motherfuckers are payed millions to go out there to play this rough sport,there is absoulutly no reason why it should take a fucking love tap to get a penalty now adays,this sport is not for pussys,if u dont like it,THEN FUCK OFF
Bertuzzi x Moore and McSorley x Brashear are definitely two poorest moments of the NHL. In top 10 I am missing Domi's skate kick and Chara x Pacioretty board-between-benches accident. Just remember - if you play with fire, you get burned...
Todd bertuzzi is a f*cking psycko
How in the hell can you break someone's neck with a punch to the head?? I don't think Bertuzzi would be capable of that. He didn't punch him hard enough for that. He broke his neck because of his fall. Blame Bertuzzi for accidentally falling on him, sure, but blame Moore's TEAMMATES for dogpiling on him and ending his career.
For idiots calling for jail time... Don't watch hockey or this video, hits and dirty plays happen and have happened since day one. Some to lesser degrees but when you fight you don't let up, swinging a stick, throwing a punch, boarding etc all can and eventually do lead to injuries. Quit being such pussies
i love football as i'm from england it's a religion here.
this sounded like a fucking conspiracy lol ' starts with bertuzzi, ends with bertuzzi'
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