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Anaheim Ballet Special Guest: Hope Boykin!

by AnaheimBallet • 77,937 views

Anaheim Ballet: More Than Dance... Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater member, Hope Boykin shares her thoughts and dancing. ballet...ballet...ballet...

She's so fluid. Beautiful.
How come everyone on these videos are so good at dancing... I must move to Anaheim!
I love Hope! I was lucky enough to take a master class from her focusing on the Horton technique. She's so motivational and such an inspiration to dancers everywhere<3
I love your videos but I miss the informative ones and they used to have more character too. Dont get me wrong, I love the messages in the videos but I miss some of the humor too, and the lack of consistancy in your posting... It used to be weekly. Now it is almost once or twice a month!
anyone notice this is the last ballet vid by Anaheim ballet with ages?.....Love her ! <3 =)
Hope's fluid movements are just breathtaking, and she expresses so much in her dance. Just stunning.
That was beautiful. Everything she said and every move she made. The chenes at the end especially.... soooo gorgeous!
Those chaines at the end were absolutely amazing! like "teach me your ways, yoda" amazing. so graceful.
you can tell this is her life<3 i think she is absolutely beautiful. Like other people said she is not a tiny dancer she is not tall. But she is beautiful and she expresses herself in a beautiful way. Inspirational:)
0:56 Woah O.O Just wow. There's so much energy throughout the whole video! This is amazing! Perfect! OMG I want my dancing to look just like this! <3
never stated otherwise, but it's quite clear to me that this woman shows much more than technique
Her dancing is just so smooth and graceful... It's beautiful.
Dance isn't about about all abaout perfect technique and physicality but I wouldnt pay my money to see someone dance like that, looking like that. its the 21st century
what is the music in the background?
1:35 Her chaines!!! LOVE THEM!!!
Amazing and beautiful! I love these and the channel !! :D
Her dancing shakes my soul...
Exactly what I think... I watched this and thought, this is what dancing is really about.
that hurts my feelings i have been studing ballet for years, and the dance she is doing is called MODERN dance, and I am studing classical ballet, modern is not ballet. and dont assume that i dont know enough about ballet, when you know nothing about me
amazing!!! really nice woman!!! she came to dance at my ballet studio!
BEAUTIFUL dancer and person! I love Alvin Ailey!! <3
@ballerinahoney the type of dance she's doing is contemporary.
if ballet wasnt classical ballet, they wouldnt call it classical BALLET!! I think that is kinda obvious..........
The way she talks and the way she dances... so elegant :O
1:36 "They could see something beyond the thing that didn't work for them. They could see what could work" We spend so much time looking at what makes us less worthy. This video reminded me to remember what makes me special. Thanks <3
The shapes she creates are simply incredible. She really paints a picture across the floor with her movement, I've never seen anything quite like it! A true artist!
Despite her technique being more modern, it couldn't have been any more beautiful. She screams femininity despite her masculine-esque appearance.
There's something about her eyes when she dances! So much expression!!
I am startig POINTE soon, does anybody have any tips?
I'd love to be a flexible dancer. I also want to start ballet. Starting tomorrow i'm going to stretch everyday. I've got a dance workshop coming up soon so i'll be able to try ballet.
you can't help but love this woman
O come si scrive... Hahahaha
She trained at my dance studio, Jeannette Neill's Boston Youth Moves, and so did Kirven Boyd (also in Ailey)! She is a gorgeous gorgeous dancer and an awesome person. <3
Please check out my channel! I really want advice on my ballet work!
I love seeing a video of a dance who isn't en pointe the entire time.
I love Hope! Took her class and she was nothing but amazing. MUAH! Much love and light to her.
you have to work at takes time but if you do stretches everyday more and more you will see the difference
oh well yes :) I was only observing that she is able to dance, somebody did not even accept it as ballet... and it is just there to be seen that she represents the concept of what dance is
omg this woman is so beautiful, and her skin just GLOWS...what an inspiration
She's gorgeous. Especially her definition of an artist. I couldn't agree more. <3
I look just like her. :) We both black women with short hair. <3 Such in inspiration.
1:33 - 1:40 omg! She's gorgeous <3
her spins are really good. But.......
i would LOVE to see her perform live! her passion must be incredibly moving to see on stage.
wow, this is beauty! she is a beautiful person inside and out and she has beautiful artistry when she dances! everything she said was so inspiring, i felt like she was reading poetry!
Excellent, real expression dancing that doesn't rely on physical tricks. Great to see videos included here without sticks.
Lovely background music! Just really complemented the rest of the video :D
Well, maybe not but it requires a quite similar technique.
oh my gosh. She's amazing! I couldn't stop watching her!
gosh she's beutiful 1:32 ♥♥♥
she dances with the Alvin Ailey Company in NY which is modern (Horton based)
Sooooo good!!!!!!! The video footage you guys get it awesome too!!
Omg! Her grace, her moves, simply beautiful!
So expressive, so much passion. Totally riveted. I'd swim to the USA to see her dance!
wow, she is a great dancer!!! :)
Love you! Upload more dancer profiles please?! :DD
I like that she isn't anorexic thin!! ;)
I am 16 and I am working towards my advanced 2 exam in the fall, but my big toenails have gone through a long process of bruising, cracking and now completely falling off. My ballet teacher told me to get acryllic fill on them, so I did. They do feel better but it is still very painful, which is odd for me because I dont normally have any problems on pointe. What do you guys suggest?
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