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BBQ Pie - Epic Meal Time

by Epic Meal Time • 4,714,451 views

LIKE/FAV!!! EpicMealTime makes a pie filled with an assortment of different meats. Turkey, sausage, ham, steaks, and, of course, bacon, are the ingredients in this next-level pastry. Have your own...

I have a message and it's going to be very forward. Do not be offended, rather view it solely as information. By 2050 our oceans will be dead from the 100 + billion animals each year we harvest out of the ocean. The dead zones we've created in the ocean of hypoxia are killing all marine wildlife. We are witnessing a major extinction of the ocean life and it will ripple around the world and not in a good way. The vegan fucking cows are the oceans biggest predators with 90% of small fish are made into pellets for them. This is utter madness and if you all want a planet to live on and for mankind and future generations we are reaching that critical point NOW. If we don't do something dramatically we won't be around much longer. If everyone in the world ate a western diet we would need 2 planets to sustain us and the one we have....well she is dying. The right to destroy the planet is not a choice anymore. We DON'T NEED meat (and please no arguments about this, there wouldn't be numerous vegan doctors, athletes and millions of people) and we are killing ourselves to please our tongue. NOT WISE. The pollution from factory farming exceeds all worldly transportation. Are we willing to trade all life on the planet, even our own, for fucking taste buds? Are you all kidding me?  And im being mean? Your forks and knifes are the new weapons of mass destruction. WAKE THE FUCK UP. I'm offering the solution. It is a much less violent one and a much much cleaner one and a waaay healthier one. This is our home we only have one and there are other nations of beings on it. Let's respect them and be the caretakers of the earth, not it's destroyers. Vegan. (Not a popular idea I know but its because im in the 1600's telling people slavery is bad kinda thing)
Nice job spamming this retarded PETA rant. Go hate on Seaworld or something
+Absolutum What a load of bullshit LOL 
3:33 my man's tittys though
This is food porn
/\__    __/\  == VV==
The kids in Africa could have ate that
get some juicy bacon
i went from full on beard vids no almost no beard vids. this is strange.
I wish my family did this for barbecues.
how have your livers not disinigrated yet
Was that meghan mcarthy 😱or My head
They are all that is man and the chick with the glasses.....buddy yeah buddy!...and the cumshot......cold name for a drink and her face priceless! !!
you will all die from heart attack
Well Done Captain Obvious
i think i will need an entire class of student to finish that big ass pie
Theodore Goss Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Check out this video on YouTube:cgffffr
I want a relationship like that...
Those bacon strips were not cooked by sand people. Only the EMT could be so accurate....
It's really fun to watch this when your allready hungry
I hate this show... It always makes me hungry and my mouth water... 😭😭😭😭 Why am i not born in Canada or USA?
Because you were not born in the US or Canada... - Captain Obvious
GrizzlyGrillers Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
i get hungry watching this...
Keep your man beard long
Freeway to heaven: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved - Acts 16:31. Jesus died for our sins. He was buried and rose again. Everyone that simply believes on Jesus Christ will have eternal life in Heaven.
older religions tell of similar stories.
xD my 21 yr old cousin made this at a party :3
i feel in love to the girl on glasses!! i fucking love her.. marry me girl on glasses!!
If pigs ever go extinct could you imagine what people would do if they found these videos?
Jack off to the bacon?
What is round 3? a rocket launcher filled with JD?
390 pounds XD omg lmaoo
this is a girl. do you do this every week or mounth ?
OH MY!!!! Somebody gonna Die!!
They should send these food to Africa
+Katrina Kong They donate food and also give sick kids ps4s.
You should cook in my school mensa.
im wondering how many times theyve bitten their fingers or if they are just so good at eating that they never do anymore.
Thats actually a really good question
Where do.u get these women
dont the people who you buy all this bacon from suspect something
As long as they earn money, they wouldn't really give a shit
if it hasn't already this should be on food network.
These guys are the best
more must eat bacon meat chicken awesomeness
lmao the tusken raider at the end. 
that hot girls booooommmmm
From this video MusclesGlasses won't return :'(
Only in North America.
lol damn alcohol weapon   :D
Without hes beard , he doesn't look anymore like that guy from hangover xD
i want hat pie nowwwwwwwww!
crazy alcohol rainbow shot hehe
FUUUCCKKK, thats grosse, me likey :D
i am going to have a bbq with my class. I am going to make this for them. >:)
teachin' girls how to be hardcore, Epic Meal Time is the best!!
Who wouldn't want to eat this !!!
god damit im fuckin hungry now
That is why they call United state fat!!!!
Rey Mysterio on right 0:3
wheres the epic restaurant at i got a beard and im hungry for meats!! damn fool
OMG Prince Atari @ 3:45 is the best :)
I like the song at the end IT'S EPIC MEAL TIME!!
food beer woman hell yea 
the women eat it better
That gurl at the end gave me an orgasm
I would not eat that for a Million Dollars
OMG they look sooo different!
Ben you look like your'e ten.. Stay in school and eat an apple
All that beaconnnn.mjam👄
Derpy Birds Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
don't take a shot of bacon greesss mind the spelling'
A bear could survive winter with that pie alone.
Vegetarians should watch these it might give them a labotamy and they'll crave for meat. yes I said that
there's something disturbingly attractive about hot girls pigging out
Vegetarians should watch these it might give them a labotamy and they'll crave for meat. yes I said that
Zoraida Crespo Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
 BBQ Pie - Epic Meal Time                BBQ Pie - Epic Meal Time    
Why don't you feed homeless people instead of being idiotic wasteful dumbass america in a video drunken wasteful pricks who think their comical
The majestic beard is gone, does that mean Harley has lost his epicness?
Harley, where is your beard?
Stuffing my face with greasy fatty meat all together in a fine golden pastry wouldnt mind joinin their crew
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