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Prototype 2's Alex Mercer or James Heller

by Machinima • 131,600 views Click here to watch Versus: Valve's Portal Gun or Gravity Gun! Versus: Prototype 2's Alex Mercer or James Heller S03E17 This week on Versus, Steve and...

James Heller, he's a honorable man, he fights with no fear, and cares for his family, my type of hero. Alex Mercer has completely lost his mind probably due to the virus affecting him I'm not sure though think there was a comic on it. The reason Heller won was due on his genetic makeup, it is superior to Alex's',thus making Alex invalid during a fight, also Mercer is indeed stronger his powers are molded for him to be more of a brute whilst Alex is built to be more agile. ALSO James does have armor if you count his dlc skin and power changes
The funny thing is Mercer could have just been smart, extracted some of Heller's daughter's blood before he arrived, duplicate the immunities add it to a woman of the same blood type and make HER the queen of the new world rather than pissing off a Marine with EPIC adaptative abilities. Should've gave Heller his daughter Mercer... The guy just wanted to get her and go.
Well,let me see. Alex Mercer has been infected with the Strain DX-1118,he died while trying to inject in himself,but came back. Mercer has superhuman strength(can lift like 1 ton) ,superhuman speed,durablity,reflexes and Superhuman Agility.  other powers he has is Shapeshifting,which means he can form his biomass into organic weapons. He also has endurance/Healing factor. Alex can also use a Disguise,which basically means he takes the forms of the human he has absorbed/consumed. He gains their memories,skills,clothing etc. Alex has superhuman sense.  James Heller has been infected with the strain DX-1118,he is alive which probably means his powers are a bit raw.  James heller does not have much of the powers Alex Mercer has. He does not have: Armor,Infection Vision,thermal vision,and musclemass. He possesses some powers Alex has.  Who wins? Your guess.
My question is why didnt the developers just make Heller and Mercer partners. Like Cheif and Arbiter or the GTA 5 characters.That would have been awesome especially if you could switch between them.
that would've been awesome
Nous. Namus your right first game he got back by consuming a bird bcuz of a little piece of his blood and can consume again to build itself
James Heller Suck's and they ruin the Prototype series :((((((
Most people say james is better because he is trained and has had experience shooting and everything. But technically when alex consumes soldiers his body takes in everything of the soldier such as his memories and stuff. Personally alex is way better..... dont u guys see (whoever likes james better) Alex was the one who started with the virus. Before he infected james he would have already had enough time to master his powers..
Alex started it, James will perfect it. Alex had TWO YEARS to get powerful and James kills him at the end of 2.
Mercer is cooler and interesting Heller is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING
Mercer is faster, stronger, more agile, experienced, and developed. Mercer wins.
Alex mercer is the best :D
james kill and eat up alex at the end
+Jason stephen After james take he's hand and drop them of the building the hands ware consuming something and alex get back
Alex was the very first to carry the virus.... this means that he would have got the most out of it. Alex could have won the battle but he probably lost some of his everything: agility, strengh, and other things. He most likely lost some of this whilst giving james the virus.
plus alex is dead james kill him then eat him
Alex mercer is better because can't die he can actually come back to life. Sure heller killed him but in prototype he said anyone who consumes me im them you know the person who consumes Alex mercer re so that means heller is now Alex mercer or Alex mercer is still in Hellers body.
Alex Mercer is way better , so what that heller killed him , Mercer gave him the blacklight , and mercer a.k.a patient zero is more bad ass. I did love prototype 2 a lot but let's be honest prototype 1 is better , killing Alex Mercer was heartbreaking
What if mercer was not the bad guy in the second game maybe?
Its was 10 times better if alex was good and Heller dosent exist
+Nous Nameus You mean would have been? There never "was" an event in two that Mercer was the good guy, hell he never really showed much heroism in the first game either, however the comics do show him trying to give humanity a chance.
those who say alex is better are just blinded by a sense of "nostalgia"
james heller stronger then Alex Mercer he could not eat james heller
+Sam 147 Let's see emo... Marine.... Emo makes a lot of infected. Marine devours them. Marine is also bulletproof and gets abilities Alex doesn't have either which means each case is special. There is no way after the ending of 2 can Alex beat Heller who was already resilient prior to the battle.
Alex Mercer try to eat james and he could not plus alex is dead james kill and eat him up
Alex Mercer, he can control the virus, and he could make an army of jerks like heller, that could be start of P3 :D heler did not killed Alex but just someone else with virus with Alex's outfit
You can't deny James because he kicked Alex's Ass
Alex could have survived
Alex consume james thats why they have powers alex died in prototype 2 because you are the player if the figth is movie alex mercer will winnnnnnn
Heller because at the end of prototype 2 he kicked mercers rear end and riped both of his arms off.
Alex Mercer IS the Blacklight virus. Heller is infected with it, but he's still a human. Plus, Mercer consumed WAY more Blackwatch members than Heller. Mercer has their memories, and in turn, has their military training. Heller only kills Alex, because YOU (the player) control him. If prototype was a movie, Mercer would win in a match against Heller.
james kill and eat  up alex at the end
...I know,,,,I said it in the comment you replied to.
Because alex is the first prototype alex eat james thats why james have powers
he did not eat him he clow him then gave him powers plus alex try to eat james but could not
oh yeah good thinking bud but mercer ks a really bad guy
Wouldn't heller's combat experience mean nothing since mercer had already consumed thousands of military personnel, and gained their experience and training
heller is ok but i like mercer more hey creators of prototype no ofensse
Alex cause he is fucking awesome and heller is a pansy ass bitch
Dont worry alex fans just do what do pretend prototype 2 never happened.
Exactly what i did chaz
Alex can consume military soldiers, and would know their ability, like he also train for the military
People and worries you then what Мерсера had many capabilities . For example he had muscular mass he stronger than Хеллера far but why he was weak so, Хеллера had preparation I understand but Alex oftentimes tore such and remember Elisabeth Грин in what she transformed and why...
Heller is definately stronger then Alex there is no denying that. However keep in mind Heller wouldent have achived that status, if it wernt for Alex's ministrations. Aside from the facts and going on to opinion. I just enjoy Alex's personality more; chaotic neutral FTW...and hes hot so there's that to. ^-^
Heller pwns Alex. He can pwn him, so he pwns him.
James heller all his powers are 10 times stronger then Alex that and he all so killed Mercer in the prototype 2 game that and he powers was all so a bell to be upgraded Alex no as cool as Alex was I am going with heller
hellers powers are stronger because activison wants to make the game bigger, but for me it is ridicuolous, so for me it is not just Alex>Heller, but Prototype1>Prototype 2 Alex has charisma and he is not wannabe badass like heller. Heller is all the time just yelling swears like 10 years old CoD kid.
+Cailean ShadowBrain A wannabe badass?! Mercer was a scientist before he became the virus. Heller was serving his country overseas! Really who was the wannabe badass here? The Marine who just wanted to come home after the shit he has been through or the annoyingly redundant sociopathic emo shit that comes up VERY commonly now in video games. Heller is by far a more appealing character in my opinion but most certainly a BADASS.
I like alex mercer but I don't like heller
idk y people hate on heller. he's badass. my vote goes to him.
heller is living hell  alex is living poop :P
Alex Mercer for sure, James Heller was just some boring pissed off guy whos vocabulary was limited to that of Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman.
Alex is stronger heller is smarter
Heller had trouble using a computer... Alex should of been more powerful and is way smarter but for the sake of the plot. He loses, typical bad guy loses good guy wins and saves the world blah blah. 
I have to go with Alex he has more skills and powers but heller cool too, in the game we seem them fight n even tho we played on insane difficulty I wonder why Alex only use a quarter of his abilities
James heller. :)
alex wins beacuse of that super cool jacket
Heller wins, heller consumes Alex at the end of the final fight.
Alex didn't even use all of his abilities muscle mass? armor? shield? devastator?  HE wasn't weaker then heller physically or mentally because he's consumed thousands of military people and scientist
I think Heller is better
I vote Mercer of played both prototype games and the first one is my favorite Alex is the original and will always be
I still like Alex Mercer better
The people voted for james heller, 75% of them, did not used to play prototype 2
Its been 4 months bro , but yeah it is
And its not a clone its all of his parts coming back together to form him again
Alex died in Prototype.  More like Zeus  vs Heller
You guys are forgetting James killed Alex in prototype 2
We all know that Mercer is cooler, its like Ezio vs Connor, Heller may be stronger, but Mercer is cooler, plus the difference is, is that Mercer is not "Mercer," he is the virus itself, not a guy who got infected, of course all the cod fans prefer Mercer because he is a military man, and more deserving, come on, he sounded like the stereotypical movie bad guy that always talks shit about the underdog. 
Both are the best😈
Does anybody know how to get james heller military outfit and use it in free run
Alex mercer he only wins in the game is cause he has to thats the story alex would kick james ass
Alex way better, because he is literally the father of Heller, meaning his powers would be more powerful :)
every one love healer is shit ! because he dont know nothing  why he is nothing  because he never played [prototype] and Just SHUT UPAnd play or see the (story) of "Alex Mercere" ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮
ALEX WINS because he is the virus and has more piwers then james
well james kills alex in the end so... james wins
Bullshit Alex is waaay stronger, faster, more powerful than Heller as he is the virus and he has his superpowers way longer, more evolved, adapted to his powers than Heller he practicaly infected Heller so doesn't seem logical that he is weaker than Heller. Plus he is way smarter than Heller cause Heller is a dumb fuck. True Heller has military training but Alex had the powers longer and that's way he's more experienced. I personally think our creators fucked up the ending and made it quite illogical. Hope they make a good choice for Prototype 3 by bringing Alex back
I completely agree with everything said about Heller.
I say Mercer for a few reasons. Heller got infected. So he can be manipulated. Mercer actually IS the virus. I dont even think he really died at the end of 2. And his armor ability would would protected him from almost any of Hellers attack if they had out that in the game. And even fully upgraded Heller Heller only control 4 beasts at a time. Mercer can not only control many MANY more, he can actually CREATE more if his minions get killed. MAYBE heller beat Mercer at the end of the second game. But thats how games are supposed to go. Bad guy loses. The end. Roll credits. But that just shouldnt have happened.
+Dayton Wright And James murdered Alex. What else you got?
+indigo1384 I already answered that in my original comment.
Alex Mercer looks way more badass. 
I like Alex Mercer because he kicks ass and also can turn other people into the evolved
James Heller is the best
I'd still pick Alex Mercer. One thing you don't realize is he becomes what he consumes. And he's absorbed hundreds of soldiers, elite guys, bosses.... They never did express him like James Heller so Military Training is already out of the question. Though James Heller may possess stronger power, Alex Mercer was much more smarter. AND, if it weren't for Mercer, James would be pwned at the very start, ten times over! And James Heller's outfit is slightly okay, but the pants is alittle too tight for a padded jacket like that.... and the hood was the worst feature....looked like he had a robocop helmet flipped off the back. They're both extremely good, military trained, and unlike Heller, Alex is a unique... Though it was messed up to see Alex having turned evil like that...but with all the evil men he consumed, I can't really blame him. In a sense, he was corrupted by his foes.
We'll James heller did kill Alex so
well heller was more skilled than mercer in fighting, if mercer was more skilled i believe he could beat james easily
I want a prototype 3 T_T i need to see alex mercer alive :( he cant die, the only who could have killed him is PARIAH, so, its imposible that an idiot like heller could have killed alex, omg
Chu bitch ass motherfucker, woooooooooo, who is the bitch now.
but alex has more training activision just screwed up
Heller heller heller fuck up mercer rip him to shreads
I think it will be a stale mate cas they both have equil power equil strangthe and equil speed
Oh and at the start before heller gets the virus everyone else got killed instantly from mercer heller could only evade him and you like mercers clotes not pow
james heller is better becuase he kills alex in the end
You mean the Tendril Devastator or the Spike Graveyard? Either way Codename: Pariah could easily defeat Alex Mercer.
mercer im loyal to mercer and prototype 1
But still.. Heller killed alex (hes a clone remember he copies everything strength, fashion, and techniques) and to make him better and even more of a killer and more ruthless.. He's evil
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