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Saints Row The Third Preview part one - Gameplay - Platform32

by Platform32 • 455,991 views

PART ONE OF THREE! Ian from Platform32 was recently invited to a press hands on with Saints Row the Third. THQ kindly let him record his gameplay and now he's gone done a commentary over the top of...

any1 elce think the news reporter on the radio sounds like that trisha takinowa from family guy?
SHIT GAME.................................
how perverted he put her as a 5 year old and gave her huge tits
Why is it that animated females in games always are made with tits that resemble what fake tits look like in real life? Really, there's no game I know of where tits look natural.
dang now i gotta go find fredx239s comment...
I saw Shrek with big tits. I couldn't resist...
i swear captin kurk fucked her...
@Zipoflame12 Yep, but one can like it because it's dumb.
Lol when I get this game I'm gonna make Oprah when I get this game.
A game made for 18's, Porn is rated 18, why no Full nudity then? Violence and torture A-Ok but nudity? Nude beaches, totally legal, Public Scenes of Graphic Violence (Be that acted or real) Illegal, WTF ESRB?
small to ridiculous big ass and tits
this game is fun, very fun XD,,
At 6:18 why is Fiona doing a kamehameha!!
she looks like muscule man's girlfriend
yh but someone has probably made a mod to change that
saints row is a parody of gta, now discussions stop.....there wouldnt be saints row without gta. Rockstar perfected open world sandbox games(GTA, RDR)
not gona lie.. I think them big tits look nasty, i like about 56 ;D
@albertini34 No, I'm quite sure that the fact that SR2 is infinitely better than this game makes it a disappointment, if you've played SR1 & 2 and you think this game is better than either you're an idiot especially SR2, this game is so fucking short and the characters suck, those are just 2 of the MANY major flaws this game has
@McLoven975 its supposed to be funny azz its not meant to be taken seriously
1:12 i just noticed that she has a penis O.o
@Xanaficated your not awkward, your weird..... :)
when i saw the green fat chick, i thought... DAMN.......... That bitch thick.
sieht aus wie hella von sinnen...
@GoodMilks1 Porn is boring. If you can have some extra goodness in a game, why not have it?
No he said 18+ so I just repeated it lol. I know that.
Still not as ugly as Nova's character...
@4STROKEwizz nope, between mission 1 and 2 you create your character which is very highly detailed, later on you can buy other clothes or go to the plastic surgery to change your character
whos going to run about the street green crashing into every thing you see not a good game
@dirrwen female boobs only affect males because they are always covered up and have been since Roman times, when women started wearing robes covering their breasts. Before then, everyone just covered the bottom.
Makes me want to actually buy the game
@guyboy625 nah them not showing girls nipples is sexism. take this case to the supreme court ASAP.
if any one wants to find fredx239's comment its on the 12th page :)
@mystech they showed boobs in the god of war games
i only clicked here because of the thumb nail LOL
@fredx239 If you want to look at boobs, watch porn - don't expect them in a game.
@big45don if you put on "cover your nips" and make them the color of your skin it looks like boobs :D
is that Trisha Takanowa from Family Guy on the news?
0:11 is what my sister got! she got that man
they get alot of there ideas from GTA that's why there games come out after the GTA games
@tinyicecube1 anytime you can say if you decide you dont want to play a guy any more and change it to a girl or just change some apreances of the one you already have
Okay U might think I'm awkward but I kindda think she's cute 0_o
my friends got saints row the third and said people can steal your car is that true
9:30 Haha that's totally asian reporter Trisha Takanawa from Family Guy :P
@fredx239 XD you have a funny point of view hahahaha
super uber porn star big or regular porn star big. yea REAL tough decision right there.
Ew lots of moles and stuff when the beginning happends i didnt mind you to mess with the customization breast
this game is such a disappointment
@Lorfmor Yeah,because the games that started it all had amazing graphics. :P
@GoodMilks1 he just says that the fact that you cant see them is stupid. he didnt said he wants to see tits. so you comment is stupid
Trisha Takanowa on family guy for the radio news? Thats on butt XD
@jdwizard99 What does that matter? What are you talking about. I'm wondering why you still have ads.
God it was so ugly my Internet crashed... I'm not even joking...
How do you uncensor the creator?
does anyone notice the map looks the same as the one in gt4
Looks great........althought the ai seemed slow at some points.
@fredx239 In this case the FCC has nothing to do with it, but rather the ESRB which is not a government agency, but a gaming industry body designed to rate games so that the government doesn't decide it's *their* job to rate video games. The end result is the same, of course, the industry self-sensors because if the ESRB gives them a rating of "AO" (adults only) their game basically won't be sold anywhere. Blame Shitty puritan moralism I guess, but the FCC has no sway here.
I got a arrow to the knee, Than I got an arrow to the knee
lets go smoke🚬🚬🚬 while these pieces of 💩💩 are looking fo us so we can🔫 em 👇
0:01 - i dont give a guck about ur name
SR1 great belivible story line BEST multiplayer. SR2 ok story line. kinda stupid characters. shit multiplayer. SR3 so unrealistic it isnt even fun anymore. jokes to much. story and gangs r a big joke. co-op only multipler. why do sequels just get more and more shit?
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