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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Drunk Burnie

by Rooster Teeth • 1,822,772 views

Like the animated adventure? Check out all of the Rooster Teeth Podcast here: Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #48 tells a tale of two Burnies. One sober, one drunk. Two men...

I like how drunk Burnie has a lamp shade on his head. In every drunk Burnie video...
+Cods Mercy Drunk Burnie lost his stuff so when Jack and Gus were looking for them that's when Burnie decided to don the lampshade as his eternal hat. And yet, it mysteriously disappears when drunk Burnie reverts back in to ordinary Burnie..... And then reappears when drunk Burnie's back again.... Huh... Magic is weird...
+Eirika sacredstones It's like the Gas Mask children from Dr. Who, mixed with an alcoholic version of the Hulk. 
I'm sorry I just could not stop laughing XD
Aw, look at Jack's little baby beard :3 
Holy shit! I pressed like and it changed from 12k to 13k! So fucking happy
I remember playing GTA with a drunk friend and when I mean drunk... He was slurring most of his words and couldn't drive... So he says hey... Ima go Rob a liquor store... He goes to a liquor store and robs it... But the funny thing is though... He was sitting there yelling at the guy in his own drunken language then I hear a loud thud... He had just passed out drunk and everyone heard him and the entire room erupted in laughter
You know you've have enough when you pass out in front of your TV while playing GTA. 10/10 would tell again.
I find this video shallow and pedantic. Also pretentious and cliche.
+marcmurray1 lol, look up the words if you're confused. 
So, Burnie is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde... where Burnie is the doctor and drunk Burnie is the monster.
 i can totally see burny as the guy who always invites people to barbe-ques
He actually is, too. Loves to have people over, loves to barbeque.
You've seen the one where Millie sees Burnie and is like all awkward and says "I can't go to a barbecue" because she only sees him when he invites Geoff's family xD
That comment is a month old. I'm pretty sure its been answered or forgotten.
STFU you faggot, you're just an internet nobody who doesn't have a chance with ANY girl.
@NinjaRed5000 go and watch of the TRG podcasts and you will know
I am definitely gonna hide things from myself if Im drunk. Ill have to wait at least 7 years for that to happen.
Sometimes being a total dick is a bigger reason to have no friends than trolling people ya' know.
No, you have no idea how wrong you are people have been doing things for the lol's way before the internet was born and the fact that you think that just because having a little harmless fun on the internet with people your never going to meet or because someone is not with the friends 24/7 they must not have any tells me one of two thinks either your twelve and have no idea how life works yet or you are the loner with no friends :)
I lost you after "rare" That's when it made no sense.
Neither of you are right. How are the trolls rare?
So they were looking for his keys to hide his keys again... what.
They all drink WAY too much, but that just makes them AWESOME!!!!
*facepalm* no they are just a company like machinima. Criken totalbiscuit and the yogscast are some of the others
You had me until you used the word faggot. =/ That destroys any credibility your comment had.
you lost me after troll nest wtf man really what the fuck
1:44 stop messing with my nipple.
0:22 burnie has an iphone 6 O.O
HAHAH I freakin want these guys lives XD
Lol I have no idea who this girl is, but with that description she probably exploits it too. Underage boys are easy to control.
What word? Pretentious? I'm not entirely sure what you mean.
i like how you have a troll face on your pic and your wrote this
This has nothing to do with you coment, but is your profile picture a baneling?
Guys don't marry girls due to their breast size. Also, there is nothing special about gamer girls. I am one, but there is nothing special about being one. Sure, there are more guys who play video games than girls but it is just something I like to do, no other reasons. I hope you either change your attitude against women or die alone.
thats wat i do when i get drunk & wasted dont want my stuff jacked
*Shut the fuck and go back to correcting people you fucking cop. u mad? *insert trollface.jpg*
I do that in my sleep... When I had a retainer I had to wear it at night and when I woke up one morning it was gone and everything in my room had been moved... That happened twice... There are two retainers hidden somewhere in my room. xXx
The Kia Game commercial is driving me nuts!
I keep telling myself to stop and do something else...
I know he is telling the truth, but the troll face in a hat makes me wary...Like some sort of meta-trolling...
I tend to become very docile when I'm drunk, hugging everyone, even complete strangers. I also dance in the road hoping someone would dance with me STREET RAVE
Dude you just fucking wrote a book about not getting sucked into the troll nest....
Fair enough, it's not for everyone. I guess the advantage of being sober is you can laugh at the stupid shit other people do, haha
Burnie is the most interesting person in the world.
Actually more like a O_- face with a tongue out
a youtuber that goes by the name of PresssHearttocontinue she is usually with the game station group of youtubers :)
I really don't understand why this is spam. The author is looking at both parties with no prejudice what-so-ever and giving reasonable output. Sure, its not relevant to the video, but he/she makes a good point.
no cause shes funny you shallow sexist faggot
Nah, I was just saying. Don't really know what you find funny, though. I was in the mood for feeding the troll :P
66 sober people got bottle-stabbed by drunk 'them'
Drunk Burnie is my favorite Burnie
Other than the looks thing, I agree with every thing.
who's dodger? and what does he or she have to do with this? not trying to be a douche here.
Sweet. Happy birthday to me... 😔 ( june 6)
Drunk Bernie all the time. RICL (Rolling in my chair laughing)
As a girl: fuck you. Fuck everything about you. Go die in a hole.
Trying to argue with neckbears is stupid, I agree with you but we are the minority
I am commenting a quote on the video even though everyone saw it
shut the fuck up and go back to correcting people you fucking cop
I think this person PressHeartToContinue <---- thats her channel
I love RT animated so much every single one I laugh so hard I can't breathe
Keep feeding the troll. Always works, I guarantee it.
Well doesn't this comment shout "HEY LOOK AT ME I'M A DEPRESSED FUCK WHO NEEDS ATTENTION." Sure you're a winner Charlie Sheen. I don't even know who Dodger is but she sounds cool. Thanks for giving her attention and promoting her. I'm going to go and check her out she sounds way cool...more than you'll ever be. :) Have a nice day.
I was just pointing out that there was like a 10 comment argument about the meaning of the pretentious.
I would love to watch a video of drunk burnie and drunk gavin trying to pull a prank on achivment hunter
Whats up with all the nissan commercials!!!
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