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Most Memorable Fight Scenes

by blooregard13 • 862,858 views

Clarion University Of Pennsylvania Anime Clube Presents The Best of Anime Awards Show 2009 Best Fight Scene ok, first off im not saying these are the best fight scenes ever. i know theyre not. but...

I find the lack of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann disturbing
luffy vs lucci .. this is what EPIC.
fucing thanx for that ppl still dont know that fight they need to check that fight amv
Le nom de la musique ?
the music ruined it all
Looping mortal combat music... woulda been fine for part of it.. but.. no... 
naruto combat fight skills are the best 
Makunouchi Ippo vs Sendo Takeshi  should be in that video ):  and it would be the winner
Poor choice of song thanks for video though.
Remove the stupid MC music and that video would be perfect
i love that fight luffy vs luccy
5hat one piece fight was really good
MDS Games Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
To be honest i was once a very huge bleach fan but to me they shouldve just ended the show after aizens arc and for some reason later after that i have lost a "little" interest. Naruto i would rank so and so. But i admit now i am a huge OP fan for some reason i dont know why the manga right now is extremely addicting like it really makes me wonder whats going to happen next and there are more amazing fight scenes with many favorite characters to choose from and the comedy of the show is funny to
not only the fight was epic but the part with boat tlaking to them at the end of that arc really made it something special
zoro vs kuma wasnt even a fight and gohan vs cell, gohan trashed cell
You are wrong ! You should have chosen Bleach Ichigo Vs Byakuya Naruto Lee Vs Garra For One Piece and Dragon Ball i agree
I disagree, the fight for one thing wasn't personal. Lucci was just a obstacle in the way of rescuing robin but he wasn't anyone who had a history with luffy or robin. Most of the things you mentioned relates to robins relationship with her crew and the government, lucci doesn't play a big role cause he's just a random new character. He literally could be anyone and wont effect the story in any way cause in the end was just following orders. The fight represented luffy vs the goverments power.
naruto ruined the whole thing
tell yourself what you want but luffys PWNAGE is most memmorable, thats what you calll beat the shitt from somebody
i'm a huge bleach fan but that fight was a real let down... for me anyway
Ichigo vs Grimjow was better, Ichigo didn't have to die to win
faltan un monton de peleas no salen de lo mismo pongan mas
that's how i feel about's epic.there's a war goin' on now and it's really awesome and extremly tense like it has never been before.i can't wait to see what happens next in the manga
I can't believe that guy Luffy is fighting is Lucci. THAT IS INSANE!!!!! I'm at the volume where they first reach Water Seven and meet Franky!! I definitely have something to look forward to!
lol that fight is way too overrated, luffy is fighting because he wants to free and friend of his who is going to die in order to save her nakama, the team attacks a navy HQ that has never been attacked and declares war to the navy in order to rescue Robin, she now feels accepted and for the first time cries for her life lol, and the fight itself is way better than naruto vs sasuke
well one piece is lame, and compared to actual good stuff, bleach does suck. but naruto is not for kids.
all the fights in the last few episodes of the last airbender
Is it just me or did that kind of sound like "I have no idea how powerful this nakama power can be 'cause I don't have friends"?
what are some examples of "actual good stuff" ill want to try them
why you no put Gurren Lagann fight scenes
There's probably a reason why One Piece will run about 1000 episodes. It's a good show. Although, I do agree, Bleach sucks, but mainly just cause it's so much filler. It had some great fight scenes tho. And as for "Naruto is for kids", I was saying that in a sarcastic tone because that is a common thing for trolls to say.
plz take out the stupid Mortal Kombat music & just leave the original audio
You're probably right. When anime has nothing good in it you just show some boobs and kids and people with no social life are hipnotized to watch those anime.
probably not, since a lot of idiots get their panties in a wad when someone expresses their opinion.
Where is Raoh vs Kenshiro? or Dio vs Jotaro?
I'm a One Piece fan and I personally think Ichigo vs. Byakuya was the best lol.
Mortal Kombat music on top of bleach.....lovely
Soul Eater doesn't really have much epic 1v1's... Except Shinigami vs Asura, but those were too short. Black Star vs Mifune would be decent.
Is it me or does luffy kind of look like a hawk when he gets serious i mean his facial features.
dragon ball shoud be number 4 ,one piece number 3 ,bleach 2 and naruto number 1 and thre real memoral battle in bleach is ichigo vs ulquiorra and ichigo vs aizen
Have you actually gave it a chance? I thought it was childish and stupid until i got about 227 episodes in. Its decent before that but at 227 and everything after its amazing.
the only ones i drop are the ones that drag on and are destroyed by fillers. i liked black rock shooter though. in my opinion, friendship is a good theme and sends a great message. that is something that i like about fairy tail and one piece.
Rock Lee vs Gaara was pretty memorable =P or atleast the most for me in Naruto
Why isn't there any of the yoshiwara fights from gintama ? they were pretty memorable and aired in 2009
Ofcourse one piece will have the top. "Most emotional fight in Anime history", not talking about this video because it's outdated but the Anime fans. There are much more emotional fights than that, Magi for instance, when Alibaba fought and killed his own best friend and they really delve deep into the unfortunate events that led up to that fight which really is heart wrenching.
Tell me one scene in that fight where luffy said anything about nakama power. The only thing he said was tht: 'i know they will be alright',he didnt say like:'My nakama's power is coursing trough my veins' or anything like that.
actually the music quite fits most of the battles
It's at a tie with my other favorite, Rock Lee / Gaara vs Kimimaro :D
i second this, definitely one of the best ones, that and the lee vs kimimaru one would also be on the top for me.
i think the best fight in naruto is jiraiya vs pain
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Luffy vs Lucci emotionally that fight will top everything
Grammatical mistake. Luffy vs Lucci was the Best. The Fight was in Past.
Luffy Vs. Garp to me has tons of emotion and I love it. Just my opinion.
cuz the guy that made this likes it the most O.o
And another annoying thing I don't like at one piece ( and I saw the same problem at DragonBall Z and at most of the animes I watched ) is that luffy is one level better than the others from his crew. Maybe in the 80's and 90's it was interesting but today it will be better if all the character would be really strong in their own way so when they defeat someone the would do it as a team. The way One Piece is now makes Zorro and the other Straw Hats look very weak.
That's a fight that's been building ever since the beginning, he was both Naruto's best friend and rival whom they been through much together. Sasuke was walking down the wrong path and it was up to Naruto to try to stop him even by force. It's literally a fight that was a turning point in the series and forever changed naruto. On a story perspective it's more emotional and personal then luffy vs lucci. Lucci was just a government worker in his way. Also on the fight itself is much better imo.
All scenes from the big 4...............Do you even watch anime?
The fight in Dragon Ball Z got really boring and the winner was only the one who had bigger muscles. At the end of Dragon Ball Z I was too bored to start watch Dragon Ball GT. Another think I hated at Dragon Ball was that they allways changed the main character after Goku. You get attached by a character and you wake up in the next arc that he becomes a wimp and other stronger characters get to be the main warriors with Goku.
damnit, why one piece... I think i'm one of the only people who hates that stupid show.
Pero la de pain con naruto fue mejor y ni siquiera es la mejor de naruto.
goku vs freiza the fight of history
naruto vs sasuke winner? gtfo luffy vs lucci best fight ever!
de bleach la mejor pelea es ichigo vs ulquiorra
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