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The Town: Florist Scene

by Stephen Parkinson • 270,356 views

The Town: Florist Scene tlethwaite play out one of the best scenes in the movie 'The Town'. [url=]electronic cigarette reviews[/url]

Anybody else thinks that Pete Postlethwaite got overlooked for an academy award nomination?
Yes, he was a terrific actor!
Fucking love this scene
Postlethwaite was so cool in this.He was a real touch of class 👌
In this scene, Bruce Wayne confronts Falcone!!!
Thanks for adding this clip to the youtube lineup. Hopefully it will make those who haven't seen this film take a chance on it. Some films just grab you. And you're not sure if that's ok or not. This is one of those films. This is the second of three scenes in the florist shop in the film. (The third scene in the florist shop is stuff of screen legends.) And it echoes the greatest moments in film crime drama of some guy getting squeezed by somebody with hands dirtier than his will ever be. Get your friends and even that special lady in your life to watch 'The Town' with you when your time is not compromised with daily obligations and then bookend 'The Town' with Michael Mann's 1981 film 'Thief' with James Caan and Martin Scorsese's 2006 film 'The Departed'
Ben Affleck has come a long way. He is a great director and acting has gotten a whole lot better since the days of Daredevil. The Town is one my favorite movies with a strong cast. Ben did a great job directing this movie and the acting was great.  actually think he is going to surprise the nay sayers and do real well as Batman. Looking forward to the Dawn of Justice.
Just like the florist scene in The Room!
Scary evil old bastard. Belfast accent such a good one for intimidation.
your a old man with a fucked up face lol.
"dirty beaner" Lol! Good one.
The fucking preview with...Jennifer Lopez ruined everything
I think Affleck should have told him, "I'M BATMAN"
In the yaad naat too faa from the Caa
This scene right here shows that true gangsters are the Irishmen. Irishmen don't make threats out of the blue, they wait for you to fuck up because they know you're not holding all the cards.
Joe Flipperhead ahahhaha
I thought his parents were killed in a back alley after walking out of a theatre
the older cunts who have survived that kind of shit have many friends who will do the dirty work for them so the scene made no sense with afflecks character acting like a 12 year old.
2:04 what does he say after "hung herself with a wire"? he's talking about where she did it, sounds like a street or something. i'm from boston so im interested if they used an actual street or location 
Ye she hung herself melnar street r something can't understand the nordies I'm a dubliner all the way from Dublin lol
Melnea Cas, important street in boston if you ever go
He must be seething with rage and hatred in this scene. If it wasn't for the gun, he would murdered that old fucker
okay, let me ask you something, who the fuck do you think you are!? only guy in Charlestown with a gun?, you guys run numbers and pump dope, your an old with a fucked up face who don't know his glory as its behind him i ain't fuckin' working you for ya, got it?! if you have a problem with that i live at 551 bunker hill street stop by anytime, you know where to find me.
I think he said "who don't know his glory days are behind him". Can't blame you for misunderstanding though, that Boston accent is fake as shit.
yeah I mistyped I know he says that.. ur right
Lol im from Boston thats just how we talk aaa
I wanted to see some violence... wasted 3 minutes of my time on this crap... I'm done with talking I want some action!
You are aware that Ben Affleck's character kills this man in the end right?
No, I wanted to see a cool clip with him at least busting up the other guy.
In 2015,We will see Affleck as superhero!!
Affleck was a BOSS in this film. Who the fuck says he can't be Batman.
funny that in the Scene right before this, Ben uses the same line "let me ask you something, who the fuck do you think u are?" lol good movie tho
Why did these fuckers even deal with the florist? I know he's old school but come on, didn't look to me like he had much muscle, aside from that fat dude that put a flower reef on his girlfriends house. Please.
+Stompulator44 Moron, I can see you're not from the streets nor have any connections by that comment. You look at Florist and see an old man, I see a true Irish gangster that will fuck you up with just one word. These kind of guys don't need muscle when they've got connections out of the ass.
The flower shop is called a  "front"
You're an old guy with a fucked-up face who don't know that his glory years are behind him. Real talk, right there.
Can't wait for Affleck to direct a Batman movie dealing with mob bosses and criminals and the like!
He had connections and info for the next robbery., and as far as I know information is the most important thing
LOL i know the florist bodyguard in real life....
"you're gonna do what i ask" frikking scary
Actually, theres several differen't accents. Depending on what part of the city your from. Charlestown, Dorchester, Southie, the North Shore... usually takes a native to recognize the differences. Most out of staters think we all sound like the Kennedy's.
Kilts are from Scotland and Leprachuns are from Ireland
He got her addicted to drugs and she eventually killed herself.
I would've come by the following day and filled the man up with lead.
@jtdbso1 A phrase that's just stuck with me since I saw this, for some odd reason.
lemme ask you something.. who the fuck do you think you aaahh?
I think it's more about blacks and latinos standing for street level crime on bigger levels, but whites who have built themselves up as though guys have it alot easier to put their hands in the authority's pockets and so on. If a black man is shot in Compton we will find out at once, even though the media wont bring it up. If a russian shots someone, brings him up home, cut him up and bleach him, we are not gonna find out.
There are a lot of confusing phrases in this movie. It's street talk, bank robbery lingo that I'm not familiar with. I think the writers tried to get too fancy as well IMO. Here's what I think: "Gave her a taste" - gave her drugs "put the hook into her" - a fishing metaphor to refer to drug addiction; when a fish is caught with a hook, it can't do anything; similarly, someone on drugs is addicted and helpless "doped up good and proper" - fergie's way of saying she did what he wanted her to do
his mom died, she didnt leave him, not in the sense of walked away and left him behind...she killed herself
i love how the big bad crime boss in this movie is a florist XD
You'd think that since Affleck was born and raised in Boston he'd do a better job with the Charlestown accent. But then most actors butcher Boston accents.
my exs friend uncle is the guy with the zip code irish flag Massachusetts tat lol boss
Yes, it has. Now get the fuck off my page, prick.
And yet somehow in the end he conveniently walks in and kills both of them easily? Just agree that its illogical
your statements make no sense at all. doug's father was affected by the mother's death as shown during their chit chat in prison. doug sr ends the conversation and slams the door.
no need to watch the movie...this is the best scene. . Oscar worthy.
I saw him walking through a parking lot in Southie yesterday and nearly shit myself. He's a cool guy tho he was spitting on his hand and rubbing the tattoo to prove he wasn't an identical imposter.
@Cannabis919 You're a little American bitch, Irish will always be better and tougher than you little faggots.
Pete postlethwaite and jeremy renner did good in this movie.
@Cannabis919 You outdid yourself here, I was wondering how long it would take for you to talk that bullshit about army's etc, one message, not long at all. Where was that army big powerful army on September 11? While you may see my country as little and inferior, your own is seen as the same by the real powerful countries like Germany and China. In fact America has huge debt, debt so big you cannot repay. And for such a small island, we built most of America, not bad at all eh ;)
he would of let him walked away if he said IM BATMAN
you never heard of someone being hooked on drugs? and NO the mother was not looking to become a drug addict.
@Hellblazer311 Because the old man threatened to kill his girlfriend, and even if he killed the old man, his girlfriend wouldv'e been killed by someone else from the Irish Mafia
@kbcanyon naw u woulda gtot raped by that old man. real talk
I'm from Dorchester (Boston neighborhood right next to South Boston for those who don't know) and there are "homies" in Charlestown. Maybe not 10 20 yrs ago but there are now. That's like someone saying South Boston is still all white when you and I both know it's not.
It would be kind of odd, knowing you're a person that goes around telling people you're going to clip their nuts.
@surferdudette19 best quote dude for sure!!!! so epic and deep and shit
You have to work on your punctuation. First of, I said white criminals are more intimidating somehow, so I slammed your back. Second, many of these blacks have been in for stealing televisions, selling weed, smoking crack or heroin. There are heavy criminals in bigger numbers to, but the statistics you bring up is unsolid, and we don't know how many numbers there are in the dark when it comes to irish and russian gangsters because they are better at cleaning up their traces.
That's a heavy scene there. If that aint being "had" by the balls, I don't know what is. SMH Excellent movie though.
He died a couple of years ago but he made a career out doing character parts like this. He was also in Dragon Heart, The Usual Suspects, Amistad, In the Name of the Father, Inception ... He's all over the place.
only reason he knew about his girl, because coughlin told the florist about her
Lmao your an old guy with a fucked up face lol
They aint just ''White Guys'' They are Irishmen big fuckin difference same as you wouldnt call Russians ''White Guys'' they are Russians and with both Irish/Russian carries a whole lot of baggage with it because they both breed alot of serious violent men due to their Histories............I aint either BTW.
Please tell me you've had some form of education, Leprechaun is a type of fairy in Irish folklore, usually taking the form of an old man, clad in a red or green coat, who enjoys partaking in mischief. Not american.
@Damondeeh20 It is, Unless you have a good comeback like..."Yeah, like you're gonna there yourself, what makes you think you have a golden ticket Skeletor?"
"Put the hook into her, pssst... she doped up good and proper! Hilarious!!!
Oh boy. There's a lot of evil in this world.
Let Me ask you a question who the fuck do you think you are??
"You're an old guy with a fucked up face who don't know his glory years are behind him, I ain't fuckin' workin for ya! got it?!" - LOL
The last four lines before that were just as rough in my opinion. This was hands down the most sinister and cruel monologue that I've heard Pete Postlethwaite deliver. Actually, it's interesting how he hinted that he'd castrate another character's nephew in "Usual Suspects", and now it turns out that he was being serious at the time.
RIP to my nigga Pete Postlethwaite.
Epic scene, just picked up the bluray today!
well, at least there was one good actor in this scene. horrible movie overall.
@Steveskiez Conveniently didn't stop him from coming in at the end. Don't try and defend it, there's no conceivable reason you'd work for a man after he mockingly admitted to you that he deliberately got your mother hooked on drugs to keep your father working for him which lead to her suicide and his imprisonment. NO WAY. Just pretend to agree and come back an hour or two later blasting, or when the old fuck is sleeping, or ANYTHING.
Damn, Postlethwaite and Jeremy Renner were a croud stealer in this film. That is one fucked up last name XD
Bigger levels ??.. What's bigger than Banks & Armored Cars full of Money ??.. By the way.. that's where the money is !!!.. Coloreds are basically dumb & try to copy whites.. but they can't keep up mentally.... so they get caught & go to prison !!!.. As for the Latinos.. they're just trying to put food on the table...No one wants to hire them either unless it's picking crops.. or working in the Mexican food Industry...
haha I know, it's almost cute when nazis try to claim how violent and dangerous blacks and latinos are, without looking at all the crazy ass white goons.
Second, if you are so against crime, then how come it is okay when whites are criminals and manage to push big paper? The amount of suffering due to heavy organized crime is many times higher than some kind of ridicolous ''niggerwetbackcrowdcontrol'' like you would say.
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