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you ruined the video by putting all that 'fizzical productions' bullshit in there. nobody cares about your fucking shitty channel. just restore the video to how it was before without all the stupid OTT advertising for your faggot ass 'fizzical productions' channel
wtf you gays do that wit a girl  
Maureen Murphy Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
This is a display of jaw dropping strength. Fizzical Productions - Super Human Strength
wow these 2 guys should be in the book of world records.....word...and sub me back please....
This was the gayest thing I ever seen after I found out that my teacher was gay but......
Do you think your mom eats out your dad's asshole?
WOW, incredible display of strength and balance.
song name: Conquest of paradise-vangelis
whats the Music in the backround?
wrong, simply read Hatifrey's comment(its the top comment), and jamariooo's comment, THEY got it RIGHT!!!
@MrNepatriotsfan12 conquest of Paradise by Vangelis
1:11 69. * if you know what i mean*
just goes to show you what the human body is capable of achieving. The human body is a magnificent machine that when properly trained, balanced both on the physical and mental aspect of things can achieve such feats of unbelievable strength. You are very right sir this is the definition of strength. Just like a punch is not about the force or bulk of ones muscles but about the instantaneous transmission and velocity of the punch. That is why ive seen 160 pound guys take down 240 pound men. Speed
Oh hai! Anyone thought about the Explosive Muscle Method (do a google search)? My friend says it gets people ripped fast...
you dont obv dont know what a bodybuilder is my friend
I'm gonna try and get into that :) I hope to put some mass on even without weights.
this has been top comment on this video about 50 times >.< piss off now...
Lol...some people really need to get a life and stop spamming youtube with stupid comments. And grow up.
Hi there, have you considered "Musclegend" (look on Google)? On their website you will find a useful free video explaining how to develop noteworthy muscle mass really fast. This made it easier for James to overcome his muscle building stagnation and consequently gain ripped muscle free of fat very fast. Perhaps it will help you too.
what the fuck does WWE fake wrestling shit have to do with this dickhead
Wouldn't you just laugh and laugh if one of them popped a boner?
in the beginning i thought they were going to 69 for a second there whew
I wonder if they have those laughing moments while doing this.."Your dick just touched my head" LOLOL
Its like watching two Titans perform! WaW!!!!
its in conquest of paradise - story about columbus, which i belive wasnt gay at all
rofl not kinda very go to 1:00 and watch for about 3seconds i thought they were about to make out
They're displaying their strength at a body building show...embarrassing comment.
Nope, nothing superhuman here. Only great power of will that helped these 2 men train enough in order to achieve this level of HUMAN strength. And, for your information, I can do a thing or two that they did. I strive to do more, of course. Believe it or not, you can do it also. Just get your ass off the PC chair and go get some workout. Now do that every day for...let's say, 10 years, and I guarantee that you'll be able to do all of this. Good luck.
They can't even do proper push-ups retard, how can you then say they are stronger than these two guys...Seriously, you makes me sick to my stomach -_-
WTF is the name of this song? I need it now.
well ths is pretty impressive, a bit uncomfortable fr a straight guy to watch , girls seem to like this video a lot though :P
Please show us on video that they can do same moves easier.....
at 253 it looked like he was about to poop on the stage!
being or not beiing gay has nothing to do with this , its just 2 highly skilled people doing an amazing set....
2 Human-Human very strong and nice and clever :)
bodybuilders do NOT train for strenght like these 2 guys these guys dont even look like bodybuilders you my friend are fucking retarded
Can somebody please tell me, what is the name of this song, and who made it? Thank you.
Hatifrey, sounds like you want their cock in your mouth ??
what strength @@! that's so awesome xD
i thought of so many different sex position during this video, dont get me wrong , no disrespect towards these strong dudes
these guys spend alota time together......dont dey.....
Damn! Thats power! Wanna wrestle em both, ah,, maybe not! LOL Can you imagine if they got you locked in a scissors hold!
yo chill i was agreeing to your comment, dickhead. hype ass shit fool.
watch the barstarzz super human strength way less gay and perhaps more entertaining imo
I think this is the true form of bodybuilding which is maximizing the true strength potential of the entire body. Once they build up all that strength, of course it will show on the outside with their outstanding physiques which is more than just for show.
Do you think your mom eats out your dad's asshole?
"Hey bro I got this awsome idea that involves you and me gettin in speedo's and buttin our balls in each other's faces, but in a non gay way!!" " long its NON gay............LETS DO THIS!!!"
Good lord, I would not want to piss one of these guys off.
i amazed with humanity. 10+ years of training, and OF COURSE, someone has to ruin it all by calling them gay.
He is straining at times? Do you see what the fuck they're doing dumbass?
What powerful music to go with this awesome feat of strength. What is the title of the piece of music?
People who get dislike are fat idiots
Now if that were two females this video would have more views than Justin Beiber!
There is no super human strength here. Just persistence, dedication and love towards sport.
What do you think is hardest, Being at the bottom or at the top?
The fact that they are doing every movement so slow really shows how powerful they are. Lifting slowly is much more difficult.
I thought they were gonna 69 for a second there O_O
These guys look like Greek gods...
These 2 men not only posess extreme muscle development and strength, but extreme ligament and tendon strength as well. Your muscles, ligaments and tendons must be highly conditioned in order to perform something like this. They have also focused on their stabilizer muscles, these are much smaller muscles that help support and stabilize larger ones.
I know this was posted a month ago but I just wanted to tell you that even though there's a strong possibility you'll never read this; that regardless, your comment was SO stupid that even a month later it still deserves a thorough tongue lashing. No weight lifter on the planet could do this nor could any power lifter. Not one.
And if they are? Are you going to judge them? You have no idea what their sexuality is and nor is that in any way relevant to the video. The title is "Superhuman Strength," not "Guess if They're Gay."
hmm put that 1 guy on a chair and tell him to lift his chair while sitting on it. troll physics
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