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MW3 MSR Shoots Backwards?!

by CoDKarnage • 6,085 views

This is some crazy shit! Player: If you enjoyed this clip please leave a like and remember to send in your own sick clips! -Joe

Its funny cause hes black and his clantag is Kony.
Watched it all 00:47 in ireland im so tired
something for my buddies in egypt.... pornhub.... redtube... young leafs
I start posting in a couple of days
It was a payback kill and as you see in the theater there was money flying out of his body so it's legit !
Its a theater mode glitch with MW3. If you spin round in 10 sensitivity it glitches up and goes in odd directions. This one just stayed still. Odds are he turned on the player :/
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The twi peoples clan tags are diff
Yeah I think it's just a theatre glitch
riochet you take your aim I AM TITANIUM !!
Thats mature isn't it Its true that xbox has better connection I own a PS3 my self and its kinda funny how you say im 12... I'm 15.
That guy just turned him like a pro, NO SCOPE!
screw you guy. kony was an inspirational video. Please shut up and stop hiding behind a fucking computer screen and PLEASE dont talk about kony in that kinda way
He might have shot someone's riot shield and it might have ricocheted
It's because of the theater mode. Sometimes it cancelles out 360s so it looks like you shoot straight ahead, but that's theatre mode not registering it and keeping you looking straight on. Like so people can understand.
xBox and PS3 is both good! i mainly play on PS3 but sometimes i play om XBox and they are both good! Don't start a fucking console war! both xbox and ps3 has flaws and thay have their good sides too!
after that comment everyone knows you are a 12 year old little Xbox fanboy.... enough said!
Lololololol, "Kony was great" I can't tell if your trolling or you're a complete retard.
He got Kony in his clan tag... what do you expect? :P
And some say snipers aren't OP in MW3.
He turned on the kid but when you spin fast the theater mode will glitch out and make it look retarded
plz tell me where you got your aimbot from
They should take all the MW3 Maps out, and replace them with the MW2 mixed with cod 4
thats theater fucking up once again
after that comment everyone knows your a ps3 fanboy who does not understand ps3, xbox, and PC all have advantages and disadvantages.
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