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Portal 2 - INTRO - Part 1

by TobyGames • 1,392,709 views

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ok Toby+Weasley= Perfect EPIC Awesomness!!
Aw man. Hippies is a line I commonly use. People are gonna think I'm stealing from Toby
Thats where it started in the first portal
@Kreystas yup lol tf 1 tf2 half life half life 2 ep 1 half life 2 ep2 ... garrys mod in the loading screen it says delaying episode 3 lol
are you lying to us? first time playing or not??
0:17 Quit, ominous guy! We'r trying to listen to Toby!
@drums335 I checked your account to see what your problem was and It showed a vid of your PS3 and your hand is the size of a kids...
Do not dear to say hello once again
Toby is probs funnier than ij? And maybe better...
@xEtchiSketchx Jup, as long as it is not IJustine!
Toby if i would have broken ribs it would broke one more time after u said bloody vegetables
O.O toby i didn't even know you could look around that fast in this game lol
who else looked at themselves before walking through the door? 6:37
And what do you think the manegement will say when they come down here and find ten thousand flipping vegtables?! My responce: Salad for dinner?
i came here when i reached IJustins portal2 (part 21)cuz i got so mad,so i came here to laugh :D
Toby+Wheatly=Epic! I luv math :3
Ahh! Where is portal 1 part 1?!?!?!
Hot-hot-hot-hot-hot-hot-hot, I'm hot-hot-hot-hot-hoot-hooot... xD not mock Stephen Merchent. -_-
At 5:06 doesnt that kinda look like a man pointing a finger
@KATEisFAB Well, considering how these rumours aren't from valve, I'm not buying it
hey tobuscus, i saw every one of your portal two videos, and i'm slightly confuzed. There are certain achievements that just playing through the game you get, but you didn't get any of them. was this the first time you played through or what??
Toby you gotta stfu and pay attention sometimes -.- hahaha
Yu know, Shane Dawson Should Make a Walktrough like this with his Paris Hilton voice!
your british accent sounds so funny, oh i love being mocked. hahahahaha
whitely sounds like the British guy from assassins creed
"i fell asleep and forgot to set my alarm" ;)
I don't know if I spelt awkward right...Thaaat's awkward 8D xD
My uncle works in Universal Studios
Nice I love toby videos they are so funny. Am I right audience?
I can't believe you really tried to solve the puzzle like that Toby xD
@drums335 Why is a kid cussing anyways? PS3 is for 18+
you lololololololoololololololo0lo
DUDE! When I saw that painting I thought the exact same thing. It's totally a Bob Ross painting!
@drums335 I hope you do realize it takes a really good computer to play with high fps. Maybe you should play it before calling it a piece of shit dumbass.
no offense but your brittish accent is terrible
dude. the hell with cloud gaming ads.
i love harpsicord haha .... im not sure if i spelled that right , ehh who cares
"TEN THOUSAND BLOODY? ... How many NOT bloody?"
Toby with a British accent? Rather brilliant. ♥
why is the add saying that maddona has IQ of 140 :S THE CAKE IS A LIE
the frankly awful British accents on every walk-through of this game are really getting on my nerves
@KATEisFAB More coming? More as in updates and such or games?
@Aceshane2 Kid? Where the hell are you drawing that conclusion from?
Lol, Toby is the only person who could ever talk over Stephen Wheatly. :P
Oh god no. Wheatley and Toby, the two most eccentric personalities on the planet, in the same room. I can tell this'll be good.
toby did a well good english accent :) :D
Toby: "...most of your test subjects are bloody...vegetables..." me: *laughing so hard I can't lol*
OMGoodness!!!!!! Toby is on a YOUTUBE COMMERCIAL FOR A GAME!!!! id normaly be ticked about commercials..... BUT ITS TOBY!!!!
"Oh, is that a Bob Ross picture?"
I'm back watching this series from the beginning... Couldn't help myself :P
I haven't slept for awhile so when toby said his phone was ringing I skipped forward in the video and paused it so I could go answer the phone....But realised quickly that it wasnt ringing and was in fact unplugged.
@Aceshane2 What draws you to the conclusion every single game on PS3 is 18+?
I loved this game when I played it I loved this game when my brother played it but when Toby plays it, IT IS FRICKING AMAAAAAZIIIING :D
ive watched all of them before but im gunna watch them again :)
@KATEisFAB Well add ons I can believe. But the rumours are exactly that. Rumours. I doubt valve would create another game when, in fact, there's no more to document on the games. Chell got out and that's all really need to know. I think making another game would just be them trying to get more money, and knowing valve, and how long it takes for them to release some games, I don't they aren't in it for the money, you know?
*Looks up* Oh, that looks safe. Love toby
is it just me or did toby say serious
@KATEisFAB no valve doesn't make games with a 3 in it -_-
OMG i'm going to Universals!!!!!
Tobyyy! Play the Co-Op with someone and make it awesome! D:
*Watches all of Portal 2* ... *Watches all of Portal 2 again*
@wyv3rn1 The rumor is that it has a new protagonist, and I suppose anything is possible. You never know. :)
Just finished the game, it was awesome, plus now I can finaly watch Toby's playthrough :D
Voice: Emergency testing will begin in 3...2...1. *Portal Appears Toby: I'm ready.. Oh good, Oh- OH MY GOSH IM HOT- *gasp* I HAD NO- O MY GOSH. Lol I started crying this is so funny...
hahahahaha the bit with the accent killed me. And I thought the same thing about the intro feeling like a Universal ride. Glad to know i'm not the only one! I still don't know how Wheatley got out of that room...haha
@Fortstorm yhea but people with brain damage are the real heros, so 3,576 people have brain damage.
what does toby do for a living i didn't think he needed money because i thought he lived off pure awesomeness
@5yearsago1 nah I want grape drink XD Chris Rock joke
@MrRenicholas its a commentary game video.... not a "let's play" so dont expect it.
toby:hello once again audience! unless ur not in my normal audience..and that sentence doesnt apply..i say that at the begining of every freakin gameing video series i start and im gonna stop, starting now, and ending now im still gonna do it. me: OH TOBY! U SO HILARIOUS!
um wheres portal 2 part 2 oh i know its a lost episode! portal 2 the lost episode part 2
your supposed to put the cube on the red button and then you go through the door ok : )
its the oracle (forge ball) from halo at 3:00
aaaaaaaaaaahh toby u know we're all shaking our heads in disopointment
@wyv3rn1 All she said was that there was an add-on for Portal 2 coming, but there are rumors of a Portal 3 in the works.
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