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Amazing Pool Trickshots

by iKobalt • 888,194 views

OMG They Were Amazing! Can We Possibly Get 200 Likes? This video was made by StuntsAmazing:

its awesome how they do there spin in order to get the ball to do that wish I could do that
Gotta love physics!
葉瀚爃 Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Meanwhile I can barely hit the ball...
0:43 is clearly the best cuz of the chick
е ба ну ть ся
This is just fucking awesome!
Miri Bango Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This video can out in June 2012 so somehow thats 2013.
this is the most awesome shit ive seen today. cool.
0:52 Dude that's a waste of pool balls.
No she's called Katia and goes to a Russian school to show her individuality...
Call me when you wanna challenge. Anytime on fb '8 ball' :-)
Do you know how to read? His first comment was him saying he came here to watch the pool shots.
Alot better then anything temperrr put out....ever.
wonder how many times these guys failed before they actually did it
that guy with the black and red balls is by far the best.
Says he doesn't care... cares enough to reply to a week old comment... Makes sense. But no, you still thought he came here to correct someone's grammar, which you would have known if you knew how to read properly.
A lot of those shots are fake the guys pool que is magnetic because in some he can actually controll the ball and you can see him move his que to make a rediculous turn that would otherwise be impossible. so props to the real people in this
How do they turn the fucking balls around
0:45 what we really wanted to see
sounds a bit stalkery.... but if he is Russian i guess it kind of evens it out. What is your name if not Kate?
Pool is not cool! Same with bowling..
i prefer to play with the girl on the thumbnail ;)
you just asked if i knew how to read, if i reply to a comment, i'm sure that means i'm literate & personally, my care cup is empty m8. welcome to the internet spastic.
so this is what i miss when i don't watch people playing pool?... hmm interesting...
So, basically if you see a random women that's attractive you'll start groping her or something? Sure, girls are, well, girls, but there is more pleasure in life than seeing a hot person. And why are you calling him "gay?" Is that supposed to be insulting? What's wrong with liking somebody of the same gender? Or maybe you're just insecure about your own sexuality. You think you're being cool or smart, but BAM! There's some logic for you.
Why click on this video if you've obviously never played Snooker or Pool before?
c'est quoi la music ? what music ?
The thumbnail looked way diffrent :p
6 DAYS WAHOO. i don't check comment inbox unless im bored<3 thnx for feeding the troll m8
Did you shorten "Competition" to "Comps" because you forgot as well?
name of the song?? the video is amazing!
Amazing!!! Think about that you cant even score a ball...
because this video was uploaded by the same channel that uploaded the girl opening beer with her tits?
have you heard about the masse shot in pool/billards? if not that what it is. its no magnet. trust me
how does the guy put spin on the ball ?
I think anyone with a brain can figure out the meaning of your even when it's supposed to mean you're... Grammar Nazis can be pretty harsh .-.
Shuuuuut'up Ps : i'am gay & i don't need you to defend me . Jason is clearly homophobic. and making a joke and yeah if you didn't come for the Girl then you ARE GAY Jason welcome to the club.
Pff.. i can do that, hold my computer..
Its called effect.. they spin the ball at such a high speed that they actually stop and accelerate again... why do i know that.. i'm playing since i was 6 and i'm now 25 and have been in a lot off compitions.. =)
I keep having to pause and go back to see the trick again ._."
Not even gonna look at the previous comment.
Really, because it's completely possible to get from that video to here in 2 clicks
I came to see the girl...and meh the tricks were pretty cool
wonder how much they make in bars
1:29, now tell me it has no magnets right, because its impossible!
well.. no.. i did that as well here at home... i'm playing pool from the age of 6 and i'm now 25
challenge exxepted (description) lets get 200 likes! next day: 3,209 likes :D
Everyone came here for the thumbnail huh? :D
I love you based of your picture, comment of videos and because i am about 39% sure you are a girl older then 18. you told the arabic guy to fuck off when he expressed his random affection. do i get the same response as him?
The music, for those interested, is Future World Music - New Beginnings.
How did girl opening beer with tits get me to this?
@SNIPAxMONTAGE me too hahaha, how did the girl opening beer with tits get me here haha !
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