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Double Loot Live - Dharoking Bandos - Dagannoth Kings

by RuneSharkVideos • 95,965 views

Hey guys, going to be live streaming as much as possible over the double loot period so feel free to check the channel if you want to tune in :) Thanks guys.

Yea, message me. I only correct people who are being assholes. You should be giving your b.s. to @A7LovesMeth. What person corrects someone so rudely? Not only that, but makes a mistake himself. I sent him that message 'cause he was being a douche. You clearly lack common sense. Are you raging on me because your punctuation is off? You clearly don't know how to use a comma. You made so many comma splice errors, it's pathetic. How you type/talk, represents your overall knowledge. drrrrr .
Does James ever remember everything?
would be epic if you would've written ''your a spastic'' :P
Don't tell people how to spell, if you can't even spell don't, oh and by the way, it's don't not "dont", thanks.
say it with a capital letter retard cock sucker
gf runesharks :( motherfuker stop make vid :((( nah im joking your not a motherfucker
OMG!!! Kieran is Cleveland in familyguy!!!!!
BTW that smokey kid is possible the best bosser in the game, with born and woox... who the fuck cares what he sounds like just watch his game play and mute the volume...
umm, bandos was always like that. what do you think people used before chaotics, ovl, and turm?
holy shit this videos longer then lord of the rings
it should be smokesta cause smokester is too long
well shit that blows, he's got a youtube channel with 12k subs, so apparently 12,000 people disagree with you, rip!!
yeah the audio isnt in line with vid!!!!!!!
i like how you guys always ignore the weird talking guy
so original dhing bandos.............
Coming from a fail version of them named RsForUs... l0l
You seem to be going on about peoples spelling, well I shall correct you on yours. isn't* it's*. Hope you learn from your mistakes.<3
QWhy disdnt u freaking eat at 36:00 u idiot?
Advise = To advise somebody. Advice = To take somebodies advice.
daamn 1157!!! thats high as shit
James I'm in the live stream and you are not that loud! =]....Oh wait...
i would *advise* you to spell *advice* well, and using the correct grammer along with that.
Spelled* Would you like me to take you back to the 1st grade?
james you got 39 p coke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 the ones where i live are 59 P thats what i get for being a londener :(
Did anyone actually watch the whole thing I didn't
i mean im not trying to be funny but he sounds like a kid to me rofl 15 years old. :/
i'm sorry but this is just taking the piss now, a 4 minute advert....
you do know that spelt and spelled are both legit words right? you can't correct him on that
Please! What is that thing their using to lower their hp!? No one in the world seems to know...
Yeah, advise is a verb to give advice, in your statement the proper work would be "advice", also, you're keyboard has an apostrophe key for a reason, so use it.
learn howe to spell before you call someone a faggOt. go suck your dads dick or cry in some corner fuckin' 12 year old.
Ha u died cusd u were being a jakass and didnt eat
Seems like Smokey9112 just got his own little hater, for his display of supreme awesomeness!
They are on this game 24/7 cause they are living off the payments they get from youtube... l0l
1:29:00 haha! spiced nuts! a Poem xD
Gets ready for Dks, Takes over half hour to gear up
he ment to spell it that way dumb fuck. he was saying "advise" not advice. man people are such idiots
Advise is the verb, advice is the noun, easy mistake to make :) /)
Well it is annoying that half the people that are on youtube are partially retarded...
If you weren't an immature, unintelligent, belligerent moron; you would realise that it's impossible to have two biological mothers.
To be fair, you cant even spell faggot so your point is invalid
Reminds me of that part in a smosh vid where Anthony heard the dogs thoughts while he was eating a hotdog. Gimme the hotdog!
Wtf is wrong with you guys! You care more about the context of a word then defending an amazing Youtuber and Runescape player.
You do realise the reason people listen to his advice is cuz he has comp cape and pretty much know everything
Its spelt advice* btw. Learn to spell, you will thank me one day.
Is a woman crying at 30:35? wtf!?!
Did anyone watch the whole thing rofl
anyone else notice the teddy bear at 4:03?
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