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LOST Parody #7 - Batman (Full Episode)

by TheFineBros • 2,409,043 views

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Batman can't die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Probably bad idea but youtubers react to or nah wiz kilafa this is the first time I asked a youtuber anything and it would be awesome to see this.Thank you.
1:53 When "Sayid" turned the robot on I thought it would say "save me, Obi-Wan!".
did anyone else notice that charleh's voice changed?
OMG you killed Christian Bale! you bastards!
@Kosyghin Good job at mentioning another plot hole.
Silly finebros, you cant kill batman he just beats the living sh*t out of you.
Dude that was totally fake! Cheap action figures and voice overs, first couple times I watched it seemed ligit, but then I started to look "closer", so yea you assholes can't pull the wool over these eyes! FAKE!
i love joker so jm happy you didnt kill him he's so cool
dude. Newsies was a good movie. Bale should've won an oscar for that.
Yeah man just call me michael and this is my boy...WALT!!!!
Best part: giant pencil meets face :)
I think the LOST parodies are made even funnier by the action-figures having no articulation and being stuck in the same poses.
I hope I dont die in this episode. Awesome
Hahaahahah... That would be nice!
This video is too full of gore and I like hurley
@Kosyghin well, notice how the other survivors keep disappearing?
That is yet another video I cannot stand to watch it's not funny to me at all
Wait did he say Scars or Stars, Cos too me he sounds like he said stars.
Ummm no... I'm pretty sure it is referring to the movie when he says "do you wan't to see a magic trick, I'm going to make this pencil disappear".
I like how the joker uses Lockes and Kats past to "HOW" he got his scarres. LOL
"My toy was made with my eyes closed."
That was a Charlie joke, not a Heath joke. It's like the third time he mentioned he sniffs his permanent marker after he writes on his knuckle tape. Such an American trait to claim things without having knowledge beforehand.
I HOPE I DON'T DIE IN THIS EPISODE. Bahahahahahahahaha.
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ok you dont kill batman its like a rule
U know is not a show with out adding a fat dude on the show
Soooo...they made a Shannon toy but not a Sayid toy? Hmm.
Both annotations lead to episode 6... Just saying.
Did you just get these dolls and then want to do something random with them?
you cant kill him! hes the Goddamn Batman!
They made a Shannon doll but not a Sayid doll?!? gah she was only their for a season and a half!!!!
AWWWWWWWWWWW I want tat Batman doll!!!!!
so no one would die in this episode espscialy me
You should have done some sort of Richard Alpert reference, since his actor was also in the Dark Knight
ah yeah biatches fisrt reation once again
did anyone notice wat Hurley's note said on his clipboared? "I HOPE I DONT DIE IN THIS EPISODE." XD
how did you get al those movie figures (toys)
Lol 2:00 I hope I dont die in this episode
Charlie sounds like Desmond haha
this is just like lord of the rings or harry potter. i like it
@666xxmomoxx Yea, video was okay, I wanted to give it thumb up, but when I saw ending I gave thumb down with no doubt whatsoever... Important lesson here guys - never rate before the very end of a video. :)
this reminds me of "Action League Now". anyone remember that?
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