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Surfer Recognized for Riding Biggest Wave Ever

by Associated Press • 180,050 views

Guinness World Records recognized pro surfer Garrett McNamara of Hawaii for surfing the biggest wave ever, a 78-footer he caught off Portugal's coast in November. (May 11) Subscribe to the...

The dude rode this backside! Backside!
he didn't paddle in, don't approve.
im portuguese, i live so close to that area y couldnt i see that?? daaamn bad luck
Do they use rulers to measure the height?
that's just siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick !!!
lol dam..... that's the kinda wave that can crush your bones into fart dust....
any clue who the music is on this video by any chance?
Y bother dislike diz u go catch nd surf a wave like dat. U 4 dislikes
That was wicked nasty. Right on Garrett.
jesi vidio sta ti je budala, moj jado
That looks better than fuckin'.
yet you can afford a computer...... some people cant even afford that....
Ronjaj sine ronjaj, nije ti mater dzaba kup'la dihal'cu
I rather paddle into that than Teahupoo on a swell half the size.
Jenkers,that is pretty hardcore.
If this was a movie this would be probably the biggest stunt in the world.
Who cares about the wave? Have you seen his wife?
one would think his balls would sink him.
@giovanii the wave is measured at the back of the wave to the crest,the face(what we see),would be around a 100 ft at least
I would die, I'm used to riding little orange county waves, 2-3 foot.
Wipeout would've surely killed him
haha, thats big? Ive surfed waves 3 or 4 times bigger.
Reaction: 0:31 Yep, wiped out. Knew it. 0:37 HOLY SHIT HE'S ALIVE. *Mouthgape*
For the surfer and for the guy on the jet ski. I've taken a jet ski into 30 foot waves many times at Mavericks. 78 foot must be just insane.
that's no wave that's a nightmare wtF!!
Some are close to the shore and some are far but there always has to be SOMETHING relatively shallow under there to form the wave. So basically most of these waves have reefs and things under them which makes many of them even MORE dangerous than they already are.
You don't need money to be happy You don't even need money to eat or survive, Nature gives you enough resources Society transmits you values so Politicians and CEO's can get rich
They ride them all the time but usually die...
This man has bigger balls than Jimmy Page.
"2050 man rides biggest tsunami"
4 dislikes LOL - some idiots are so funny
oh yeah, and to all those people who have to put other people down for their accomplishments while they haven't accomplish shit in their life's, fuck off.
The moment of your surfing dreams...
Cool,now check this. /watch?v=yyJseYTj_u8
if ur so poor then how do u have diablo 3 its a $60 game
Awesome, and im not even a surfer.
I dont know anything about surf, but when he entered, the wave wasnt that big. The important is the wave height, or the height of the position of the serfer from the wave base?
Somewhere Dick Dale just popped a new beer
imagine being so poor,to have no internet to comment on youtube videos
I remain to be convinced that it is 78 feet high or that he road it thru really ... just a big take-off really!
That's the height of a small 5-8story office building!! I've always wondered if people would try to catch and ride 'tsunami' type waves.
This guy has a semi trailer... To carry his balls around in.
Short ride, but he was probably happy about that. The song's "Ricochet" by David Michael and Lee Pomeroy.
Man... it's just like Tsunami
how deep do you go out to get waves this big?
Yesterday, I was hacked so bad, it was like the wave this man rode. I beat 'em off yesterday. They are quiet today. They are waiting for the cover of darkness no doubt.
HD footage of this video here, /watch?v=7nS_aR8XX_U
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