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Cher Lloyd - Love Me For Me [LYRICS]

by sam • 18,972,116 views


Last year when i was 18, a group of me and some other girls hung out basically every single day and we were literally like sisters. But one day everyone in that group turned their backs on me and told EVERYONE at my school that i had been really depressed and that i had been cutting because of how depressed i was and that really embarrassed me and made me feel really awkward and just hurt. So then one of the girls tried telling me that she was sorry and that she felt really bad that she had done that, but i didn't believe a fucking word she told me because that entire week she kept on throwing paper at me during class and tripped me in the halls and just all sorts of really stupid shit. So of course i got even more depressed and kept cutting to get rid of the pain but it didn't. The pain was still there even when i was happy. But just after i finished high school, i stopped cutting. I got a job and i found the love of my life and now that i'm happy, i can just move on and forget about the past. So heres a message to anybody who is going through depression and is cutting, put the razor/blade down, think happy thoughts, move on with your life and forget about all the people who don't like you or think you're worthless and think about the people that DO care about you and don't want you to end your life!! Thanks for reading!! P.s.: reply/comment on this comment please!!
This needs more likes. P.S I have the same(ish) name
I remember in 7th grade I had three best friends.One I knew since's second grade,another from fourth and the last one from sixth.I loved them,told them everything,dedicated songs to them,and sang to one of them when she was down(the one from second grade).But then something changed.One offended me by my meditcation,another called me annoying and weird,and the last one told me to go kill my self.And I almost did.But I didn't because even though I was in pain and bullied by those so called "friends", I kept going on with my life.Now I'm in high school and I made new friends.And though I'm still hurting,I'm getting stronger each day.And I don't hate them because they taught me that people have to earn my trust by showing me that they are really trying to be my friend and they really want to be there for me.For those of you who are hurting "Stay Strong And Keep Moving On" <3
+Alison Gault Don't worry, if i made it, I'm pretty sure you can too. Just be strong and it'll pass in no time. <3
My problem is that I pretend a little too much. When I'm myself No one likes me or wants to be my friend. I don't trust anybody anymore. Some of my closest friends turned on me when I started to trust them and showed the real me. Now they bully me. I don't have any friends for being me. I wish everyone would stop judging me for being me. No one loves the real me. I don't know what I'm doing wrong! I'm trying so hard to be what everyone wants me to be! Please tell me what I'm doing wrong? PLEASE TELL ME! I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING WRONG.
i have that problem as well u cant seem to find the right people but im sure it works out in the end   
ull some day find a real true friend just be patient
Finally someone who thinks you can't trust family! Family can betray you too, ya know.
Dear Ex,  I cried today again reading your letter you gave me long time ago when you said I 'complete your life' and was 'your love'. I don't know what to say cause now I mean nothing to you and you left with a cold heart. Looks like your life is moving on without a problem and I'm here being depressing lol
I love this song because it relates so much to my life. I go to a crappy school where no one likes me when I'm my self. I have barley any in friends, an extremely severe case of depression, a severe case of anxiety, a severe case of stress, AND I'm ugly. So my life really couldn't get any worse.
You'll never be ugly. Beauty comes with being yourself. If people can't love you, then they don't deserve you. It takes time to find people who will be there for you so just keep pushing through.
Thank you so much. It means a lot to me.
i think she's talking about the way she did the video when she says "it's the worst thing ever", not about the song (no hating just saying) +brostepisthebest 
nah nah nah shes saying I made this vid a while ago. Its the worst thing ever THAT i thought it was only gonna get a couple views i was gonna delete it after a few hundred but you guys showed me that you loved it so much
I remember a girl I used to be best friends with sent me this song in the summer between 6th and 7th grade saying that she loved it (which I totally understand, it's great) and I'm now listening to it almost three years later and I'm realizing the message in this song was foreshadowing what was to come between me and her. She and I drifted apart, as people normally do, and it was a lot to put on a very naive 12 year old's back. I didn't understand it at first but then I realized why it didn't feel right was because I didn't feel comfortable enough to be myself around her anymore. We had multiple arguments, but we've made up. We aren't really close friends anymore but we've forgiven each other :)
I love this song because it relates to me in so many ways!
This song is a message to not just kids but for everyone it's telling you if you have to pretend around some one there not good a friend
Sick of all the fighting All the slamming of the doors The pain, the parents, too deep to ignore Step back, step back #SoRalatable  
I luv this song. It describes my life perfectly. I always have to pretend to be something I'm not and I have to act different around so many people in order to not be judged.
Feel exactly the same.. 😔
My anorexic story Phone rings Don't wanna pick it up I'm so scared I'm gonna say too much I tip toe around your questions Why you gotta dig so deep? (my best friend) Tears fall And the glasses break Inside these walls (Fights with my mom) The floor boards shake But from outside It's alright Long as you looking from fifty feet I been trying trying Hold my head up high I been lying lying Keeping it all inside (my problems and body) Trying not to trust you, yeah Take another leaf, I'm a book yeah yeah? I'm done, I give up I don't wanna pretend no more That's it, so what? I've lost a friend before (Ana) Gonna say it like it is No more wondering "What if?" That ain't the way you oughta live Cause I don't want you to love me If you don't wanna love me for me
I like this guy and I told him and now he yells at me and gets mad at me for no reason. I wish we could just be friends. But my bff also likes him. And I think he likes my bff. But it would be against girl code. And this song helps a little. But not enough what should I do any one can help me. I need as much advice as possible
She looks like Bella Thorne in the picture
I've been watching this since 5th grade whenever I'm upset,I'm in 7th grade now and i still do💖
i love her songs because its so meaningful for friends and lovers
Cher needs a lot more attention. I mean seriously, it's absurd! That good of a singer, and everyone doesn't love her! Haha, she never dissapoints me <3!
i love this song it is so sad every time i hear it i cry bec it makes feel so in school  
Your song is amazing and your song make me think about loosing Desiree my best friend and all my other friends and make me cry but you don't have to delete the song
I always have the feeling that Im not loved and Im just a waste of space. I have trust issues and scared people will leave me. I mean I rather be alone and be safe then have 'friends' and get hurt.......
I absolutly love this song but I'm crying every time I listen to it...
I'm losing friends, because they are changing. They want to be popular and want to have a boyfriend. One of them left me and made fun of me for the cool crowd. My other friend is dating my ex. I get bullied because of my ADD and because of how short I am. I have scholeosis and it stunt my grouth so I'm stuck at 4'11. I just need somebody right now.
stay strong Melissa they are nobody important if they are doing that to you. Be yourself dont try to become a so called "cool kid" because in reality they are all jerks
For all you girls that are picked on teased .or these so called people are cruel and mean iam going to be 40 and i have learned its better to be by myself and my kids and do what i have to do for me and my kids .And not worrie about the out side world ...BUT Let me say dont let anyone make u feel bad smile at them and say i cant make u be nice to me .but i will not waste my time and let u be mean to me so go away .and leave me alone .and kmow your allowed to tell someone thatvthis is going on if it continues,please dont be to say because it needs to stop ,.iam sorry that people are so mean
it reminds me of how i used to be i always thought i knew people from how they were on the out side  big problem! and u soon realize who your friends are and those u lose on the way but the one who are will stick to u till the end but what i have to say about this song is it help me a lot in school so thanks 
I'm watching in 2015
I had a lot of best friend but they all left when they say u I was and I guess I'm better off with out them because it's there loss not mine I have a friend am I love her to the moon and back she has my back when ever and she lks me for who I am not for u she wants me to de
i like this because i love chr lloyd <3
Love your song love you
Right now I'm crying I cant believe what you guys have said, I didn't think anybody would listen to me but, they did! I also, didn't think I would get top comment, If only everybody else would listen to me, in my life I practically think I'm invisible but, you guys have made me stronger besides, who needs more! I have you guys, I cant believe what I'm hearing right now. tear of happiness :) :) :) :) :)
that is so true quirkygamer99
This song describes my life right now :/ 
Like if watching this in 2015.
When i heard this song and next day I want to school and people say crush like me and it was really wired i was so happy
I just managed to get over my old friend becoming one of my worst bullies, and now it's happened again with one of my new 'friends.' She finds it hilarious to make fun my my Social Anxiety and all of my other friends think she's just joking, but I can see in the way she looks at me that she hates me. The frustrating thing is that the whole reason I got anxiety was because of bullies, and I was just starting to cope and now she's gone and ruined it all. I really don't know how to cope because I can't even tell my friends about it, as they are as close to her as they are to me, so I'm scared they'll take her side (she's a good liar) and I really don't know what to do :(
Ur welcome hun :) no one deserves to go through that
I am crying my heart out/I'm a girl
I pretend who i was to everyone so they would like me i would dress different n i would act different for them n i would act like someone im not but this song made me think that its ok to be ur self so watt people think if someone wants to be ur friend they should love u for who u are
i love you Cher you are amazinfg !!!!!! <3
I had been best friends with this girl Elex, for 7 almost 8 years.  I was happy as could be we talked all the time went everywhere together are moms were friends.  Then in about 6th grade (throwback wow) the texts got smaller and she stopped talking to me period.  I had no idea what I did and she wouldn't tell me.  Then about three weeks after her not talking to me she went and spread rumors that got me in trouble.  I fell into depression and other stuff happened.  After seven years of being friends she dropped me like it was nothing. and no im not looking for attention other people were sharing their stories so i thought eh why not 
I was bullied when I was 6 but then the next year we became friends
i had a fience and then i broke up with him and i miss him so much and i dont know what to do please help
leoni carberry Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
Cher Lloyd - Love Me For Me [LYRICS]:
this song stayed with me for quite some time, ive been there and I got over it. pretty sure I can do it all over again ;)
Dear Meaghan I think your totally right but its not me cutting its my friend who won't what should I do
Listening this in 2015 !!!Thumbs up!!!!
Lloyd s musics is fantastic i love her
Starting this year I started getting way more depressed , I feel so torn . I always compare myself to my friend . Nobody understands how horrible it feels
Love me for me. It made sense.
I wasent being my self and I hade a lot of friends and when I was my self I was bulleys and beat up. I hade a football bf and he brock up with me for being my self like that and I told him I am not going to be some one I am not and I was beat up last week and I am done with I wanted to kill my self and I kept telling my  self I have lots to live for and they will eather love me for me or  they will be jerks
Good for you don't change who you are for anyone. The people that mind who you are don't matter and the people that donpmind do matter 👍💖
This is tots meh song. I love it so much. It reminds me of all the dumb things that happened with meh old friends. She left me once and this is the second time. Like I'll ever beg for her forgiveness ever again. . . . Heh.
I just cant say how happy I am, okay, so maybe the bullies are kind of worse but, I try I NEED to just be me :)
cher Lloyd has such a good voice and I can't stop watching this video
This song means so much cause if have something going on listen to this song it will tell u don't let anybody be rude to u
First Song Of The New Year for me Love It ;)
This song gave me shivers
I don't want you to haha!! Byeeeee!!!!!
hey did anyone see that pick is from demi lovato really don't care 
+Hannah Oxendine, I agree with you 100%😝😎😋😀
nobody messes with me anymore because they are all dead. muahaha G-G
This made my day.!🙊😂👌
that's just horrible to but on try to be more nice
Its I'm a book yea yea not I'm broke yea yea
I broke my replay
Hey all haters out there this girl worked hard for this and if u have anything to say about it keep it to YOURSELF
In the pic cherr looks like bella Thorne
this song is amazing<3
Crystal Matthews Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Cher Lloyd - Love Me For Me [LYRICS]:
Beautiful Cheri Lloyd needs to come to australia
Heyy! Just be urself because that who u r, everyone is perfect in there own ways
Kayla Smith Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
song is so true and I love it my friend moved so its like I lost her but I text her
this song makes my day every time I listen to it\
I love this song.Most of it says how my life is.😞
I honestly love this song 😍
Corrie Falkner Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
yep that's so me
im 11 im in 6th grade i got bullied in 3rd grade and i couldnt take it i came home everyday crying and ppl would make fun of me because of my size it hurt so one day my mom moved me to a new school ppl spreaded rumors and said hurtful things about me for no reason they didnt even get to know me.
What an lovely song! ❤️
Cl stands for cher lloyd
CL? Do you know KPOP?
Janya Charoenwong Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Check out this video on YouTube:just me
Osea tiene 10.007 y lo hizo con 1 video xD
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