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by TobyTurner • 129,909 views

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Funn :3 I love the song sideburns!! :3
...The sound of Asia? Oh my God Toby, smh. You're amazing XD
What was up with the krokodil thing
i've just stayed at home chillin' this whole time
When he said "pick me and Gabe up" I thought he said "pick me and gay Bob"
i was in florida at the same time as toby... thats the closest ill ever be to him :(
toby should do one of those things where he skypes the audience thumbs up so he can see this
more like "intro of redness, then redness, then whitness!"
Stabbing people with fists. Entirely standard.
Just interrupting peacefullness
I watched lots of your videos and your funny
Watching video look to the right of the screen happy wheels 16 so much blood
I love how the thumbnail looks like hes fangirling to Flo Rida:P
Toby, thank you so much for the shirt! :) I really appreciate it!
we left 2 days before you got there!!!!!
i love Tobys just like yeah someone just told me to go die whatever
GAH MY FACE IS CRACKED... Toby why'd you have to drop me! grAHAHG
Coming from a fellow Floridian, I can say this is true. Florida's weather switches back and forth from brutally hot to storming.
U know wats funny and most of us dont realize? Think about how he looks while recording and how he acts. No one there and as if we are really there.
toby r u in pencacola florida cause im in pencacola florida if your not in pencacola florida COME TO PENCACOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes! I've been there! Have you been on Test Track yet?
MY FACE!! there is a cut on it.....aparently
I live in the it always rains too.
Unless Toby visits New Jersey I will never see him. So that makes the both of us.
i live right in the next the place you a visiting but i live in seminole county
diesnt he seem to be tired in every vid? but anyway nice vlog
Toby If you need a New Phone Try to get the New Galaxy Or the Windows Phones .... THERE HOT!!
"i brought my electric shaver"..."But toby you dont have facial hair...ohhhh i see...:'("
I'M IN FLORIDA on vacation. in disney world.
If you die what ding do you want me to play in your funiral?
At 3:18>> The tightness of your shirt makes your pectoral muscles pop! YUM.
He does the same thing I do when Im on the phone, I can't stop walking around.
I touched my face when he said his phone is brokr
heyyy can you send me a friend invite on xbox (snowboardgeek96) thanks
oh and across the street from EA their is a chic-fula
I knew someone would react just like that, try and reverse my own comment.
I live in Niceville too. Maybe I know her, but then again I probably don't. I don't get out much...
Yeah it is definitely "going to rain" in Florida lol Tampa is like, flooded right now. Great for skim boarding and kayaking down streets though :)
it was funny because right when u said don't try to fix it i was touching my face and it felt like i was there
funny im the happy wheel videos
And it's a shitty place to live in all year. It's too damn hot.
Dont complain about the rain unless you're in Britain. (That rhymes...sorta)
I can't believe the one time a year I take a 10 hour drive to LA from SJ he's in Florida
I live in Florida :D And the reason why it's not sunny at that moment is because of the gigantic tropical storm named Debby :) But it's usually really the way mom was born and raised in Niceville and my nana lives there now...we live 45 minutes away from there :P
Gabebuscus is a friend of TOBUSCUS
Toby: what is that peaceful music the man: shhhhhh flo rida is getting a massage i dont know how to spell massage cuz im not english but any way its funny
I would like to see the dawn airs literal trailer and Toby is not a fag you people who hate him are
Whats the second bed for....Aww yea
the intro was rednes then redenes than whitenes XD
You need to come to Tennessee! No rain here LAWLZ!
Does Toby live In Flordia or where does he live cause I live in flordia
Hey I live in Florida :D I wish I could have seen you there :(
I went to florida for a christmas once. It was hotter than a British summer.
toby is a line, your about as straight as a circle so fuck off!
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