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Minecraft Minigame - Rainbow Runner 'In-Game' Stop-Button Add-On

by TheCarbonAtom1 • 438,837 views

Intro Song -- Zelda's Lost Woods Dubstep by Dj Ephixa. (download below) NOTE: I DID NOT MAKE THIS MAP, minecraftpg5 did. (channel link below) This is a video showing you a little add-on that I have...

☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him /▌ all over Youtube / \ so he can take over and take down Google+
+Drew Whelan look a the upload date
Meh, not really compared to most other minigames :p
Hehe, I know right! :) You can download it from the description. :)
I made one to :(. Lammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
Oh FFS! Does it or does it not say in the description, and in the massive annotation at the beginning of the video that I DID NOT MAKE THIS MAP! Jesus! I'm just showcasing it and the 'Stop-Button' I added to it. The 'some wiring' was the wiring that I was walking on on directly showing which is the only redstone I added to the thing. The creator's channel is in the description.
It's just the default texture pack, except with the glass detail in the middle removed. It makes it easier to see through it. :) I have a tutorial on how to do that if you don't already know. Just look for Glass Texture Edit on my channel.
You could make this project better by making the waves more random because I noticed that the pattern would be everything but dark blue then the dark blue and then repeat the pattern but I can't talk in not good at redstone in any way. Epic vid:)
It does feel like it's been a long time since I first started making videos, but at the same time, I can't believe it's been over a year already. I still remember recording this video, and me almost shaking because I was so nervous. :P Time flies.
really i fail at redstone alot and thats just basic wow
You done grate for your first video!
Just because you don't like them doesn't mean it's overrated. Stupid kid.
You wanna check out some of the stuff that the creator of this minigame has built since then. It will blow your mind. :)
That was how iron looked back when this video was made. In a recent update, the iron texture was changed slightly, the same with Gold and Diamond blocks I think as well. The only thing that is different in the texture pack I used for this video is the glass.
Haha, thanks a lot, I think my newer one is better though :)
Look, man, just go away. There are many places which religion should not come into, and this is one of them. Go and type this stuff on religion-related videos if you must, but not here.
apart from that, and it is just me wondering, this was brilliant!
'Lam'? Do you mean 'lame'? Haha, I'm not the creator of this minigame, minecraftpg5 is. I'd like to see to tell him that now.
Haha, why? :P I don't get the fascination? because we sound posh? :P
he should make random blocks come at u
hi Carbon I'm the Flying Spaghetti Monster
you did good with this build, is the game random??
The line of blocks have the same pattern every time it loops
One of the best creations I've seen, but next time, add a complete tutorial on how to attatch every peice of redstone wiring to the raindow blocks and such
To anybronies, it reminds me of rainbow factory.
your a starter you did great i thught this was you 100 vid well untill i looked at the vid number :P
r those things lava cuz idk how a rainbow can kill u
Well, I'm clearly not 10 years old, and I very much give a shit about music. I use dubstep in my intros (all 2 of them) because it's a beast genre of music in my opinion; I don't use it solely because I think I will get more subscribers. I like the song, therefore I use it for my intro, and it just so happens that MANY other people like the song too.
Show an example of what? I showed how the game is played, I showed how the stop button works, I briefly explained how the game works, what else is there?
if you jump would you die cauz theres lava above you and it would be funny
Soooo cool I love RAINBOWS!!!
i like this however you should use a randomizer to do the pop up blocks
It's just a little addition that I thought would be quite useful to have.
the game is very cool but its not that much of a challenge if it is the same pattern over and over again so if there where a way to make the pattern random it would be much better its still very cool though
It's not random, but the pattern does change. Read the description for more info about how it works. Also, I didn't make this game, I am just showing an add-on I implemented into it.
Hehe, to be honest it's not that complicated :P The creator of this minigame has done way more complex redstone creations and minigames, this one being his most basic :) His channel is linked in the description.
Your intro is Sarai's song from the legend of zelda ocarina of time
The minecarts run along the tracks in a loop along detector rails - each detector rail in an individual minecart track activates a separate piston below each of the blocks for a certain colour column. Once these detectors rails are activated, the pistons extend, and push the blocks above upwards for about a second, then back down again once the minecart runs of the detector rail. It is a simple way to create the 'wave' pattern of the blocks popping up as they 'move' towards you. :)
Yeah, I know I do. :P I think I improved in later videos though. :)
Oh yeah because an Indian accent is MUCH better :P
Yeah I didn't build this. And the guy who did originally built this, minecraftpg5, made a MUCH more advance design, with randomized patterns, difficulty levels, a healthbar, and a multiplayer option, called Rainbow Runner Deluxe, which can be found on his channel (linked in description). Oh and next time, before you make another arrogant comment, try and learn to spell 'complicated' correctly.
ur very cocky "some wiring" u over estimated it took u about 3 months 2 wire it
This game don't need a stop button... it's for no skiller...
you did great try more you're really good
The only reason you see dubstep intros a lot is because it is a relatively new genre of music, which has become VERY popular very quickly, and so has been used a lot for things such as intros for YouTube videos. I think that if you liked the genre, you would not feel as strongly against it as you do now. So, since you do not like the genre, and since there has recently been an influx of dubstep intros, you react negatively to them and thus call them unoriginal and over-rated... I assume.
Loved the video, not much of a Redstone genius, but looks like a fun game, I will build one when I have the time
Cool but I have heard the introbevor
its 1440p how the fuck did he get that
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