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by Smosh 2nd Channel • 3,654,404 views

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11 facts about you: 1. you just read the title 10 facts about you 3. you are dumb 4. you just got offended 5. you clicked read more 6. you just realized i skipped number 2 7. you cant pronounce the letter P without seperating your lips 8. you just tried it 9. you are staring at a screen 10. you are going to like this comment 11. you're going to reply to reply to this comment
bring all the  boys to the yard is from milkshake Lyrics:My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!
I wouldn't send them a damn thing. lol They don't respect any of it.
I was literally just thinking this same thing. I always wonder how a 12 year old would feel about them throwing something they sent them, or making fun of it. If the masses enjoy it I guess
Even excluding anything rotting or containing something gross, it is not feasible for them to keep all that stuff in their house.  Also, yeah, half of the time they act like assholes. Isn't that kinda part of their thing?  And I've never seen them outright insult something they got.
that sounds nothing like undertaker like if u like WWE
I just realized that one of them dies in every ep.
Except for one episode
Lol this was in hardcore rap songs playlist
6:36 Anthony and Ian you forgot to list the 6th of them on food packages
You guys remind me of Mordecai and Rigby... (Anthony as Mordecai and Ian as Rigby) EVEN YOUR VOICES SOUND SIMILAR LIKE I CAN'T EVEN
8:28 Ian's yawn is so cute [:
FOR THE HOARD love world of warcraft
how has noone sent them poo
Someone probably has but Ian and Anthony said on one mailtime that they ignore it and don't show it on videos:)
Where do u get those trippy glasses
Considering it's called mail time, I'm gonna take a leap of faith and say someone mailed the glasses to them
haha I love men u guys does "mail time" but how many have you done? :D <33
well this comment deserves the hottest comment of the year award
"and your right arm is strangely more muscular than your left arm" "i wonder why. . ." HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. .  .
English is weird everything is spelled strangely so f*ck you maddie and bobby
What did they do with that massive drawing/writing 'essay'?
ну чё? прикалываться будем?
what is with ian and barbershop poles
Barbershop Pole slept with his (future) wife.
the panda are delicious ready eat
That green monster plushie is so cute to me!
La cucaracha la cucaracha ya no puede caminar por que le falta por que no tiene una pata para andar tan tan tan tan tan tan VIVA MEXICO ajua ajua
Oi ! I'm Charlie and I got some fokin' bewz 
What was the song on the violin?
Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
OMG!!!! the letter at 5:27 is mine when I was younger!!! btw im 11
Are you sure that Ian didn't get killed by red paper with white stripes drawn on them???
Am I the only one who thinks that yawn was fricking adorable?
I am a girl i love you anton
In case you never noticed at 7:40, 69 bitches, 69.
OMG I LAUGHED SO HARD WHEN HE SAID 'I ate a gummy worm" xD
Wow weird. I used to live on a street called plumtree dr o.O
Guys u should do a parkour time \w smosh
lol they should do a vid called: "PARKOUR ATTEMPT" lol that would be hilarious
Ian's really hot!!!!!!
Anthony said how would u rate this meal
trips over balls         I MENT IM NOT HIGH * fall on ground and starts to hump the wall *
They should change this to Ian Is Dead
Why does Ian not like barber shop Pole?
I don't like mail time wth smosh because they don't respect what the get
because receiving hair expired food deserves soooo much respect
then why tf do u watch the episodes
One of you're mail is for my biggest fan is it ian or anthony
That was good l Love Antnie
Hah y did you say how would you rate this meal
anthony's sunglasses "from the future" are actually the kind you wear at after the eye doctor, when they dilate your pupils LOL
Its al about a sence of humor and triyng to make you laugh. Still you would do the same
Stop hatin Anthony! I think there both equally cool
Do you guys ever read the mail that you get? Like the really long letter?!
Anthony I just attacked you with my pikachu
Gloves and face masks please oh and stay safe
Anthony is so cute and in is so ugly
Charlie drinks booze, HL3 confirmed
If if you listen closely you can hear a cymbal in the background if the violin music so obviously they had another person doing some parts of the music... 
Why u say meal u idiot it's how would u rate this mail
Try not to put those glasses In the light I don't wanna get blind u idiot
Please kik me if you want a gift card
I put chatterteeth in my mouth before... it hurt so badly.
Every game sent is either illigle or charity whop bought
Smosh I want to send you mail what is your adress so I can send it
Thats not a vilon its an upright bass
5:15 classical music. did someone peek at my christmas wish list?
yo mamas so hairy that she was considered the star of donkey kong
i am a very tall midget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                           i am eaten chocolate cake right now
When u sed his right arm is bigger than the left 1 it reminded me of a charger of left 4 dead
They can be mean in mail vlogs but there  awesome anyways
yo mama so hairy that she gotz afros on her nipplz bitch
Lan and Anthony are the best!
Hey boys so i thing antony is hot so do you want to have sex
Dammit peter not again
those sre NOT baseball bats.
obviously they are NOT baseball bat ..c'mon
Congrats you know how to make a penis 👏👏
Boring video! -_____________-
Sorry it's called mail time not fire breathing ass licking dragons
Hey the tiny violin is mr crabs worlds tiniest violin
Smoh om u r suc  a duck y u haz to nat respxt ane ov ur male? Srry kids, it was my pet troll. REMEMBER! DON'T FEED IT!
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