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[MAMA 2011] Stars dancing to Snoop Dogg & Dr Dre

by 901016g • 107,565 views

Hyunseung's having his own little party huh. Haha.

Lol at least they seem to be having fun
I love their reaction lol....they all suddenly became a fan, soo cute!
Their awkward white boy dancing lol
Lmao tell me about it
Eunhyuk wants to dance with Minzy :)
I want to dance with her too
i absoulety love kpop and the kpop idols but for once im actually jealous not cause i couldnt see the kpop idols performances but because they got to see sope dogg and dr dre perform one of my favorite songs 'last episode' lol anyways they looked like they had fun!! 
minzy is the only one with rhythm. the rest smh. simon d lol fanboying
Fans just gawking at idols*AWKWARD* Could care less it's Snoop LOL
Minzy was getting it.
Lucky i wasn't at this one! I would be getting down!
imagine if bts was there
donghae just not be feeling it i guess, lol 
lol... donghae at the back a bit stiffed.... maybe conscious 
Minzy is the only one with rhythm lmao!!!
This is how they look like at clubs/parties lmao xD
shindong admits that eunhyuk and him , wants to dance with minzy at that time . i watched that here in youtube but i can't remember where but , its true shindong and eunhyuk wants to get close with minzy =) that's why they dance at the back of minzy . but they'll little bit of shy.
Does snsd know snoop dogg and dr dre
Their in their own world!!! minzy and hyunseung dancing together!!!!!,,,wish their some interaction between them,,,they did train around the same time too!!!
get'cha some beats by dre foo... lol
Eunhyuk of Super Junior aka anchovy
Minzy is on the MOVE !
+Hina W hehehe yes... maybe he was there
who's the tall guy beside simon D.!??
I wonder how exo and shinee would have reacted xD everyone's enjoying the performance though so that's nice c:
Does anyone who who the blond haired guy in the white tux is?
super junior eunhyuk
Awkward Asians being swagg hahaha :)
Doojoon fangirling when Dr.Dre comes out is soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!! Hyunseung dancing in his own world. Shindong and Eunhyuk dancing with the fans awwww <3 and Minzy dancing is sooo great!! Taeyeon is sooo into the song 2 LOOL aww xD
Hyoyeon and Eunhyuk are so fly!~ they are so diggin it while creating their own moves~ they just never seem to run out of energy! ;)
LMFAO I can't get over how much of an awkward creep Kyuhyun looks! lol
Hyunseung is doing the dougie xD
Eunji unnie seems to be the only one really having fun lol
SNSD look like they're like enjoying it so much there. Love them.
Notice the guys eyes are like following the female dancers lmao who blames them they are men afterall. Love how Mama makes sure they have a couple american/hiphop artists added to their awards its always nice to see a mix of music on one stage.
I want to see them all in the club lol
sooyoung seem really enjoy it :D
LMAO Beast is like totally going for it, are those suju members in the back? They look like they don't know what to do lmao, and Girls Generation they're trying haha Koreans are definitely not used to this kinda music. I know it for sure because I lived in Korea for a year, and man, they dance differently.
SO just stand up then dance cuz SM hire Snoop for them =))
@kaycee0122 right and did u see hyunseung doing the dougie
ayyyy look at minzy lol she's like "hell yeah bruhh" hahah eunhyuk in the back hahah gosh i love this hehehe
EEEYYYY! LOL Hyunseung Dancing a lil there, and Simon D XD Eunhyuk and Minzy :'D
Oh! i think our boys are enjoying too much when the dancers doing their thing! especially sungmin! hahaha!
If you look from 1:07 till 1:30 you definately see the boys checking out those girls. I mean can't blame them, they are men, so yeah, just pointing that out for those who havent noticed it yet :)
my eyes just can't leave minzy and eunhyuk.... :P
LOL. Seohyun is SO enjoying this. Gotta love that girl.
Hyunseung Love's Rap man he is in his own Fanboy world xD
I think they would have gone even more insane if they did "Nothin' But A GThang" or "Still D.R.E."
Omg too much awesomeness going on in this vid. Sungmin and Kyuhyun laughing like little perverted boys at the dancers, Eunhyuk acting a FOOL, B2st killin it, Donghaes single claps... LOL. <3
I got goosebombs :D I love eunhyuk ! NAd Yoseob so cute :D Their reactions are so funny
lol! eunhyuk and shindong in their own world :)
lmfaooooo i am laughing so hard at hyunseung
& Dara, haha, she lived in the Philippines, they speak english there ;D
LOL whats with Kyuhyun sneeky laugh, in a kinda evil way :P while watching the girls dance, and Sungmin laughing like a innocent kid XD, we know you guys are not that innocent, almost all the guys are staring at the girls, some with a pervy grin or smiles on their faces , they are not used to see some real junk in the trunk, LIVE XD
Wow! lots of people dancing! Looks like a jam-packed club with lots of peeps partying and all the idols are in the VIP section. lol
Lol, our idols are losers too.
Hyunseung, eunhyuk and minzy can get together and club all night. Too bad minzy is still underage. XD Its funny Minzy left her unnies behind and dance by herself. Hahaha
TaeYeon looks so damn
there was wayyy to much goin on in the video to describe how epic it was
This literally put a smile on my face, I'm loving the fact k-pop artist are jamming to hip-hop. Hopefully this will lead to some k-pop artist and american artist collaborating together.
Doojoon is fanboying hard xD He's so fun to watch in this.
BEAST <3 Hyunseung was really into it....they're all so cute!
Did you watched MAMA for free? Or it has ticket ?? please reply :)
i spot DooHyo on this video Lol,hahhahaha<3 my Hyoyeon so beautiful:p
he really is fanboying hard everyone else has their hands up he jumps and has his hands up
I love Hyunseung's dancing <3
where is my gils ? hahahahahah yes i got them by daras hair 2ne1 why you are standing back you must be in fron because you are the stars should dance not those sucks stars hahahahahah
Haha Hyoyeon is grooving the whole time! keke
hyoyeon acted like she was in a party! lol
CL, Dara and Bom's watching over Minzy! ^^
Hyunseung is having his own little dance battle in his own world. Ahhh Hyoyeon and Minzyyy best female dancers in kpop <3 Taeyeon is spazzing all over the place LMFAOOO ahhh so cute Oh and am I the only one hysterical laughing at CL's facial expression. AHH Love that girl This video is epic!
@aqiazi lol, those three crack me up so hard because they were SO seriously into it while everyone else is just messing around. ahaha. I like how Minzy is one of the few YG artists that goes up to the front at awards/interacts with other people instead of chilling in the back. I think only Seungri and Se7en do that too. It's really fun to watch, haha.
hahahaha!! im just lol'ing at kyuhyun just nodding his head and donghae just swaying
Bigbang would love this perf. u.u i miss them that day so much...
Would love to go clubbing with all of these people. . Especially snsd's hyoyeon and beast !! They look like they about to get down!!!
Besides all your favorite stars dancing along. Just look at Lang. hahaa omg he's so adorable with his awkward dancing.
lol all the guys watching the dancers ;D
cAn't TAke my eyes off he's been doing the dougie
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