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Achievement Hunter Weekly Update #117 (Week of June 18th, 2012)

by Rooster Teeth • 364,827 views

Jack and Geoff bring you a Halo-riffic episode of AHWU. Watch and learn about everything coming up this week! Also, don't forget to check out all this week for big...

There has to be a video of Millie beating the crap out of Gavin.
apparently she looks up to gavin like an older brother.....and gavin resembles my older brother sometimes, learned a lot from him. Like how not to blow $160,000 for a college degree that is going to be pointless and the major would be in religion, but he doesn't plan on going to seminary....
theres one of millie destroying kara at a pushup contest...
Imagine Millie on Go To Work day for school.
They just said something about that recently, she asked Griffon to go to school instead of Geoff. 
Wow Gavin before puberty sure is weird.
Pause video at 2:53, wiggle finger up and down in the middle of the VIDEO screen (not phone/computer/iPad screen, but the area where the video is playing) and play video, you are now tickling Geoff!
i can't focus on the AHWU with that f*cking picture on the computer in the background... xD
"Achievmient Hunter" :D :D You just can't help but love Millie, she should definitely be in more videos!
"Hello I'm just tickling my dad" That's Gavin everybody
Wow was this video made before Gavin went through puberty? How time flies.
eeeech. a little babi gav.
I'm loving the computer background, though
You should have Millie in more AHWU episodes
The monitor with Michael and Gavin on it had me cracking up
That one grey hair on Geoff's beard is bothering me more than it should.
I don't like the handlebar mustache he has now
Millie has Geoff's eyes
Badass stuff revealed in RTX2012?.....Jack must have been talking about the RWBY Red trailer
Jack's eyebrow game is on point
The background of the turned computer tho.
It's weird because I had to double take when Geoff came on screen... I totally didn't recognize him with his beard haha
lol achievmient hunter...that was cute
"Thats Gavin everybody"
'Im just tickling my dad'
I love how Geoff obviously told Millie to say she loves him but she says. "I love Gavin." So cute.
He told her to say she was Gavin but instead she said "I'm not Gavin"
I want a copy of the desktop background of the computer in the background of this video!
desktop background, bottom left corner = /
oh my gosh that was adorable intro
I thought of all the illustrations you guys have of her she would be blond
And if it is Millie with a Gavin mask on, who fires their own daughter? Lol.
I will fucking destroy you. I will make it my mission in life.
nah he's just drank so much booze he's permanently wasted.
Bring your kid to work day. Fires daughter.
Geoff shit beard. Nuffield said
first of all shes 8 so if she's "ugly" then that still makes her incredibly adorable so she really cant be ugly. and second if your talking about her teeth then that would be our little brit gavin who smashed out her two front teeth with his first time ever throwing a baseball. other than that your a tool,troll and possible future deadman.
Yes he did.. Watch the MLB let's play dickhole
it would have been hilarious if you where like "gavin" stop tickling me the real Gavin actually pops up from the bottom of the screen and just walks back to his desk.
He was saying that she was a "dumb ass" and that Geoff and his wife were horrible parents.
Aw man I keep coming back here to watch Geoff tell Millie she's fired. So hilariously cute. ^^
totes Gav's voice in the intro over the halo clip.
She has Griffon's smile and Geoff's eyes!
This was posted on my birthday ;.; :D
You mean she should grow a beard or something? How is she supposed to look like Geoff? xD
anyone see the picture of Gavin and Gus? on Gavin's desk
Millie looks so cute. Understand why shes not on any more because of all the fucking pedophile like mlgrosekid rosesfodays. He's a fucking pedophile
photobomb with the screen on the left... hehe
can we get a download link for that computer wallpaper? PLEASE :D thumbs up so we can get it :D
Millie looks so much like Griffon
What lucycube said hey I lov gavil
This was around the time that they let Millie dye her hair, I believe.
Geoff said he wanted to do a Kid AH, it would be amazing.
Geoff doesn't hate Gavin xD Its all an act they live together I'm pretty sure, their great friends
omg look at Gavin's desktop picture. lololol
I lost my two front teeth maybe a couple days apart. So I guess every little kid that'd every lost both of their front baby teeth got punched in the face. Someone should catch the guy punching thousands of kids in the face.
Mille looks so much like Griffon
millie doesn't look like her dad.
Geoff and Millie's eyes are absolutely identical my goodness.
Gavin's desktop wallpaper is top
dude did you seriously ask that obviusly they fell out it fuckin happens to everyone!
lol anyone seen the bottom left wallpaper of gavin xD
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