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Freddiew on chuck

by kkaryk • 68,547 views

Freddie Wong on the TV show Chuck in s05e05.

Didn't even realise he was in it wow!
So awesome! its 12:00 and i think i just woke up my neighborhood from screaming. I just watched this episode haha,
his acting is so freddiew ish it makes the entire scene freddiew ish
Does this remind anyone of that scene in Social Network?
well you have resorted to insulting so you have know lost the argument besides that video was lame you gotta watch his new ones and cuck is rated at 95 out of 120 top shows and freddiew is the 5th most subcribed on youtube
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For those who want to know: the song is No Problem by Chase & Status
FAKE! The only way he could win is if Freddie let him win, but knowing Freddie, he would never let someone beat him at hacking. Thus, Chuck is unrealistic and nonviable. freddiew never loses.
Chuck didn't care about a penny, because he had a different objective. Owned.
Noone beats an asian...and really noone, NOONE beats an asian hacker!...Especially when it´s Freddiew.
@MrBerserkerHero Yes it is, this is contributed on IMDB also. sub him.
even if i did what does that have to do with anything? and im never gonna stop replying except for a month or so im really busy and we should stop trolling this video so can you PM me your trolls plz thnx
than you should stop corrupting freddiew vids with trolling besides you think this was long?!? i replied to so many people 2 pages are filled with my comment battle.
where did that marquee come from?
Golden Desert Eagle???Sounds like the writers played to much Call of Duty 4....
I love how they use freddie's actual name.
It's impossible for Mr. Wong to be... *puts on sunglasses*... ...Wong.... Oooooooh yaaaaaaaa!
Oh and by the way, Freddie and your grammar got owned :(
Song name at the end I want to listen to that when I am codin
Chuck managed to take complete control of his security system which if Freddie was "better than Chuck by a longshot" shouldn't or couldn't happen.
You used "one" instead of "won", so now its you and freddie that got owned :(
chuck should have hacked into freddiews computer and f#cked it all up :D
So unrealistic, Freddie can hold X to hack something!
Ok freddiew on chuck holy crap too much beer or is this real ;-)
If the keyboard was a guitar hero controller then chuck would be screwed
Is this what Chuck is about? I might have a new series to... buy
Freddie is actually a very good actor
Wow.. i loved it..!! =D Congratulations Freddie !!!
Spaz out on keyboard - hack federal reserve
@Spar125 must have had a seperate power source from the lights (the computer)
How did you he fix a power outage with a computer...that requires power?
I find it funny that they use razer black widow ultimate, razer headphones and beats
@GadAnimations Chuck. Best show evar
Was I the only one that tried to move my mouse at 2:52 ?
freddie wong, the new masi oka.
UPS? backup power? just turned off lights? there's many explanations.
Bull! Freddie's security system would be impenetrable!
And your point is? besides freddie still one so chuck got owned :)
@mercenarygamer1 you sir havent seen the video? that episode. chuck helped him lmao..
Freddie is an excellent actor. Asian computer geek stereotype? Chuck should be given him a better role. Freddie is great off-camera but his great on-camera. Also, what would you prefer. A hacker who transfers money from banks. Or someone that steals TVs. This clip.. come to me like.. Hey, We're actors. Your an Youtube actor _ lets put you in stiff computer chair.. offer lame dialoge, and basicly nothing to work with.
This is the longest I've ever trolled somebody, so yes I will reply and continue this fun until you inevitably realize I'm intentionally leading on this pointless debate for my entertainment :)
Chuck is a shit show but Freddiew is cool.
yeah i know but when i click on ur channel it says channel not found
@Cryptmaker2 And Piranha is the name of one of Razer's headsets. Razer sure was a sponsor.
how come freddie never said anything about this in his vids?
best part evr, favorite utber and show and one of the songs from fifa 12
Dude read the comment debate i had with two people and you will see freddie so didnt get owned
@IKAIKA992233 same questiin why didn't the monitors work? Also, how did freddy know what he was typing? I mean's freddy...but still
If its bothering you that much, you could just ignore me you know. Freddy got owned!
Ok here i go Technically freddiew won because chuck got flatscreens and freddie actully got got the one penny into their account and freddie had to undo what chuck did so he won and did not get "owned" :P
Btw im kidding in my last comment below
chuck won in my eyes cause he helped freddiew and still managed to controll everything
Everyone knows how to get a penny. You simply knock. "Penny...penny...penny..."
You realize that what you just said made sense just about 0% and is 100% stupid?
yeah but if you looked closely you wouldve seen freddie undo chucks help cause it was WRONG!
His more popular then Legend Film Directors. GIve this man a real movie to shot.. honestly
now that you are using my grammar errors in the argument that shows that you cant continue this argument using what chuck and freddie did so in my mind you have lost and if you reply again i will reply back and you will lose again. have fun making a reply for me!
no Seriously pm me ur trolls and no i will will reply for eternity and u will stop first ive won them all so far im not about to lose this one so ur gonna get owned!
FAKE! cant beat asains...OR freddie wong :o
ok but really send me a personnel message cause were really spamming this page besides if this was a smosh or raywilliamjohnson i could care less but its freddiew so ill keep replying and where is your channel?!?!?!?!?
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