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Airsoft War Skirmish Battle in South Carolina @ Redfox

by Crazyncman Airsoft Gun Review, War Videos • 3,922,118 views

Need quality airsoft ammo for a low price? Here is some footage from a game I played at in South Carolina at Redfox. This was filmed by some players at the game since...

do u have to wear a full face mask at red fox
7:36 bet that afro guy get's airsoft bb's stuck in his hair.
theres always those guys who were a T shirt and jeans, and then the guys who go all out wearing $1000+ of equipment...
Look at the kid on the wall at 2:10 xD.
MSatria H Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Love the sc airsoft places
@7:35 Damn man is that a hair-do, a bb catcher or Ronald McDonald playing airsoft!
Love the sc airsoft places
Look at the guys Afro at 7:37
I have been to redfox airsoft its so cool. i love silverado city
how old do you have to be to do this 6:30
I would love to do that though.
There isn't really a law for this but the average age you should be allowed to participate in airsoft is 9.
These guys ain't trained for shit lmao they had there elbows out... they're supposed to keep em down that's why the got Shot... noobs
I would like to be a sniper or soldier ah screw it sniper
what pistols were being used at 3:56 could you send me the name if you know thank you and beast vid
how do you know who your enemy is ???
They'll color code them by shirts for example, if some people are wearing Grey and black, and some are wearing green and tan, they'll put greens and tans together and call them team 1 or team tan or whatever, and the black and Grey colored shirts as team 2 or something... Its very simple... Hope this helps
lol that kid with the shotgun at 2:10 looks so scared 
guy with hitler mustash at 2:18 lol
How much are airsoft guns? Do they sell them in Walmart?
Hey can u give me a list of all the snipers and rifles
I only found Cool Combat and Pbc airsoft for some reason :/ i go to CC but its too CQ for me.I see some but like Pcb they dont have a main site so it really confuses me because ive only played airsoft 3 times there any fields you personally like for outdoor games that you think i should try out?I might go try this one soon :D
hes troll leave him be and he will wonder elsewhere in search of food
Three years I ago I watched this video. If I hadn't watched this video, I probably would not be playing airsoft.
The only thing I have to say about your gun is at least it doesn't sound like a fart I'm looking at you polarstar users ಠ_ಠ
Not necessarily. Better hopup will out range high fps with bad hopup. This has been proven by the R Hop mods. Same gun, same fps, different hopup setup, R Hop can go 100 yards.
Just another insecure little cunt lol.. There is a reason why paintball is much more expensive, IT'S BETTER.
omg as it keeps magazine? 9:11noooob!!!!!!!!! facepalm!
These people are idiots. All wanna be soldiers. Try the real thing
poor guy, you'd see his afro coming before the rest of his body. 7:33
If you are referring to airsoft, it depends on where you are hit and what distance you are hit from. Usually in airsoft skirmishes, I prefer to wear heavier/padded clothing for protection. However, if you are referring to bb guns with true metal rounds, yes, it hurts quite a bit and can dig into skin very badly.
2:08 i laughed so hard that kid was scared to death he didnt even want to peak around that corner haha!
Man I'd love to do this, but I'm not old enough..
FPS does, it means Feet per second. It means the velocity and distance...
lol where are they mm out there XD
close quarters battle/close quarters combat same stuff
Wha.. how does this have 3.8 million views!!?? I played in this! the is back in the SCAA days, freakin Robin's loudspeaker it the tone starting the match! hahaha!
7:40 that dudes hair is gonna give him a huge disadvantage laugh out loud
@James67341 it depends, and yes they sell them at walmart
Best position to be in is surrounded. At that point, it doesn't matter what direction you fire in, your bound to hit an enemy. My best memory was our team being outnumbered 3 to one, and still managing to hold our ground for 3 hours, until our grenadiers decided to join the fight and lob shells on everyone. Took some friendly fire, but managed to force a hole and get back to base.
7:34 look its carrot tops little brother
then why are you watching this? stop trolling...isnt it time for sesame street?
French Foreign legion and its not their rifle just preferred weapon of choice
I love candid camera! "Smile you're on candid camera"
I guess you haven't ever heard of a thing called sarcasm...
fps means feet per second which means how fast the bbs go not the rate of fire of the gun so crazyncman is right
your knowledge of toy guns is great. fucking loser
Ive always wondered what an airsoft war looked like. Clearly pretty cool
Please be sure to go watch my latest video and hit the share button. It is a very important vid with documented evidence!
7:35 aaaafffrrrrrroooo mmmaaannn!!!
Airsoft is way better than paint ball
omfg you are an idiot in game world it can also mean frames per second but in airsoft it means feet second
Blackopsboy10 I just tell my parents I wont shoot in my house a great first pistol is the beretta 90 two spring pistol there is reviews on YouTube of it it is only $15 at walmart I recommend .20 gram bebes but the gun comes with 400 .12 bebes so that will start u off. I now have 3 pistols and an M4 rifle it does not take much to convince parents
based on the fact it is in all caps and ever is spelled evar i think this person is using the sarcasm
FPS means a few thing feet per second, frames per second, first person shooter and i'm sure there are more.
How does someone get into playing Airsoft? Are there places i can go to register or something? looks interesting
Is it scary being in the middle like that
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