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 Apple MacBook Pro 13" i7 Review by Product Feedback

by Product Feedback • 369,688 views

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My Macbook is as you reviewed except I installed a total of 8Gb memory and a SSD hard drive. It boots in 15 to 18 seconds and have no problem running multiple windows in Photoshop, AutoDesk AutoCad, Adobe Illustrator etc. Macbooks are not "painted" as you suggest, They are aluminum, They retain resale value exceedingly better than any plastic PC laptop, No viruses, Free upgrades on the OS X and superb tech support and waranty. What more can you say, They are Excellent for those of us that depend on our laptop for work.
How to change opacity to the white bar top of the screen?
Best review i've Seen so far!
pc and mac is just the same thing; personal computer... just fyi
apple isn't really a gaming computer, because a lot of games are only released just for pc, still some big titles are available on mac such as: fifa, borderlands, assassins creed, left 4 dead, tomb raider, command and conquer,...
does anyone know where i can find that wallpaper?
I'm glad I got this for a good price, but it was worth it.
I like the macbook pro because it has more ports and It would not break that easy because if you drop it it is thick and it might just give it a bad dent as well as the macbook air would just break and not work at all
Just got my macbook yesterday... LOVE IT!!!!!!
@Koldness99, does your interpretation of having a better product than"any MacBook", include both the new 2.8ghz MacBook Pro Retina and, (my potential new laptop) the 2.7ghz MacBook Pro W/antiglare display. The 2.7ghz model will have a 512GB Samsung 840 pro SSD, which I found for $499, and Crucial's 16GB RAM for MacBook Pro 15" models ($69.)
haha i know! not sure when to get one though and whether to go for a retina or non retina display! :-/
Exactly what I thought when I got my first mac, the Macbook Air, a year ago! The thing performs 10 times better than my quad core Sony Vaio.
3:25 o_o that's not paint brah, its aluminum. Aluminum scratches.
macbook pro isn't painted its anodized aluminum
i7 if you are a processing power-hungry person that does a lot of processing intensive things. i5 for the more average user that like the speed but does not need it.
How come you named Muhammad and u dont sound muhammad esque
The cinematography of this video was astounding. Would you by chance still have that wallpaper available somewhere? It looks really enticing.
A "smart" person would be able to write a sentence using proper English.
Amazing the amount of people who say theres better products for half the price and yet dont list any of them...
my dad has the 15' and i have the 13" i love mine, and i hate his, for some odd reason
just got a Mid-2012 MacBook Pro and i love it!!!
why would anyone show off with 800W psu? less watts = more efficency. MAC FTW Fuck pc
Screens' defiantely crap but the specs is really decent
because its diferent, good and the desgin is fucking incrible
You pay for the logo just so you know. There are so many laptops that is better than Apples for 50% of the price of an MacBook.
why spoiled? thats just a retarded and hating comment im getting a macbook and im not spoiled your just fucking jealous he's getting one because obviously if you didn't want one you wouldn't be here ...
it depends on what your needs are. if you're after mobility and speed go for the macbook air. if your after a more powerful mac get the macbook pro it has more features and is good for a home computer.
if you are not a graphic designer or a guy who works in the field of art please don't buy Mac, mac has a specific kind of users who don't also mind to use only original software only. it costs around 7000 AUD "13inch" (eXPENSIVE) but deserves it. I LOVE IT
I worked for hard for my alienware, I didn't ask my parents for money. I'm not a spoiled teenager.
Sir thank you for your review. Helped out.
i wondering a little thing about the macbook pro 13'' is the screen to small if i gaming and lisening to music and other stuff like that i dont gaming very much but sometimes please can someone help me ?
i7 is better but you probs wouldn't notice the difference unless you do high powered games
price, gaming, better hardware options, more software
guys check out my channel also i post cool reviews
I believing people here are refering to a laptop not a desktop dude.
Getting one for my 18th can't wait. This will help a lot with my coursework next year. I'm pretty crap at understand what's a good processor I had a tosh a which ran pretty slow for games so will this mac run well for games from steam or world of Warcraft with good graphics?
Ummm ok? No one really cares. So your calling TheTTazor spoiled when YOU are also spoiled since you have an alienware
You see if there was a thumb down button on a comment, that comment would be -1000+
that is a cool wallpaper, what is it called anyone know?
Hey can someone please help me? I'm looking for a really cheap MacBook Pro, no other laptop. I want to find the cheapest one with the black rims around the interior screen. Used, refurbished, it doesn't matter I just want a cheap one.
i´m getting this for free through my school xD :P
I switched from dual displays, that is 3ksomethingXfuckwhat px to this. Mission Control makes it very usable.
I went hackintosh, I still have a quad boot...
This is Mac review but 1:24 looks like Metro UI
Although the price sets me off on this thing but I absolutely crave the design.... Maybe an older used model for me core 2 duoish :D
hows the heat? does it get hot alot?
thank you , BTW someone stole your video : watch?v=i62V-7bUKzk
yeah sure but if your getting a macbook pro i would go with the 15 inch it would handle it better
great unbiased review...proving to me that people who buy these truly are just simplistic people who only want a functioning device
I was just searching apple vs alienware and I stumble on this video somehow, Alienware or Asus are 10x times better than any apple, you can play whatever video games you want and you can also work with them, but with apple they suck and can't play games for shit unless you bootcamp with Windows. I'll never regret buying the best gaming piece of portable hardware <3 alienware.
i got mine for $1295 and it rocks
I had a 13" for a longer time, that laptop is really great, it's loghtweight, strong, durable, and battery lasts for a whole day of working. I must admit that all of the flaws (exept the battery) are true, but still it's one of the best notebooks on the market. I've switched to 17" model and i love it, but it's different kind of mobile computer.
Get retina. Its alot better, but more expensive.
@productfeedback how did you film this?
MacBook airs superior to the MacBook Pro (2011) models
Talking of "simplistic people" (hahaha, too funny) here we have butthurt PC drone comment #4066. Spell check can catch some things, but it can't turn drivel into logic.
Srdavid your just not as advanced as macs are so you say they are stupid
ok im brazilian, and i dont speak english very well, i love windows, but i use too mac, but the 2 its good ;)
why is this only for light video editing??? its powerful
I have a mac and honestly you didn't do it justice. You take no time to talk about the amazing drag and drop techniques,nothing about the new apps available only to mac's and really only scrutinised the paint. I have to say after this, you've lost a subscriber mate.
Tell me one Mac that can run BF3 ULTRA Settings (EVERY THING ULTRA) at 60--120FPS at all time, That costs under 2500 Dollars.
Anyone jumping to the 2012 MacBook Pro? I wonder which is better in comparison hmmm...
Mines expected to come in on the 18th :D so excited thank you Santa
No, you don't need a high-end processor like the i7 for gaming. Always compare graphics card for gaming. Not processors.
Kind of prefer the non-retina one. o.o
The idea that you choose to be offended over something that's not offensive is an undeveloped argument? Good thing you avoided the hypocrisy of an "undeveloped argument" by providing some truly stimulating discussion with your last comment. What with "lol" and "wtf" (popular with teenagers) combined with you telling me you didn't understand anything i just said, made us all understand the kind of person we're dealing with. An overly sensitive person that doesn't have an explanation for anything
I just got the 13" MacBook pro with th core i7, I love uy
nice vid! oh and by the way some1 has stolen ur vid unless u gave them permission but heres the link watch?v=i62V-7bUKzk i62V just to let u no!
Hello everyone, I want to ask your advice. I'm a DJ by profession, and I wonder if I will regret it if i move from the PC to a macbook? thanks in advance
It would be good to have this and a gaming computer.
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