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Valentine's day, prom, wedding hairstyle for long straight hair tutorial

by Lilith Moon • 927,941 views

I'm wearing Glam Time clip-in hair extensions and I talk about them in detail in *** In this sophisticated spring / summer...

you can do this hairstyle in french please
So pretty. I tried this style and my hair looks beautiful. Thank you so much for posting. 
Can you do a tutorial on Miley Cyrus's french braided hair? (from when she had her long hair)
Wow that's super cute! And so simple!))
I love your videos! They are easy to follow and the final result is beautiful! Thanks to you there is no more boring hair days for me! \(^~^)/
I'll do this for prom :)
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voce faz os penteados e o cabelo ficar tão bonito com tanta facilidade! estou amando ver seus tutoriais de cabelo parabens!
I love your tutorials... simple yet elegant.watching ur tutorials gave me a new look. Like six years i constantly keep putting my hair in i can look more like an adult. Thanks to you.
I don't like the music.. make me feel bored... Hmmmm
Thanx I have seen another video similar to this but yours looks much more easier and beautiful. :-)
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The greatest hair invention techniques ever! I would have never thought of anything close to your ideas! Awesome!
So simple yet sooo pretty! You're amazing!
this is such a pretty hairstyle you are awesome! and i have have butterfly clips like that to!
Love it!! your so awesome!! so gonna do this hairstyle!!!! thank you!!!
I have very long hair and was looking for a quick & easy updo for work. This is absolutely perfect...thank you!!
it is really good and easy to do thank you
Hi ! It's really pretty! I want an easy hairstyle to go to school ! Thanks :)
I will definitely do this tomorrow to my school!!!
W jaki sposób udaje Ci się otrzymać taki kolor włosów? Używasz rozjaśniacza czy tylko farby? Jest piękny :) Pozdrawiam :)
Can I do this with very long hair??
GORGEOUS LADY , how long have you been doing tutorials ?
what language do u speak other than english?
The clear elastics always get stuck in my hair when I try to take them out do you have any tips for taking them our
this hairstyle is sooo nice i love it
Do you think that it would look good with the bottom curly?
I just love this! I want to it, I just don't know where to get these transparent elastics? Can I use something else instead, or does is have to be these little things? I love your videos!!!
aww thank you, sweetie! you can always straighten your hair for a day and I can always curl mine - nothing is as exciting as a temporary change ;) X
I really really adore your creativity, and your beautiful hair as well. I have learnt lots of gorgeous hair styles from your wonderful videos. I go to youtube everyday to check if you upload new tutorial videos. Thank you very much.Please keep on your job.
what you do with hair should be considered ART!!! WOW
Did it for school, so amny compliments, just like the flower! Could you also make a video on a dutch headband but from one ear to the other?
thankyou for doing this, this will be my prom hairstyle!! :D
damn my ginger hair >:( lol, wish I had brown hair D:
Oooooh, it was so easy! :D Thank you!! I love it <3
@Mspoprostu aww I'm so glad to hear that, thanks for telling me! :))
beautiful color hair <3 do you speak polish?
i love ur video it was very helpful thanku so very much
O M G your seriousily talented, its so easy and simple but i would of never of thaught of it! :)
amazing! could you please do a tutorial on the braids worn by Daenerys Ttargaryen from the show "Game of Thrones" ?!
How long does this take if your doing it for the first time? Need it for tomorrow night
you make me wish i was straight haired !!! i have dark brown (love the color) princess curled hair...... -_-' when it's not frizzy!! And thanks for the tutorial i loveee <3 <3 your channel :* <3 <3
I love your channel! I have long hair and never had a clue what to do with it until I found your videos. You're beautiful and please keep doing what you do!
Hi =) Please do a tutorial "ELEGANT PROM HAIR STYLE FOR CURLY HAIRS" please please !!
Quuuuue cute!! Simple & cute!! ^___^
And would it also look good if I had side-swept bangs and I left them out?
I took the style you used for this one and added it onto the newest video you have, braided to the side, but instead of breading one side, i braided both and put it back like you did in this video and added 2 white flowers! it looks amazing! I love your videos! i use these hair styles all the time for work :)
Can you do some hairstyles with front bangs? I have bangs that go across my forehead.
@khrluver the best thing to do is cut them with a pair of scissors
it looks like fish tail braid it is so pretty
aww that's awesome! have the best wedding ever!! :)
I'm gonna try this out with curly hair first.. I also need to find star clips for my star themed wedding for this.
its wonderful i really love this,all of my classmates are telling me that my hairstyle is cute thank u for this tutorial
@Tigerhood11 she is a model of expert hairstylists
if u keep going all the way down, it looks sorta like a fishtail braid :) btw, LOVE ur videos <3 :D
It's kinda dumb the way I got bullied in school for it. people would call me a "fat ginger b***h" & all that mean stuff & once one boy punched me in the face and loosened my frickin tooth. Trust me, you do NOT want rotten ginger hair >.>
you are so creative and every style is just equally elegant!
This is so beautiful! I'm gonna try it for church next week I think. :)
I love red hair! you're so lucky I'm a dirty blonde and I wish I was a redhead!!
Thank you so much for your videos, cause im using them to do my hair at important parties, instead of getting it done at a salon :)
Thank you so much.Very beautiful.
Why can't you just live in my bathroom?
i really like your examples they look very easy i am thinking of trying with some of them, CONGRATULATIONS AND THANKS TO HELP US
wearing a silk/satin sleeping cap is one option :)
wow so quick and east but yet soooo gorgeous going to use it for my cousin's wedding next year!!! soooo cute! P.S. where did you get your butterfly clips from because they are just soooo pretty!
Wow! All These styles are fantastic!! Pretty nice *_*
This hairstyle is easier than it looks. I'm gonna use it for military ball this weekend =)
Dziekuje! :) Tak, moje wlosy sa najpierw rozjasniane a potem tonowane, czyli trzeba troche je wymeczyc zeby otrzymac taki kolor... bede juz przechodzic do ciemniejszego blondu (bez rozjasniacza) bo jednak po dlugotrwalym rozjasnianiu wlosy staja sie coraz bardziej cienkie :/
Omg, so simple yet so beautiful!! Thank you!!
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