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Room Tour Update/Room Decor Inspiration Haul!

by Belinda Selene • 57,105 views

Music by Florrie- Begging Me You can find all of the links to the items showed and more information on my blog! I love to interact with all of you! If you have...

Nice video. Good style. It's called a dress form, not a mannequin. 💋
You do relize that you said "Black, White, Pink and White" Right?
you are so inspirational you make me one to jump up and start decorating !!!!
I love when you make these kinds of videos. More please :)
You have such a nice, happy personality(:
Where did you get the bags on your rack?
lol when I was editing I was like "oh no, Oh well"
Hey, I am only 15 and my room pretty much sucks. My parents aren't very big on "decor" so whatever is in my room, I have to do myself. Your room is AWESOME. It's seriously my inspiration and dream room. I have your DIY videos all in tabs right now and I plan to watch them all because your style is amazing! Thank you so much for taking time out and doing all of this. I REALLY appreciate it. You deserve more credit than you get. I can't wait till I turn 16 to get a job and make my room cute :)
omg i have that minty shirt! 5:52
Love you too!!! Thank you so much love!!! You made my day! I'll show the rest of my apartment as well ;) thank you!
My room is like rly boring theres colors everywhere and i dont like it I agree with you :))
my room is damask theme too!!! paris Damask
Sry I fixed it now. I don't know why it didn't show before.
i love the perfume tray....what area in hobbylobby did u get the tray from? I went to hobbylobby and couldnt find it....I really want to get one, if u can remember that would help
hey i just want to say you have inspired me so much with ur room decor because i actually someone on youtube that really has the same style as me so that is great im am actually getting my room re done soon for my bday and it is gonna be demask theme becuz i love how u put everything together you are just a great inspiration
Do you have a video up of a handbag collection? I'd love to see one!
omg can you please let me know from where is you purse the one that is on the top on the rack... if i can still find it??? please let me know ... love you
Black white, pink and WHITE lol hehe
u can get clothes racks at walmart for even cheaper i got one for aroung 10 dollors and it was the same size as the one you have u should cheak it out
hi where did u get the maikin and perfume tray i love them (: great video by the way
RicVil25 is my boyfriend lol u guys should tell him to do the Boyfriend Tag with me!
Hey. So I watched slot of your videos and I love them all . Mainly the room ones. Cause I share a room, but my room is boring. It's all brown and is the biggest in the house and I have 20 shelfs + cause when we moved in it was their and we can't move it! Any Tips? Btw I share a room with an 5 year old! :-)
Please do an inspiration rack tour
Belinda please sell me some flowers I'll pay for them shipping and all I promise here in California Anaheim to be exact they have non :( pleaseeeee
Thanks for posting this, the shape of my room is similar to yours!!!
''Which is black, white, pink, and white LOL LOVE YOU BELINDA<3
Where is your ring from? Is it ysl?
Wow, I remember hobby lobby ;) that was so fun going there...nice vid ;)
Oh my Gosh' I was going to buy that minty color top - the one with rhinestones on the sleeves but it was kind of expensive for Marshall's (: you inspire me ❤
hi i am a preteen and io am looking to find a room stle then i came upon your channel and u have the same idea as i do for my room and i am redecorating but i have been looking for mannequins everywhere and i am so glad u told me where i can buy it but when i went on hobby lobby's website the closest thing i could fing was a same jewlery mannequin so could you please tell me what to search up or where i can find it in the store(:(;
Ahhhhhhhh I had to click this video ur seriously MY FAVORITE guru I'm not lying!! And I love ur decorations their so cute!!!
Shoedazzle :D it's called the Newell purse but was from a few seasons ago.
I love the top pale pink handbag on your 'insperation rack'! details of were you got it please
Great video!! I need some room decor advice - I just moved into a new place and all the walls in the bedroom I rent are painted Cherry Red (not my fave color - I prefer Beige, Sky Blue, and Yellow/Cream). The huge bedroom window has white blinds which I don't mind - I prefer blinds to curtains. I want to make the room look more inviting by purchasing a carpet to layer on top of the beige one installed in the room. What color do you think would really work well with the Cherry Red walls? thanks
Can you do an arm candy collection video please I would love to see all the brace
u look a bit like bethany joy galeotti. btw love the room tour. thanks for showing
On the wall paper or the letters love? Let me know and I'll post more information along with pictures on my blog so I can show you faster :D
I would love for you to check out my channel and give me some tips. ♥♥♥
Great Video! Your hair looks amazing!! <3
Can you tell me the name of the design on your walls and the mannequin also the link to the mannewuin if it still in store, Thanks :)
One of my fav videos by you! This was so inspiring!
I made it :D I traced the pattern from a shirt I bought Downtown
You look a lot like Jennifer Lopez.....I was just watching this video & just saw her lol
love your videos but they make me feel so poor ;(
i have the same manequin and i purchased it from Home Goods
OMG i thought you didn't see that comment. What a huge LOL! i started cracking up cause it looked like you were so serious and didn't even notice!
can't wait to see the room tour.... i needs ideas n inspiration... my room is big so idk where to start with da decoration... anywho... loved the video as always
Haha i have the same perfume. Forever- by Mariah Carey
I love your mannequin and the 'glamorous' wall/paper thing sooooo much. How did you manage to do it? like what were the materials and were did you get them from. If you did it DIY pleeeeaaase make a video! I love the way it looks so much and I would love to do my wall inspired by it since im moving in a couple of months. Love your videos (:
you're so beautiful! You look like jennifer lopez <3 Love your videos.
Can you make a video on how to make the chanel pillow and tissue box please
where is ur favorite purse from ? haha
omg where did you get that green purse ! i love it
where did you get the handbags on your rack, the teal and beige colour
Omg you're so creative and gorgeous!!!! Where did you get the top pink bag on your clothing rack?
can you tell me where you got those things and for your closet also.
Black white pink and white lol
This is for reals my fave youtube channel because I love room decor
Belinda, I'm in a crisis and I need your help! I've looked EVERYWHERE and cannot find a mannequin! When I saw yours I died. I'm in the middle of redoing my room and, It is damask themed too!, Though when I went on the Hobby Lobby website, and there today, I could nit find it! Please help me! :(
I love you!!!! Lol not in the wrong way i love your videos you are like a style genious i used your necalace cork board idea and i tried to find that same wrapping paper and my looks pretty darn close. I love your room i just wanted to know can u ive me the link ( if you have it) to where you got your bedding and the name of the design i love it Thanks, Megan
Where are this 3 purses on your clothes rack from !???? I'm in love !
Hello! I purchased the white flowers from Marshall's the last time you mentioned buying them at the store. My question is . . . how do you keep them W H I T E !?! i'm starting to notice they're getting lil dull looking -_- at first i was dusting them off every other day but yanno a girl can get a lil lazy here & there ^.^
dude i swear we live in the same town!!!
Yes I recently saw the dress form at Hobby Lobby :D and I believe it's called Damask ;)
Where did you get the pink and mint purse from? Please reply back.
ricvil25 was first. lol (: It doesnt matter. It's just for fun
OMG! You look like JLO! So pretty!
Where is the pink purse on your inspiration rack from ?
LOVE this vid! (: Super beautiful decor ! xoxo, Bianca
I love the velvet hangers!!!and it is in HOT PINK!!Loveeee pink-3i love u!!!
It didnt let me go to your blog...
can you tell me how you're skin look like yours? I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know it's summer when you hear sirens! lol
Where did you get the Chanel pillow ?I loove it!
🎥🎥Thanks for this video.!!!! Very very helpful and motivating.. 😊 What kind of paint do you recommend to use for painting furniture? Love all you're videos!!!!
where did you get the first purse (nudy peach) hanging on your racket?
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