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Rafael Nadal Upset by Lukas Rosol at Wimbledon

by ESPN • 355,672 views

Rosol with 2 straight aces to complete the upset over Nadal. Rosol wins 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 2-6, 6-4

British crowd love seeing Nadal beat
No they don't.  This had nothing to do with disliking Nadal, in fact the British tennis crowd are very fond of Rafa, only slightly less so than Federer even.  The reason the crowd were getting behind Rosol was because he was the underdog, the Brits love an underdog in sport, and the way Rosol was playing on that day anyone would cheer for him, it was pure heart and skill and courage on display, a great sporting moment.
fun how everybody all around the world wants to see nadal out, down, beat we are tired fo this guy, tired of his doping,  nadal GET OUT 
one of the stupidest people and comment ever. I'm not even going to back my point up. just do some research he gets tested at least 20 times a year...never once has he been positive for drugs. 
+henrywessel8 We thought Lance was clean until the truth came out. The same thing could happen with Nadal.
I remember this match it had the hallmarks of CLASSIC Nadal didn't play that bad either
Why is everyone saying Nadal dopes? Has this been in the news?!
still remember this game, i thought the momentum was with nadal when he took the 4th set maybe if they hadn't of delyed the match and closed the roof i think rafa would've won that match, also Rosol played like a freak in the 5th set ive never seen anything like it. hope these two meet again in the second round this year
+ultrajboy14 It was just one of those strange days in tennis. Even though Soderling hit every shot, Rafa was clearly wasn't on top form. Seeing the way he played at the AO that year kind of explains it.
+ultrajboy14 He got mono, it's not like his level dropped off. He wants to come back to tennis.
The final cheer shows how much the moonballer is disliked. Robbing slams with all doping and cheating may bring you trophies and money, but won't bring people's respect. The moonballer will always be remenbered to be an absolute evil for tennis.
And a cheat with time violations.
as you too blatantly don't play tennis to any sort of level i just can't be bothered to point out how stupid that statement was
Dopedull salty as fuck
0:44 what an asshole trowìng the racquet lìke that
Love the way Nadal gives him back his racket maybe thinking "Dont throw that kid! Its a souvenir for you!"
Nadal should have been happy, the match ending meant that he would have more time to pick at his butt, which seems to be his all-time favorite thing
Nadal you're the best !
AHAHAHAHA, Rafa got his revenge in Doha.
Nadal - no grace and no class.
Lol, he acted like he won the tournament.
lol at the crowd and us tennis fans... cheering and celebrating cause the underdog won...then realize 2 days after that the second round's gonna oppose 2 shitty players
+Daniel Burke oh yes anyone would rather watch Rosol for hours on end than a pusher moonballer with 14 slam titles and more Masters 1000 than anyone in history but then again we forget that the mighty @DanielBurke has won zillions of ATP matches himself and is a tennis maestro
Not gonna lie Nadal's not my favourite but I didn't see this coming at all! Well done Rosol, it takes a lot to beat Rafa.
Thank you. Seriously though I'd never even heard of Rosol before I saw this video.
No one is perfect. Everyone has bad days. Where's Rosol now? No where near Nadal that's for sure
the crowds reaction couldn't be more pro rosol!! well nadal got him this year, hopefully they can play a bunch more times
Rafa, I really hope you beat this trumped up nobody tonight
It was a great match though, I don't think anybody can say that Nadal was evidently struggiling physically here, it's just that this player did hit the ball at an outstanding pace and throughout the whole match BTW. The crowd's roar is immense
Uhh, of course! Oh, I thought you were along me if I threw my racquet at the net after every win, and then let my opponent pick it up for me, and then look at him smugly...
Asking* I'm so lame at my jokes
These two are meeting again in the 2nd round this week. It should be good.
Rosol to take out the shit again ..wimledon 2014 here he comes !! ;)
Didn't happen. +rajnaren kotikalapudi You are the sh&& who never played a set of tennis in your sad, pathetic life
Anytime Nadal loses people cheer.  Reason, he's not that well liked accept by brownies.  Nuff said.  Too bad Rosel hasn't followed this win up with anything but mediocre performances though.
I feel that your just a pathetic troll who needs to get a life. I mean ASP!!! Nadal always proving the haters and trolls why he is the goat. Now go suck Federer ass.
Water under the bridge!
Nadal was like "You dare to desecrate this court? I'll pick up you rubbish!!!"
It is really nice from Nadal picking up Rosol´s racquet after he threw it like a total asshole
As he would tell hìm... Alrìght son.. today you are the boss but the future ìs very long!
As opposed to bumping into a player and pretending your injured.  You Nadal fans are backwards.
Rosol celebrated like he won the tournament or something, it was hilarious, it was only the second round 
It was a 5 set match win vs one of the best players in the world, and he is unranked. Of course he will celebrate like that
It's about context..if someone like you defeats nadal even in a warm up game,you will remember it for the rest of your life
WTF is a round in tennis? Is it a set? I'm so confused, f*ing Americans......
Sometimes I don't get Rosol. He can play so well sometimes and be such a gentleman. The next minute he throws his racket or knocks Nadal's bottle down.
Whatever happened to that Rosol guy?
in a nadal point of view that seems respectful to react like that after beating him. 
rafa kicked his ass today in doha even though the czech was trying to intimidate him. rosol sucks !
Rosol plays like a world no 1, he couldn't have hit any harder but still had to win it in 5 sets. This is a testament of how good Nadal really is!
From your point of view,yes,from many others NO :)
Not true. Nadal has a winning record over Roger in every surface but grass (1-2)
Federer is older than Djokovic and Nadal, do you know this ?
@rog nad too win the french open besides Nadal shouldn't he get credit for that ? Nadal is king of clay and say all you want about Soderling helped Roger correction Soderling helped EVERYONE who was still in the tournament , likes of Federer , Del Potro , Murray , Soderling , all talented players who could of won the tournament , Roger proved he is the 2nd best clay courter in our generation behind the best clay courter ever in Nadal,
I miss Nadal at the US Open. It would not be the same if Fed were missing or Djork were missing. I like to see them all compete. I have my favorite,and I am sick to death of reading the fighting about these guys. Watch the video with Rafa and Fed laughing. These guys like each other. Why can't we just get along!
I see where u are going with this, no I do not think Davydenko is mentally stronger, he just is one of those guys that has the style to give nadal trouble. Davydenko has (or had) great talent, but if he was as mentally strong as nadal, he would have won a GS or 2.
I`m not insulting Djokovic,I`m critisizing him for that.Those are two different words.Yes everyone takes GS games serious but Djokovic didn`t take that because it isn`t his first time to play important matches with no desire.
i also question Nadal's heart in tennis his pulled out of too many grand slams to not question it AO over a stomach virus WTF? this guy has become a pussy Federer has been sick and played in grand slams many times and done well he has never pulled out of a grand slam tournament in his career and Federer won Wimbledon with a sore back...
Nadal makes up for it with his exciting, aggressive game - returning impossible balls, turning defense into attack. Whereas other players, Fed included, win most of their points on hard serves/aces! Now that's BORING tennis. Nadal is a thrill to watch with his amazing speed and passion showing in every single ball while others' feet seem glued to the surface. Admit it you dont like Nadal cause he's the only one who can beat Federer almost every time, in ANY surface ;-)
The commentators said if Rosol played well like this match, he could be reached top 4.
Also, half the 28 Nadal-Federer matches have been on clay, only 3 on grass, 4 indoors. Reverse the surfaces to suit Federer instead and the h2h stats would be reversed, according to the actual match percentages between them. Also, Nadal below top form has often been ko'd before getting to play Federer, losing to Rosol for instance, or missing world tour finals, whereas even in a poor year affected by glandular fever Federer still reached finals. The h2h stats are completely misleading.
Your still ignoring the main fact that Nadal is winning the head to head against Fed. That is the only stat that matters. Notice how Federer only wins when Nadal gets "upset" or is injured? Nadal plays a style that is a lot more physically demanding...not taking anything away from Fed but you can clearly see Feds relies purely on "skill (being number 1)" where Nadal has all heart and sweat. It's 2 very different ways to approach the game but hey it's made great tennis over the years.
who cares about indoor tennis...its not that big a deal, i dont think players take it that seriously. You cant hang on to indoor tennis to prove that Fed is better, that's desperate.
he lost one match to the guy don't get big headed nadals sorted federer out ever since he beat in Wimbledon in the best final ever :)
exactly federer always loses to nadal in slams kiddo where you been? lol all federer could do is cry haha
It's still possible, he won twice so i would count him out quite yet
He had to go through the former world number 1 in Djokovic to make the final. As much as I love Rafa, he wasn't good enough to get past Rosol who played the match of his life.
Yes, it's been confirmed that the 2012 Olympics will award ATP points. They are as follow: Gold Medal 750 Silver Medal 450 Bronze Medal 340
Of course. If the Federer-Nadal matches were reversed by surface, so most were on grass and indoors, while keeping their actual h2h winning percentage on the surfaces, Federer would be leading Nadal between 18-10 and 20-8
Murray will win US open..Murray will beat Nadal on hard court and beat Djok or Fed in final.
@rog nad Nadal is still 6 slams behind Federer , he will be 27 next year and most people think he will be gone before he hits 30 , he is bound to win at least 3-4 slams with the majority of them being at the French , we don't even know how Nadal will come back , he might do a 2010 run again or he could not win a slam , hell Murray could do a 2011 djokovic , Federer could win slams Djokovic could a new person could we don't know ,Nadal would need to win at least 2 slams next year to have a chance
The main fact is not the head-to-head: do you really believe if their matches had been mainly on grass and indoors, instead of half on clay, Rafa would be ahead? How many people remember the h2h stats of the past greats? Of course it's not the main fact. Davydenko has a winning head 2 head over Nadal. No denying Nadal's intense competitive spirit but overall Federer is greater, even with the courts having been slowed a decade ago.
And it's different on your side ? Look at the comments. Most are Fed fans just spewing garbage. One even called him a drug cheat and got 12 thumbs up. Fact is Nadal is 18-10 H2H or something like that. Fact is Nadal won 5 out of 7 GS finals against Fed. Fact is Nadal was a non-factor outside of Clay until 2008 (only grass) and 2009 and onwards for hardcourts. Fact is Nadal is also injured half the time. Neither Rafa, Nole, Murray were a real threat to Fed until and after 2008.
...and he also whined to the umpire, accused Rosol of distracting him and gave him a shoulder bump during the change over
Mizofan, I've seen some of your comments around, and they are usually intelligent and thought provoking. This comment from you is very disappointing.
Are you trying to act smart because it's not working, your just some know it all who thinks that he can correct and make fun of people on the internet.
''If someone say that I'm better than Roger,that person doesn't know anything about tennis''Remember ?Fed has done so much for tennis and you can see taht he is an all-arounder not just because of his play style,but because of his GS Titles:4 AO titles,1 RG,7 Wimbledons and 5 US Opens.And if he would have pushed his body to its limits then Rog would be in possesion of at least 5 RG titles and 5 AO titles.
You don't dislike him, the thing is you are just a total idiot.
I like them both, and am a fan of both, I prefer rafa, but that's just me. I think it is so funny all the arguments on here about the 2 of them. We are lucky to be witnesses to 2 of the greatest players of all time right now, so lets just enjoy it. I think federer is mentally stronger now than he was a few years ago. overall I still believe rafa is the mentally strongest. BTW fed and nadal have played exactly 28 matches, 14 on clay and 14 on hard/grass. so I do not buy the "clay edge" thing.
I've already commented before about why Fed was number 1 for so long before Nadal and Djokovic were in the picture. You can't be true to yourself and say that the competition was the same back when he was unbeatable, so i won't dwell on those weeks...You mention all that Fed has won but not what Nadal for examble ATP masters 1000 where he holds a record. I agree with comments from 'paulcorda' below. Fed and Nadal fans will always argue about who is better.
Let's see. 7 titles of one GS versus AT LEAST 4 of the other 3?!? I'd take the latter (which also includes 7 of one GS).
speculations .... allegations ... where do u have ur info from?
yeah federer always wins when nadal is out early or not participating :) lol thats been the story for a while no hate on federer but he just hasn't pasted nadal to win a slam in ages
Not really , just on clay. Plus, Nadal grinds out points , and I marvel at his athleticism, but he just can't do the magic Federer does on court.
I wonder if Rafa will ever win a slam other than RG again. He's not better than Andy on grass, and he's not better than Andy or Novak on hard courts.
I think there is a longer version of this set but this is still good and I think shows more at the end. Thanks for sharing.
Could be a bit of both but Rosol played off is face. He seem like he couldn't miss. and his serve was phenomenal. I don't think even Nadal could've stopped Fed from winning on grass and indoors... In regards to the Olympics, no I don't think so. The Olympics isn't an ATP of ITF event. The only prize is the Gold Medal.
Just because people do not use something does not necessarily mean it should be not used... your logic is flawed.
Nadal never won any important tournament indoors --> indoor tennis is not important. Nice logic... And who cares that the 5th most important tournament in tennis is indoors,right?
The sound of that last ace was like a gunshot
People are so dumb, if all you guys that are talking shit actually played tennis, you would understand. Even if your at you prime, winning a march is hard. With just a few points gone wrong, that can be the difference between winning and losing. Just because some one loses to a lower ranked player, doesn't mean that their any worse than the next. Also head to head records have nothing to do with the ability to beat another player. It all has to do with how that player uses their abilities to th
the raction of the crowd at 0:34 is disgusting I'm a nadal fan it's true and i'm not saying that you can't praise rosol for his performance, that you can't encourage him because he's the underdog and that at the end you can't celebrate it with him... but what i see is a sheer pleasure, an orgasm, that the crowd has in seeing nadal loose> the pleasure come's from nadal's loss more than from rosol's victory and that's a shame but still respect for rosol!
I agree, usually it is from crazy Fed fans. They just cant stand that H2H Nadal is better than Fed. I like Fed and have no prob with him, but stats are stats and do not lie, Vamos Rafa!!!!! Personally the reason I think Rafa has a great H2H against Fed is that I believe he is mentally stronger than Fed.
He tried to act like federers reaction when he won againest sampras. lmao is it just me?
If Nadal was such a novice on surfaces apart from clay, how come he has such a high winning percentage overall in his career?
The head-to-head is critical amongst the great players who have won multiple grand slams. At the end of each players career we can compare all the statistics to determine who was a better player. Right now Nadal has a chance to surpass Federer in overall accomplishments and IF he does, Rafa can claim he was better that Roger.
So if we reverse the Nadal v Federer matches by surface preference, according to your own opinion of their strengths, we have Federer 18 Nadal 10; Nadal's "crowning glory" completely undone simply by change of surface.
i'm guessing ur a huge nadal fan. nadal is a great player but honestly i think he's a pussy. almost every time he loses he always complains about his injury, about the way they changed the courts bla bla bla. Federer is 31 and I have never seen him get injured or complain and yet he won 17 grand slams and became #1 again. That is why in many perspectives it's Fed>>>>>Nadal.
You're neglecting that djokovic and nadal have been playing him past his prime. Federer at his best was better than either of them at theirs.
As a Nadal fan I have to say you're blabering here. "Nadal would have if..." "if Nadal was playing from the beginning Fed..." These are not arguments, pure especulation - that didn't happen. Fed has more Slams, titles and records and plays like a Maestro while Nadal was upset by Rosol this Wimbledon. Nadal is the clay GOAT and Fed is the GOAT. Sure both will be surpass in the future, that's obvious. But stick with the facts.
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