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Maurice Hurst Jr. 2011 Season Highlights

by Mauricehurstjr • 36,656 views

Maurice Hurst Jr. Number 11 Xaverian Brothers BLEED BLUE & GOLD 61 tackle 13.5 TFL 9 Sacks 4 Forced Fumble Accolades at the end

ya against a bunch of roid monkeys everyone knows nj high school football is all juice ...smh no honor no class
This boy is going to be a Wolverine! Who the shit would want to play for UVA. Seems OSU and other schools have fell off the map....going to get a good one here coach Hoke
If you are a qb no at Michigan in the B1G you should be very scared....imagine this guy when he gets to michigans weight room.....
Go Blue!! Come play with Pimpkins aka THE BEST
One of the most impressive highlight videos I have seen in awhile. My excitement over this guy getting to U of M has sky-rocketed. Get him in the weight room and this guy's ceiling is higher than Mike Martin.
It's You're not your... so strictly by grammar I would say... YOU'RE an idiot.
Welcome to the family.. wow #beastmode! #goblue!
I'm sure Mattison got that job coaching the Ravens (or insert other elite, national championship winning defenses) because he "can't develop talent." Wow, brilliant logic buddy.
Well hard hitta, you've got me there. I'm an idiot because iPhone spell check doesn't always operate properly. Now, go sweat your ass off in that swamp Houston you pig.
Welcome to the BIG House Mr. hurst!!!! You made the right decision...You will be part of the best university in the world soon.
This kid is a stud athlete- love how fast he gets off the line. Go Bucks
For a 3 star prospect, im actually pretty impressed. Glad to see u as wolverine
Damn big boy is fast! Michigan defense will be #1
Welcome to the Michigan family, Maurice!
Your an idiot. Mattison has always had a ton of talent everywhere he's gone. Narduzzi is putting 2 and 3 star players in the pros. I'd like to see Mattison actually develop someone. Oh by the way, which Raven, that Mattison didn't develop or draft, did he compare Hurst to?
Aaaaaand your excuse for the spelling of "rediculous".... Was that "spell check" too?
Don't know about the level of competition but this kid seems like a BEAST! That run at :35 was ridiculous for a man of his size. Urban and the boys is waiting on you in the 614, welcome to The Ohio State University young man.
Yes I'm an idiot because iPhone spell check doesn't always work. Go back to that shithole swamp your from in Houston you pig.
And Narduzzi is doing what he is with 2 and 3 stars, because that's all your beloved coaching staff can recruit! Because no one wants to go to that sh**hole in EL.
Yeah, I'm furious with a bowl victory against the SEC, top ten finish, top 15 preseason, Elite 11 QB with 3 years in the system taking over, the best defense in the league, brand new third largest socreboard in college football, yes, I'm absolutely pissed. This dude hates that I said the ACC is a joke when he shot his rediculous mouth off on the DeAnthony Arnett thread. Clemson fan. BTW, how'd you do in your bowl?
Kids got a nose for the ball... Curious to see if he can move out to rush end. Go blue!
Can't wait to see you as a Nittany Lion.
I-L-L-I-N-I!!! we need a top defensive tackle to step in ready to play early come dominate the big ten for our top 10 defense!
This kid is seriously underrated by all of the recruiting services. Great speed and quickness for his size, and a big, big playmaker at the line a scrimmage. I bet this kid's list of offers grows quickly.
skip is mad... too bad no one cares about sparty and everyone outside of east lansing thinks your school sucks...
Don't hate on NJ teams. It's a different brand of Football down there (Don Bosco, SJR, St. Peter's Prep, B. Catholic, etc.). But remember in 2006 and 2007, Xaverian played SJR and was VERY competitive in both (hell, they had chances to win both, and probably should have). '06 SJR won 31-21 (I think) and in '07, SJR won 6-3 (X defense played GREAT! Their offense that year just was horrible).
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