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Ott - Jack's Cheese and Bread Snack (HD)

by Transmutagenic • 105,809 views

Ott is a record producer who has worked with many famous artists including Sinéad O'Connor, The Orb, James and Brian Eno. He currently works with Simon Posford editing Shpongle and Hallucinogen...

Deeply moving. Great piece / peace 
c'est vraiment baleze..j'ai un peu du mal parfois sur certains enchainement, mais sa reste super riche et recherché !
Anyone know why this song has this name?
I want to learn how to compose a story of sound effects using lines of text as transitions.
Yula Salfei Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
The image is amazing and so true and the music just ,,,goes right into me
This is probably the most organic music i've ever heard. And the production quality can only be challenged by Shpongle. Coincidentally they are both on the same label.
The segment between 06:04 and 06:56 is some of the best music I've ever listened to. Is there something similar anywhere ?? Carbon Based Life Forms I have, something else?
I am in love with this song...
Quite possibly the most powerful song ever composed by man!
@lexaran Check out the video details, I've now added the artists. You can find his art on his website :)
You should check out Phutureprimitive if you haven't already. He is pretty good and very organic.
Ignore the people to the left and right. They are only doing for themselves. Become one with the selfless cheeseburger.
Can someone please tab the bass riff in this? I would be eternally grateful..
am i the only one who is awestruck by the art work? Fuck the social institution of Money.
It's been a few years of searching... Does anyone know where the vocal sample at the start is from?
never heared more realistic sounds, had to check it if they were real
I love this song. Classic and always great to smoke to at night. Especially if you're jumping into your car and instantly start playing it. I can't even explain how awesome this song is.
Mikey b is right. 2ci... Good and evil are in love.
One: All composite phenomena are impermanent. Two: Al contaminated things and events are unsatisfactory. Three: All phenomena are empty and selfless. And four: Nirvana is true peace.' Buddhism
Where can I find that first image?
why do i feel like i took a hit of dmt? o.O
I too am in love with that piece of the song, I wish I had more music like it. I tried carbon based lifeforms, while it's good, it's more floaty than the piece we're talking about. It sounds a bit like psy dub but also funky. If anyone has some similair songs, please share, my life is not complete :D.
Awesome song. Please could you send me the first image?
fuck yeah it does, buh ha haa!.........LET GOD SORT EM OUT!!!
Glittering Gem in the Crown, playing in a region above this one. This would be limited by words and I am a fan. I love what you are channelling here. There is only One.
we who have "the know" are blessed
Smoke DMT and listen to this song. :)
It is The Buddha Field of Crystal Grid - made from inconceivable infinite eternal strings of consciousness. Theres is whole sutra about it. Weed is the answer. Just like it is in the Lotus. Liberation! (Great voice from space said and disappear)
Love me some OTT. Picture is the truth.
What is the music the first 20 seconds, untill the guy leaves? It sounds like an interesting party(or a movie scene even maybe?!) :-p The rest is awesome as well, obviously.
@TheNZSamaritan I have no idea unfortunately... found it on "The Mystical Experience" facebook page somewhere. Have a look, maybe you can find it there.
That is a brutal first picture. Deep man
One: all composite phenomena are imperminent. Two: all contaminated things and events are unsatisfactory. Three: all phenomena are empty and selfless. And four: Nirvana is true peace.
Transmutagenic - where is the image arising around 8:50 from? I would love to use it as a desktop background :-)
I know it's been long, but gotta say: use printscreen with Tineye :)
this is a masterpiece, I think I'm in love
I was just lookin for music to read to, and i find a new trip artist :D yesyes
looks like duke nukem throwing a cheeseburger
My favorite song I've found on this planet.
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