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Barriere: Josetxu Obregon, cello - Daniel Zapico, theorbo "La Ritirata"

by La Ritirata • 37,780 views

Jean Barriere, cello sonata in D major from Livre IV Allegro Presto Josetxu Obregon, baroque cello Daniel Zapico, theorbo "La Ritirata" live recorded, Mao Auditorium, Balearic Islands (Spain)

Wonderfully energetic and lovely playing! Theorbo really works well for continuo on these sonatas... adds a real rustic quality.
Bhatti ifti Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Barriere: Josetxu Obregon, cello - Daniel Zapico, theorbo "La Ritirata"
Diyana Petkova Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Barriere: Josetxu Obregon, cello - Daniel Zapico, theorbo "La Ritirata"
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Barriere: Josetxu Obregon, cello - Daniel Zapico, theorbo "La Ritirata"
hi, the facsimile of Livre IV, and also Livre II, are published by Edition Walhall (Magdeburg-Germany),references SH06 and SH05. I can probably tell u where2find it depending of which country u live. Good luck!
You don't seem to be considering where the instruments and musical theory used in rock music have their strongest roots, nor upon what type of music and instruments so many rock musicians where initially trained...
I didn't say it would cease to exist but it simply wouldn't exist at all at least in the form we know it. Just like classical music wouldn't exist without the music theory of the greek and the gregorian chants.
This is really excellent, great technique, great style, I hadn't heard of either the cellist of the song! shame on me D:
@leoram1988 Have a look at the Japanese clarinet player with Vocalise by Rachmaninof.
@Tyker7 headbanging = being IN the music. The more the better, really.
The instrument in the left is a guitar with erection !!!
Oh Lord! If you ask me, I really DON'T CARE if there is any "head banging" or not. I just like this music, and it's up to the musicians how to play it; the only thing that is really important, as I see it, is the quality of music, and they did achieve a very high level. I can't understand this strange criticism, sorry.
The man playing the Cello needs some safety glasses?
it's a baroque 'cello, the viol has frets, and the holes in the body are a different shape. The shape of the body is also a lot more like that of a modern 'cello, whereas the viol has a shape mroe like that of a double bass. The viol also has 6 -7 strings. Hope it helps.
hermosa interpretacion, y bellisima pieza gracias.
hey men why do you figth for the music, I played classic piano, bach, scarlatti, etc. and i played electric guitar too, I am death, black, trash, doom metal music listener, and I know and listen bach, chopin, mozart, haydn, purcell, chaykovsky, schubert, schuman music. But the pop or Mtv like music is the kind of crap that make me sick.
WHY are the sound holes video'd out, that's retarded and extremely bothering visually to an otherwise perfect event recording???
Ok, I understand your opinion... Still, I can't agree with you.
Note that the cellist is supporting his instrument in true Baroque fashion---no endpin. I've played my cello this way one day and woke up saddle sore the next.
Hola Josetxu! Queria preguntarle si su banda planea visitar Rusia una vez... Es q quisiera mucho visitar su concierto ya que me encanta la musica q tocan y su manera de tocarla! Muchas gracias!
I love the combination of plucked and bowed strings, is this the original instrumentation?
Aplauses!! Thank you for this music!!!!!!
Very interesting interpretation,I like your playing with many affects. Regards, Dorothea
Playing with no end pin is crazy!! Just supporting my 14in Djembe like that sucks, that must be hell! bravo to both of these gentlemen
A very fine Baroque cellist to be sure (and a fine theorbo player as well, having heard him elsewhere) but that's a lousy recording. You can barely hear the theorbo at all. What a shame.
i just love the violent reactions of people who are threatened by the rebellious nature of "H. I. P. P." ... :-D these are very good musicians... no doubt about that... :-)
i like the music. the constant head banging not so much. learn to fucking play some rock guys it seems like you need it.
His extraneous movements, while unnecessary, are not a distraction for me. What is important s that he plays well, and he does.
i'm a percussionist. classical and popular and i don't have to move around like a dork to keep my rythm. i also play the piano and guitar and i don't have to bang my head if i don't want to. it's also such a simple piece and not something huge so it seems kinda pointless to do what he does because it adds nothing to the music.
Okay, I've thought it over, and while I don't agree that many rock musicians are classically trained, listening to "Western" music trains their ears to think that way. The concept of a chord being built from thirds is something exclusive to Classical music and Folk music from Europe, before popular music (music available to everyone, rather than a certain social class) came into its own. So the very basics came from Classical music (originally from the Renaissance).
maybe he plays on a modern orchestra...a symphony orchestra perhaps, and probably is not aware of this sort of style...
Actually, classical music had little influence over rock. Blues has more of an influence than anything, and that was influenced heavily by African music. Classical music started being integrated into rock in the 60s and 70s when bands like The Beatles and King Crimson started to experiment more and created what is known as Progressive Rock. Plain old Rock is still, for the most part, Blues being played by someone who doesn't know how to play Blues.
the bow that the cellist is using is different from orchestral standard.. more triangular, bigger frog, and his grip's much more choked up than you'd see in most western orchestras.. what phenomenal music!!
Second comment, now that I have the right accolade- Josetxu Obregon in my estimation replaces Pablo- one of the greatest cellist ever.
this is lovely.... very intimate.... :>
this AWSEM!!!!! i cant wait to get a baroque cello
CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Thank you for this music!
yes but the person above seems to be so sure of himself/herself.....ahahaha period performance is a different thing i dare's clear that the musicians are just enjoying the music... i would do the same thing if i were playing...ahahaha baroque orchestras are in a way "rebels" ... :-)
When will you come to Berlin for a concert? I would like to listen to a life recital of yours....Dorothea
I agree... if one understands something in this, he won't say such nonsence as that person did.
I'm pretty sure that isn't a cello--he's holding the bow unlike a cellist would, but regardless, they're both ridiculously talented.
@valvetrom O.K., thanks, I'll definitely view it when I have time.
It's a baroque cello and he's using the baroque bow hold on a baroque bow.. baroque baroque hehe
Favorite quote: "On doit sur tout observer de ne faire aucun mouvement du Corps ni de la Tete, comme plusieurs sont en battant la mesure. Cette attitude etant bien prise, est fort gracieuse, & ne previent pas moin les yeux, que le son de l'Instrument flate agreablement l'oreille."--
Omg, how clever you are! Have you ever played yourself? It's the only way to maintain the necessary rithm if the hands are not free... By the way, it's used not only in rock but in every music style... So just think before writing such a nonsence.
oh wow.. is the cello fretted? i missed that..
How ignorant of you to say that without classical music rock or any other genre would cease to exist. But I am a fan a rock and not the new crap
You are a useless bag full of shit, go and jerk your little cock with your percussions stupid ignorant who knows fucking nothing about baroque music. (I'm vulgar because people who dare to write such bullshits deserve it)
I probably know more about baroque music than you will ever even be able to know. these two gaylords aren't even rhythmically correct most of the time so their spastic movement don't serve the purpose of timekeeping at all. and don't tell me shit about period performance. no one knows how baroque musicians moved.
Why are you commenting on the head banging and not on the beautifull, well interpreted music? Aren't you slightly frustrated?
have you ever watched a string quartet. There is no head banging, simple, small gestures of body language. Also, musicians have feet to tap, and they do it alot, so often its second nature and acceptable to do on stage so long as its quiet. There are easier ways to keep tempo, chamber groups can keep tempo fine with out head banging or a mustn't be very accustomed to playing duets if you must head bang. I was once in the habit of it and my teacher slapped me and made me stop.
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