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Kate Upton Teaches How To Dougie at the Clippers Game

by COED • 3,529,577 views

Check out Kate's Pics & GIFS here

The black girl's there only for racial diversity.
+Johnson Taylor, such a black name! xD Hahaha! Ok chill, man. Maybe you have suffered from racism. But I am so not-racist that I can joke about it. Cheers.
If I do that , I'll look like a retard ...
How they come and go.....  www+truthcontest+com for the Truth of Life... Read the Present and free your mind.
Kate Upton's beautiful tits bouncing everywhere. I just came everywhere on my keyboard
This is the video that launched Kate's career. She was unknown until she did this and someone noticed her.  
Justin Verlander is an asshole.
I know right! Fuck Verlander! He's a piece of shit!
Donald Sterling is not happy about that black girl being there
Jizz I would love to see some black/blonde lesbian activity.
Umm No I'd love to see that black and that blonde on my dingdong. Now thats activity. Hell yeah 50 shades of cum all over there barbie faces.
no one cares about the nigga
And we care about you??? Lol a black girl probably dissed u and now you're in your feelings. Hahaha
I feel sorry for you Bob.
Female, from what I could tell.
.. and this is our culture today. Oy vey!
It's safe to say I'm in love with her
this video shows kate is young and she's having fun! i like her now
i actually feel bad for any girl sitting next to her.  thats the worst seat in the house lol.  so hot.  and so epic.  damn....  although she appears to know how to duggie it would really appeal to me to in fact also teach her how to duggie in my own way.  it would possibly or likely be subpar to the fashion in which she does duggie however.  damn.....
I would suck a fart out of her butt.
Jesus Christ. What the fuck.
Well she's hot, but I don't find her attractive. She is really annoying
+Fruiec Wilkford So just duck tape her mother when you fuck her. See problem solved.
Attention whore...
you look like a jealous whore
Kate seems like such a normal girl in this video. I hope she is really like that because if she is, it just makes her even more beautiful.
I love you Kate, don't ever change. :D
That's not how you dougie. That's white girl attempt at dougie-ing. Sorry.
That's not how you do the dougie, I would know, trust me!
YOU suck. Xd. Hahahs
Typical white girl dancing to hip hop. With that happy smile
Ioannis Kozanitis Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Kate Upton Teaches How To Dougie at the Clippers …:
whats this song name ? :D
Super cute both girls
Still better then Justin Bieber
El Fuégo#03 Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Wake Up To MTV and Kate Upton will teach you how to Dougie! 
Dang y'all mean shut up damgjta
Ohhhhhhhhh fuuuuuhhhhuuuuk
My dear sweet Jesus the things I'd do to her.
Kate Upton is crazy adorable in this video and of course...HOT!!
You see a lot of women hate her and don't understand why men are crazy for her.  Yes, Kate Upton is hot.  But look at this video:  She and her friend are both happy and having fun.   I wonder how many of the Kate Haters are grumpy angry bitches?
+FruityHachi Yeah but I'm sure being that beautiful (probably since childhood) might have a little to do with enjoying life and having fun every time ... beauty and self-confidence often go together ....
+Sdk ElMaruecan nah, i know many people who are not beautiful, yet are confident. and vice-versa, many beautiful people often are not confident because of society pushing them to be more and more beautiful, making them more self-conscious. beautiful or not, has nothing if little to do with determining whether you´ll be self-confident or not. you either have it in you, or you don´t. or you can learn how to obtain it. but it also depends on where you live, for example in south korea i´d say it must be very hard to not give a shit about not being beautiful based on society´s standards, because you´re constantly bombarded with plastic surgeries...but it´s not impossible to not care about outer beauty, a good example is psy.
Coolest Girl Video Ever.  Stop hating, haters. 
Wilt Chamberlain would take her right on the spot:)
much better than the old miranda kerr.
wtf why this video is soviral?! O_o
This is so awesome! A beautiful lady having fun with her friends, and she doesn't seem too worried about what anyone thinks. This is really fun & inspiring!
To this day, do we have any idea who the girl next to her is lol?
Best dougie ever......omg!  Here kitty kitty......!
She's the breast dancer ever
I'm mildly embarrassed for her
Now do the Cat Daddy in a bikini. 
So... ...I liked it a lot.
Why did something like this go viral? Why are people idiots?
I've came to this video so many times...
Soooooooooooooooooooooooo hot:P
She's so freaking cute.
Name of the song pls ?
Dunno what the Dougie is but I think she has black blood LOL
Is this the video that made her famous??
Nah, that's Cat Daddy
I'd fuck her good
i'm sure you do..but you do sound fucking creepy....
The nigga wanted attention
Talk about bouncey boobs
And that's stupposed to be justin ver landers gurl
I'd eat her pussy and asshole out for hours!!!!
you are so freak'n cute!!!
Came here from Cracked! Is this really part of Kate Upton's fame? I'm not understanding it.
+Venus Spa you are just mad because kate upton has more beauty in her pinky than you have in you're whole entire body
i am sooooo hard right now...
If you judge a dancers ability by how much you want to watch it again...Upton is the best dougier in the world. But riri's whining got you-sorry Upty! Love you from England
its funny, this was actually worse than the shorter clip
after seeing her in her nude photo leak...she really is hotter with clothes on
Lol! Tht ws bad bt guess wht she's hot tht change t all to amazing
I wonder if she still hangs out with her black friend.
This GODDESS could pick her nose and it'd get 3 million views...
I LOVE this chick!! <3
shes got swag baby
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