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New Order - Love Will Tear Us Apart [FINSBURY PARK 9TH JUNE]

by electrian • 188,842 views

New Order are an English rock group formed in 1980 by Bernard Sumner (vocals, guitars, synthesizers), Peter Hook (bass, backing vocals, electronic drums) and Stephen Morris (drums, synthesizers)....

They've got the spirit and lost the feeling, feeling, feeling, feeling....
fuckin brilliant hooky should still be with them!!!
Hooky's a big daft twat and needs to wake up before its too late.
+Mark Simon Hooky's doing their songs much more justice with The Light. 
Nobody can't sing this song better then Ian Curtis ((
Rha le massacre... J'espère que Barney a conscience de sa voix.
Bernard es lo masssss!!!
This song is basically the blue print for for most of the alternative/indi rock that followed. I always thought Bernard's voice had that kind of cool, detached sound that made New Order songs so good. Even though they are the same people (without Ian Curtis), they really are two different bands style wise.
Peter Hook, and Stephen are the ones who are actually keeping the band. They should have found a better vocalist than bernard Sumner. not saying hes bad. but they would have been way better off if Bernard just stuck to lead guitar...
cryptameria Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Isn't this one of those songs that makes you melt
i meant to say stephen and peter are the ones keeping it alive
@majerlet DEE DEE Ramone died around the time of this gig. See the video fro Ceremony from the same gig which is on here. Peter Hook says: "This one's for Dee Dee Ramone God rest his soul - he can keep Ian [Curtis] company until I get there".
es todo distinto sin Ian Curtis...
I agree. Hooky's got a better voice than Barney, full stop!
QQQQ Hermozooooo temaaaaaaaaa resien la escucho y me encanto escucharla verdaderamente qqqq hermozooooo
@TheOldEchoes i call it " taste in music",it's different.
oh f***ing hell! the best .... i'm breathless
Fantastic, god bless Ian, god bless Joy Division, god bless New Order.
to be honest i think this song is somehow more powerfull, simply because it simbolises their old pal down to a tee.....and it always gives me goosebumps seeing bernard sing it
It says "DEE DEE" in the background! how do they mean!
I'm not going to complain that they are playing this song, of course. But I will say it's nothing like the original, Or at least the way it was with Ian. Ian brought a thick haze of melancholy to this (and all other) Joy Divisions tracks. Ian possessed this very special atmosphere, that died with him. After watching this video go and listen to a version with Ian.
Hooky should've sang the joy division songs because I think he sounds a lot closer to Ian than barney!
Yeah. What they did with Ian Curtis under the name of Joy Division was fantastic! And I don't mind New Order playing Joy Division stuff, but I don't really like New Order's own stuff.
awh come on maan this is New Order here and now, not Joy Division.. If you know what I mean
gran cancion que nos dejo Ian Curtis , ojalas siguera vivo , pero bueno el esta vivo en todo los que lo conocemos y lo admiramos por lo que fue Q.E.P.D Ian tu legado siempre estara vivo
@SimonWaldramMusic I thought it was Bernard who shouts?
very good but proves how much ian curtis contributed to divisions sound
I actually like when Bernard and Peters yell, "COME ON!!!!!". Anybody else with me?
kommzuuns i agree with you dude.Nobody like JD/NO makes heartfelt music like this anymore.
Hey I noticed that the drums on live versions of this song sound different from the studio version, why is that?
This song is the best with Ian Curtis. Only with his voice.
it's very common for drummers to do different beats live and in studio. the studio version has a very fast frantic beat that is both very tiring and easy to screw up live
It's a celebration of what they did with Ian. That's got to be something to celebrate?
@leeleec79 "glad to hear how this would sound today if Ian was still with us " re yu sure ?
Bernard's screaming really makes me laugh. Doesn't add to the song at all.
I personally like Joy Division's the best, but they don't have Ian anymore so they can't do much. I mean, despite Bernard's singing (which is not bad at all) it is actually the closest that can even compare to the original. However, what I find funny, yet exciting is Peter at 0:09 .
@ladygwenn HA HA what a naive comment..............if you knew this group you would realise he's not trying to fukin ADD to it he just loves givin it his all and this 'screaming' is a result of this
@birdandthe Barneys "wimpish voice" is one of the secrets of NOs sucess, will you doubt that. by the way: These lads are 3/4 of JD. Although i love JD, i hate it when they´re reduced only on Ian Curtis.
They played this at Hyde park last week, I got a (meh quality) vid :D (sorry for being an ass)
En el 5:05 Bernard Summer dice: "Segunda vez que tocamos este tema en 25 años... por obvias razones"
i guarantee you have never experienced drumming like this before
Más de 30 años tocando la misma canción... aún, es genial!
Le quitaron todo el aire de Joy Division que tanto la hizo trascender, esto suena como otra canción punk.
@cph1982 So THAT'S what he said - been trying to decipher what the second bit was for the longest time. Cheers!
joy division is still better than this.
yeah I'm surprised that the lads did this to that song.. I mean it's NOT the happiest song.. there is no way that it should be so happy sounding..
I took a bird with a 69 listening to this.. They was the days..
Totally uncool and unprofessional and *uncontrollably beautiful everything*. <3 N.O
Haha that scream bernard's scream it just dosn't add to the song ! it was quite funny thoe.
I DO NOT like this at all - I ADORE IT !!! Thanks for uploading xxx
im nt having a go at sumner for it i was explaining to flyinghalfbannanas why they were playing it a different key
if i would start do drumming, the first thing i do is to learn stephen morris playing style
They should get Michael Gira one time to sing it. The Swans covered he did of it is actually very good.
why arent they playing it in the right key?
shit, they where realy psyched up there, its a pity that the voice is so nervous to make mistakes. the crowd appreciated, thats what counts .
He farged up the lyrics again... Typical Bernard... Oh well... Perfection isn't everything...
I hope N.O. themselves read these inane comments, they are only interested in trying there best at playing music the best they can and having fun doing it, regardless of who wrote what when. who gives a fuck if lyrics are read whilst playing, fucking philharmonic orchestra does it every day. No other group of musicians plays like this...........end of
@majerlet they was referring to dee dee ramone of Ramones this concert held on 1994 few weeks after dee dee died
Gosh theres so many great Drummers to chose from depending on style Yes Stephen Morris is one but theres Phil Gould, Warren Cann, Rick Buckler the list goes on
@birchy2k11 Yeah - needs the right octive, and that person aint around to do it justice! Nice attempt though - glad to hear how this would sound today if Ian was still with us
joy division = pioneers of dark rock new order = continuation + tecnology love the electronic drumm kit
like how they sound, but I'm not agree to use the lyrics of Ian Curtis, just for having collaborated with the music of the songs
I see Im actually a drummer myself, and Ive been trying to figure the live version out, I was just curious
What's Hook screaming at 3:11 ?
Вечная память Яну Кёртису!
You can see in their Faces how much they miss Ian!
Beter than the original in my opinion :) More Powerful!
@ladygwenn clearly not a new order fan then? because thats the way he has been doing that song for the last 30 years!!!!
I like Ian voice better on this song. I do know he past away.
@coffee2bsmelt sorry , i love new order but when they play joy division's songs they just waste them
Have you noticed in the Finsbury park clips how Barney seems to be reading the autocue every now and then.
pure,pure,pure that was new wave....once.
don't forget that in the Joy Division days they were group of friends. Then Ian - their friend - killed himself. I dont know what that must have been like for all concerned. All I know is I'm pleased that they finally played these songs again. Nuff said.
in the name of the lord jesus come on
@eisenkiss i read on your page that joy division would be nothing without new order !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ho ho ho must be the stupidest thing ever said on youtube, and next time you contact me use the English language.
ian e joy una face total del post punk,,,,,radycales
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