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Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) - Chapter 14: Cyber Sub-Zero [PS3/360][HD]

by WeFailAtGames • 184,840 views

Mortal Kombat 9 Walkthrough. Watch in HD, please subscribe, leave a comment and rate for more. Thank you for watching, we appreciate it SUBSCRIBE HRE:...

"You and I both, We are flawed copies of our former selves." pretty much the most beautiful line in the whole game. :D
Why did sub zero turn into a robot?
I thought neither would get automated. Raiden could have electrocuted the Lin Kuei to save Sub-Zero like he did with Smoke.
Does anyone wish there was a chapter in this game for noob saibot explaining how Elder sub zero become Noob saibot ?
Scorpion's chapter kinda sums it up.
+Spongebob More so his time when he died.
@dray0308 dude that's cyber sub zero, there's a cyborg version and the other normal version if I'm not mistaken.
Lol First magea and half nude chicks fighting NOW ROBOTS THIS GAM GETS BETTER AND BETTER
I love Raiden's "sure, why not?" moment at 1:18.
quan chi turned sub-zero into a total noob
"Raiden is a God" "No,he is bullshit"
i honestly thing cyber sub zero is a "BETTER VERSION OF SUB ZERO" in my opinion i mean he has bombs that can explode ice and if they move back or move forward he can attack or teleport unlike sub zero who has to move after freezing unless its a combo where cyber sub zero can freeze in a combo too and i think the bomb is unblockable
@MetalSandman . . . yea there are both version in the game . . . but the story line still sucks . . . smoke was 2 be the kick ass cyber ninja not subzero . . . the ninja version in the game is the (NOOB) the bad brother . . . . . IT JUST SUCKS
kinda obvius below sorry for dumb logic r what ever i don't have much effort this is not school and sorry for spelling errors god im dumb....
Cyber Sub-Zero is the current Sub-Zero. Earlier on in the story mode he was transformed into a cyborg against his will.
Well.... the battles are faster than i remember...
Ermac Comes Back .. I tought I killed you before!
btw yea cyber sub is his brother tundra sub zero became noob saibot
@X7ShadowX7X it means he doesnt like him anymore because he was corrupted
Noob Saibot Is Body Of Sub-Zero Is Noob Is That Sub-Zero more Sub-zero not you body Human
american soldiers are like peasants in this game, defenseless and useless cretins..
holy shit vs Goro AND kintaro in one team?
@TheJ024 ya i know wat u mean it would have been cool to see the classic robot smoke but shit happens for a reason hopefully the new mk game has him i love smoke and robot smoke bak in the days so lets see if he comes bak in the new game fingers crossed
I think a lot of people hate Noob Saibot because his name is Noob, indeed, his powers are cool D:
@ConluWockee Doesn't matter to me: as long as Sub-Zero is human once again- and not a refrigerator with two legs- I'm all satisfied. Kuai Liang has to return as Sub-Zero. Can't have Bi-Han back as Sub-Zero because he's too awesome as Noob Saibot. And Sub-Zero was never meant to be a cyborg.
why they all have glowing dredlocks who knows they serve no purpose.
@juniorjabbaccrane62 I agree, but I did like how they made his cyborg form bad-ass in the stroy
@Juvy29 the cyber is the younger brother
@shirubaxxbuireizu Yay! A fellow Smoke fan! I don't care what anyone saids he's a badass and he's hott. Have you seen the video where a fan repaired his facial damage? He's gorgeous!
@dxrulz999 noob is the original subzero that was killed by scorpion. cyber sub is the brother.
I think Noob Saibot will cease to exist and return as the original Sub-Zero in the next game. Or else SZ is bound to be replaced by a re-designed Frost.
Need I even mention that those special moves are copies, if not rip-offs, of Cyrax's moveset?
Who´s the masked guy with scars on his arm in the beginning of the video ?
Robot or not.... Sub-Zero will be my favourite MK fighter of all times.
4:48 Kintaro:Your treachery will be punished! *POOF* Goro:Hai :3 Sub Zero :WTF ?
What the fuck W.B! why is sub-Zero a (Fin) robot, fix it now this is BS, which lame ass story writer came up with his shit ? ?
Quan chi has perfected me But brother he turned you into a NOOB >=O !!!
@someguy724 Tell me about it. I never played Mortal Kombat before, but I can tell they're tough enough on their own.
@dxrulz999 It means to say that they were brothers but not anymore.
So since the history of MK have been changed and they make the next game it would be continue on the same story they remade?
i don't get it, correct me if i'm wrong but um..... the lin kuei are turned into cyborgs right? and when they get turned into cyborgs their bottom half of their body is cut off right? so how the hell do they get laid?
@dray0308 Smoke was supposed to become a cyborg, but Raiden saved him, only for Sub Zero to become a cyborg instead. Changing events from the past has negative consequences in the future. Oh, and don't you dare trolling MK you whiny little bitch.
the first non-black robotic character on MK
idiot comments below. do you guys srsly think that they would throw away sub-zero for his robot form? if you think so you should go check ur brains. and this part of the story was cool period
7:52 reminds me of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, where on one map there was a drunk nazi soldier in the cellar who sang in similar voice to Quan Chi's :D
Wow, the sped up battles makes it funny.
@TheJ024 or make a human sub-zero as a DLC and avert the mistake even sooner.
@TheJ024 Hehe, I thought the same thing when Raiden said that.
I haven't seen funnier thing than the speeded-up fights.
It seems like I'm the only one that thinks sub zero is eat better as a cyborg :/
The only guys who can do everything God , Chuck Norris. And sub-zero:d
>3< Smoke: Sexy,powerful,sexy,sexy,emmm...Sexy?? oó?
@CrzyAsianGuy men you are a nerd if you are not good at video games you dont suck at life is only a game not life. People who suck are ones that think that videogames are life...YOU SUCK NERD
is this how fast things move ingame?
alright seriously if robo sub zero could beat both kintaro and goro at the same time then how the hell did he get bitch slapped to death by sindel? i mean seriously one fucking punch took him out
You think the guy who runs "boon station" would know that the right shoulder of all US service men [pause at 8:52] are supposed to, and are currently on all our troops to have a reverse flag design for the purpose that it shows they are not running away.
i was laughing all the time seeing those fights.....
THAT IS NOT SUB ZERO... it's TUNDRA you know his BROTHER so why call him cyber sub zero ITS CYBER TUNDRA >:l
4:51 changes from kintaro to goro
It sucks that they kill Sub-Zero off again after this. He was probably my favorite character in the game in both forms. I hope they bring him back again in MK10.
For anyone that doesn't know I researched it. There is 2 sub zeros (original in mk1 and his little brother who avenges him after his death) Scorpion thinks sub zero killed him and his village but it wasnt subzero it was quan chi. After scorpion kills 1st subzero, subzeros comes back from the dead as Noob Saibot. In here the little brother of original subzero gets turned into a cyborg as you can see. Both Suberzeros are good except for Noob working for Shao Kahn now.
lol i love this chipmunk battle esp the noob teleport slams at 0:45
2:25 black screen 2:26 cyber sub-zero vs sektor speed up Lol :XD: I love it when that happens
@Brollyssweetface Hey, I'm a fan of Smoke too! He's handsome!
@Mosse190 I totaly agree. The old story had bit and peices constantly changed, it would have been nice to see them patch it up and see the original vision. But at the same time I love this new story as well.
Surprised to see that not too many are fond of the changed story. I for one like it, recycling the same story gets old fast. But then again, I would also like to see more of the old story continued.
@TheJ024 blame raiden for this happening it was smoke that was suppose to be a cyborg but raiden saved him so thats when later the cyborgs captured subby and transformed him to cyber subby cuz raiden wanted to change the future but didnt see cyber subby coming u know wat i mean
its so funny to watch the battles with speed increase, especially the x-ray. ( aa, iaa)
@eltoneoc77y Smoke was supposed to become a cyborg when Raiden interfered with the timeline by saving him, and it resulted with Sub-Zero being turned to a cyborg instead.
The sped up fighting was hilarious. It was like "Chipmunk Kombat".
@jordonamor Why do you think hos name is noob
Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? Are Cyrax and Sektor bad guys?
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