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RAY SMASH! - Ray William Johnson

by Ray William Johnson • 6,853,873 views


you americans are so stupid
I actually play soccer and watch it, and it's more fast paced and interesting than you think. You just have to know all the things that are going on. Like, if you weren't in the know about soccer and I told you Real Madrid best Barcelona 3-1, you're like ok. But if you were, you would be BARCELONA GOT BEAT?!?! It's all about your interest in the sport. I find soccer more enjoyable than football, due to the fact it's more fast paced.
Because Barcelona never loses? Lol.
damit why call it soccer when its obviously FOOT BALL.a ball you kick using your foot....
+IIMiikexDII Still, for american football the most proper name would be handegg....
like this comment if you are watching in 2014
I'm watching in 2015
I'm watching in Batman Year One
I'm more annoyed he called a clone trooper a stormie than him calling soccer futbul
I would actually watch soccer aka. foooooootball if ther would be clone troopers,tyrannirosaurs,laser beam eyes,and players caching on fire.But there is one thing I wach about football,post-game riots.Heeeell yeah!
I think I know why Ray is better than Robby... Ray references Weird Al and Zoobooks.
Football games are still not watchable........
Soccer/Football is the only sport I can watch without almost falling asleep. Like wth is American Football...? It's bunch of guys tackling each other while throwing a pig into two street lamps or something.
Im from Europe and I honestly fu*king hate football  
then you're not normal or you don't have good teams in your league
+Giannis Sm.  Or he just has an opinion about something... Why is noone in internet not able to understand that no one has to like what they like?
2012 was the year For youtubers it was Ksi's best year it was smos h's best year and it was rwj's best year im still a big fan of all all of these guys this is just my opinion
and ksi is still awsome
Sorry about the long comment, soccer is something I'm pretty passionate about.
haha all spoiled fifa fanboys be like NOO ITS FOOTBALL NOT SOCCER ahaaha soccer. Soccer soccer
It's not a storm trooper, it's a clone trooper. The difference: clone troopers can actually hit Jedi.
celebrates and the score is tie.......seems legit
Poor Ray he feels so lonely because he has no body o so lonely
It's FOOTBALL u American jerks.FOOT. BALL.
It's a clone trooper from the 501st legion of the galactic Republic. Get it right!
Dude did you not see my invisible sarcasm? lol JK
Okay. I'm not going to lie. I laughed so hard I pooped a little.
Soccer (Football) directed by Michael Bay.
Ray is high in the episode
Futbol is still better than american football. Just sayin'
How do you celebrate a goal and still tie 0-0? xD
That wasn't a Stormtrooper...
That was a very short hulk.
A hulk that is about 5'6" too.
Soccer/football FTW
Michal bay had to of made that soccer video
Whenever I watch futbol with Argentina all I see is cheating and flopping.....NEVER FORGET....NEVER FORGIVE
i know that's not fun ,  but it's not just a random road on the 1st video , i'am again sure it's from Russia :D 
1:06 "YEAH!" Ray William Hetfield
yea...cuz baseball is so much fun to watch..........
the lion video is actually pretty cruel...
that wasn't a stormtrooper it was a clone but it's an easy mistake
+Cameron Hendrix *Slow clap* ruddy brilliant my good sir, ruddy brilliant
Thank you my good man, we Scots know EVERYTHING about Star Wars, and to further geek out if you follow expanded universe canon/timeline (which I do) cloning was discontinued because of the Kamino rebellion. So technically storm troopers are human.  
Come back ray. This kid ain't the same.
Sereque14324 <skype!!!! (/ω\)
C'mon man, football is not so bad.... You are just.. an american! Its the only reason you dont like it so much ;d I don't know what to say.. no matter xD
Being an american has nothing to do with it. I know people from england who dislike football...and I'm american and hate american football. Logic pls
+IIMiikexDII Yeah.. Ok... F*ck logic. It's not for me..
roby is way better fuck this episode
Ray mentions that he wanted to see the millenium falcon, which completed the kesarun in 12 parsecs, but a parsec is a measurement of distance, not speed...   soo...
😢😂😭😪😥😰😅😓😩😫😨😱😠😡😤😖😆😋😷😎😴😵 I'm emotional
when i watch soocer (football), I see people making 10$ a second
Ray who you kiddin man~you'd be humping the dinosaur eating peopleXD
That guy should have been in the cage with the lion maybe he would learn to respect
my skype is Jah Rasta
I know  you were going to say the team still tied.... leL
how is it 0-0 if the video is called goal celebrations FX
When equals 3 is good
3rd video link is down...
Maybe his puffy hair makes him look like an enemy lion...
This kid has a mane, and the lion's thinking that this kid's a lion and trying intimidate him into leaving.
yes we do see soccer that way
Al Yankovic is so cool.
at 4:55, I like soccer and I live in Cleveland. Go Crew (Cleveland's team). My favorite team is definitely Juventus. 
Just looking at my front bumper.....
how bout next video.. be funny!
american people don't watch soccer because they cant play it .. 
my skype name is Iron_Man_2903 if anyone wanna call me to talk and stuff and yea
Itstyson420 (Skype name)
hey, can you fix the playlist to play the first video made and end on the last video? :D Then we can see it like the evolution of bad jokes!
I like your nintendo t shirt :)
its football gotdamit not soccer stupid americans 
Are u really Your Faviorite Martion
It's called football. Arsenal rules
I wonder what would happen if a white guy wuz good at sports besides of football, lacrosse, boxing, baseball, hockey, and soccer
Skype name: platinumlover05. Dedicated to my horse platinum
I wonder what would happen if a white guy wuz good at sports besides of football, lacrosse, boxing, baseball, hockey, and soccer
Skype name is eric.sims68
skype name josif blosif
that's at the Denver zoo ware I live    
+Laura Kloewer  lol you had that coming next time dont set yourself up for that shiz.
Really dont fuck with the lion bro if he was not behind that glass i would of laught my ass off u u got hurt hahahahahahahahaha :)
yeah dude that was clone troop, not a stormie
At the end lazy bitch who ruined everything!
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